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Today’s post is for true CFNM fans, as I’m showcasing another glimpse of Cfnm experiences captured by Bernard Z. Grate! (See previous posts here, here, and here.) Bernard Z. (aka BERNIE) has done professional CFNM shoots for CFNM USA and is well known for his zany vision come true on the Package Check site. Bernard goes out into public in these extremely revealing pants, his rather large cock and balls practically in plain sight. What he captures is what most CFNM fanatics believe is the pure essence of CFNM, the 100% REAL, unstaged reaction of women. So here is an official rundown of what Bernard Z. Grate experienced during the 8+ hours spent experiencing public Cfnm that’s Package Check-like, all in his own words – giving you the full story:
“First up is a blonde cute MILF in Target by the vacuum cleaner section, I appear and she notices I have a penis that is visible from outside my pants. But in regular motion we notice we can’t see her checking out my cock. However, when we freeze frame it we see her clearly looking down right at my healthy growing cock, that closet slut!!
Next up, I was walking out of Wal-Mart and I heard this cute girl say “Mom, did you see that?” She was referring to my visible cock! So I turned back and rolled tape, what I caught is priceless!! look at the Mom with the shopping cart staring at my cock like it was dessert at a buffet, and the daughter well ~~ the classic hand over mouth, “Oh my God I could see your cock you might as well be naked!”
Moving along, we have another Mom and daughter duo, this time the Mom twirls her head around like in the freaking Exorcist upon seeing my massive member! She then walks with her head straight forward not wanting to look at my cock because she is most likely a church mom but her daughter behind her is laughing her ass off, about the whole uptight situation!!
Finally we have this beautiful BBW MILF in The Dollar Store. There is something about The Dollar Store that gives me an erection, and I think the aisles are very tight – they HAVE to notice my enormous masterpiece! And oh boy did she! So much so when I passed she turned to look back!!! Not believing it the first time around!! The voice you hear on this is me making believe I was on the phone through my fake headphones!!”

Here’s a nice reposted bonus from Bernard Z. Grate: insane footage he captured at the Bay To Breakers run last year that you can view all of at the Package Check website. You won’t believe the reactions that he’s gathered with his outrageous nude behavior, exclusively found here and on Package Check:
Package Check movie on YFH:
Package Check movie on P.H.:
See The Full Video: CLICK HERE

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15 Responses to “A Zany Adventure of Capturing Real Cfnm – In Public!”  

  1. 1 HelenLoveBoy

    This disturbs me a bit. I don’t like people imposing their “package” on unsuspecting passersby. It’s too similar to a flasher, and that feels nonconsenual and borderline criminal. Not my cup of tea; I much prefer an honest reaction from a woman who’s agreed to be part of the scene instead of one who gets the scene sprung upon her.

  2. 2 Bernie

    no one was hurt in the making of this filming.

  3. 3 Sparky

    I agree with HelenLoveBoy. A little too creepy for me.

    If one of these MILFs agreed to meet you in the back seat of her car, then you’d really have something here. Otherwise it appears they’re just laughing AT you while they turn away from the dirty old man. If that’s the point, then brilliant.

  4. 4 QfromMD

    Good way to get on a sex offenders list… terrible

  5. 5 cfnmdave

    Have to agree package check is a bad idea at best and is bordering on criminal… at the very least it is creepy

  6. 6 swft

    Lol, double standards, if a girl did this, no one would give a shit.

    This is great stuff, thanks for the effort and the upload 😀

  7. 7 JoeNaked

    Maybe we don’t see females doing this because they have more common sense then to walk around Walmart exposing there vagina….

  8. 8 Sparky

    swft wrote: “… if a girl did this, no one would give a shit.”

    Umm, last time I saw a “girl” do something remotely similar, it was a mentally disturbed, strung-out, old bag-lady with no underwear doing a weird dance and exposing herself to a crowded sidewalk of disgusted shoppers. Yes, just as creepy.

    And everyone’s reaction was pretty much EXACTLY the same as in the videos above… giggling, pointing, laughing, and finally turning away. I seriously doubt anyone except the bag-lady was turned on.

    Yep, pretty much just like in the videos.

  9. 9 Bernie

    just curious if there was a video of a pretty girl, and 7 men came all over her pretty face, then she stood on line at the bank talking with female strangers with the cum dripping onto her shirt, and this entire thing was filmed, would this be~~~

    A- a complete and utter turn-off.
    B-something unusual and just weird.
    C-the most erotic thing you ever witnessed!!

    i choose C !!!

    i’m talkin reality cold hard cool crazy funny zany wild erotic reality.

    this is the wave of the future.

    public facials public camel toes public cock spotting.

  10. 10 david

    women go around showing off breast cleavage all the time. You can pretty much see everything. Bernie, I love it. Please keep it up (pun intended). There’s a big following for this out here in CFNM land.

  11. 11 Bernie

    thanks dave, remember i am as open as monica lewinsky when it comes to finding sponsers any type of payment.

    so if ya got computer knowledge and wanna work out a deal of sorts, i’m ready to expose myself to the world.

    as abraham lincoln said in 1849 ” if i could show the world my morning hard-on there would be peace all over the world”

  12. 12 jonnyg

    Yeah, bordering criminal I agree.. a bit disturbing, and very creepy

    If a woman did it, would it be different?
    Of course it would- men and women are different and have different sexual roles.
    I don’t see the point of crying out loud “double standards!”, when CFNM itself is based on the acceptance of double standards and their reversal.

    The post is creepy- the argument for double standards almost creepier.

  13. 13 Sparky

    jonnyg: “Yeah, bordering criminal I agree.. a bit disturbing, and very creepy… … The post is creepy- the argument for double standards almost creepier.”

    Yes… you make very solid points.

    Nobody mentioned this either but what really sends this sicko crap way over the top for me is the inclusion of small children. We’re all here looking for quality “adult” entertainment so the last thing I was to see in my adult videos is a couple small kids, not even as bystanders. Did you also enjoy having them stare at your package, Bernie?

  14. 14 Sparky

    misspelling… I meant to write this: “We’re all here looking for quality ‘adult’ entertainment so the last thing I want to see in my adult videos is a couple small kids, not even as bystanders.”

  15. 15 aggregator

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