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I’d like to first say that if you’ve experience any problems with individual posts here at All Things Cfnm, I apologize. But things are stable now, as that’s all I’ve been doing the past couple days! Not only are some great interviews and posts coming soon, but a new look for All Things Cfnm is in the works as well. Exciting, right? At least I think it is. Now for today’s belated update, I’ve decided to once again showcase the behavior of amateur girls in the presence of male strippers. It’s amazing how these girls will react to the interaction between a naked (or nearly naked) man when they’re hanging out with their girlfriends. Not only are they fairly enthusiastic when seeing and interacting with the well-built naked male strippers, but they seem to relish in getting their girlfriends embarrassed!
atc-awesome-home-stripper-party-fully-nude atc-birthday-stripper-in-the-salon-tv-clip atc-black-male-stripperthe-main-event atc-hen-party-strippers-tv-compilation atc-private-amateur-stripper-in-g-string
Cfnm clips: Vid 1 | Vid 2 | Vid 3 | Vid 4 | Vid 5 | Clips on P.H.: Vid 1 | Vid 2 | Vid 3 | Vid 4 | Vid 5
Download all 5 Cfnm stripshow videos above in one zip-file from Rapidshare HERE.
It’s pretty tough to figure out who is an amateur at a Party Hardcore‘s events some of the time, especially with their recent shoots. However, back in their early archives, it’s fairly easy to spot. To try to prove this, I’ve put together a little comparison for you. The video below from Party Hardcore circa 2005 was edited to show one amateur girl’s descent from running away from the naked guys, getting drunk, and then ending up jerking off two of them. Compare this with 3 galleries of Party Hardcore‘s newest videos and leave a comment. What do you think?

party-hardcore-cfnm-birthday-girl-1 party-hardcore-cfnm-birthday-girl-2 party-hardcore-cfnm-birthday-girl-3 Party Hardcore video on P.H.:
Part 1 | Part 2
Party Hardcore video on YFH:
Part 1 | Part 2
See more Party Hardcore HERE

partyhardcore-001 partyhardcore-002 partyhardcore-003
Links to Party Hardcore video galleries: Gallery 1 | Gallery 2 | Gallery 3
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6 Responses to “Real Amateur Girls Engaged In Cfnm With Strippers”  

  1. 1 Mike

    Great update as ever super – loved the salon clip and the girls reaction to seeing the guy’s cock. I’m sure on a night out, they would have been much more hands on.

    Also, came across this little gem at xhamster, thought you might like to see. I can’t really work out what is going on, but pornstar Rocco Siffredi seems to be carrying out some sort of audition:

  2. 2 allthingscfnm

    Thanks Mike! I’m in 100 percent agreement with you on what might have happened with that group of women in the salon. Had they been in a dark room after a few drinks… yeah… who knows?

    Thanks tons for finding that clip and sharing it! I have the full movie, but for whatever reason, it’s edited differently. So what’s going on in the clip that you shared wasn’t in the video I have! We’re, right? So although I’ve shared a version of this, the one that you found is much longer and includes way more CFNM moments. So thank you!

  3. 3 Nobusmindingi

    Great update, Super. The private stuff is truly amazing – a great treasure.

    The girl in the PHC vids is adorable. Thanks for the compare & contrast from the past. Research!! Super is SO on top of the game.


  4. 4 Alinocapone

    Hello Super and, once again, Great thanks for this veritable treasure trove m8!

    Thanks also to Mike for his find…first I’ve ever seen it and wow…springs to mind!

    Cheers Al

  5. 5 allthingscfnm

    I love the fact that whenever I make a post involving male strippers there’s always at least a couple comments waiting for me to read. Seriously, I very much appreciate the feedback and the interactivity of it all. It’s because of this that I’m thinking about adding a forum to the blog here. If you remember reading here or follow my tweets on Twitter, you’ll know that I’m planning on re-doing the site completely with a new look and layout. I’m wondering if a forum focused around what is posted here and what will be posted in the future should be made.

    Whoever reads this comment string: what do you think of that idea?

  6. 6 Bird Man

    I kinda liked the salon clip. But the one I like the best is the club scene where the young lady jerks off the two guys. How can I get a job there?
    This is a wonderful site. It would be interesting if you could get some female involvement. But I love it now…so keep up the good work!

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