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If you’d told me five years ago that in 2009 there would be over 15 quality CFNM paysites with a good amount of content, I would’ve laughed in your face. It’s amazing that I’ve now done two new CFNM site reviews in a day’s time! Yes, a new site dubbed Crazy Female Doctors just launched and I’m happy to report it’s quite on topic, especially if you’re into the medical Cfnm genre. This site comes from the same group behind Cfnm Fever, Cfnm Dogging, and CFNM Medical Exams. Crazy Female Doctors doesn’t do fantasy Cfnm scenarios – it’s far more interesting than their Medical Exams site. As you’d expect being part of the Gladirex group, they’re Eastern European so no English is spoken. But that actually helps the realism element work, as the clothed female ‘Doctors’ do full physical assessments on the naked guys. Exams consist of everything to getting their blood pressure taken, their weight taken, urine samples viewed, to having to get fully erect and measured. You can check out the video galleries from Crazy Female Doctors by clicking the pics above as well as scoping out their picture galleries below.

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3 Responses to “Cfnm Medical Examinations Given By Attractive Russian Girls”  

  1. 1 ChilledJill

    Hehe! That looks like a fun one – I like that the other guys have to watch, it plays on the “this is what’s going to happen to you” teasing which I enjoy.

  2. 2 allthingscfnm

    Hey Jill!
    Glad you enjoyed looking at this particular post, and even more glad you decided to take a moment to comment on it. I completely agreed with your sentiment on that “is that going to happen to me?” edge to the site’s material. As medical CFNM is actually one of the most intriguing forms of covert and understated erotic exchange, I especially appreciate this sort of scenario. I just wish that people in the U.S. would do these sorts of things in such a manner! How hot would that be? Damn hot.

  3. 3 ChilledJill

    I love things where guys are nude supposedly for a reason – the nude medicals, nude weigh-ins etc. The idea that a guy has to strip in a semi public place is something that appeals to my naughtier side!

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