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arranged-marriage-cfnm As you can see here, I really dig Pure Cfnm‘s scenarios. But these two take the cake, because of the smoking hot Indian actress “Mai”!:
Mai is nervous because her parents have arranged a marriage for her with a man she barely knows. She is sharing tales of his business with friends Cyprus, Jess and Amanda success when he walks in. But it’s what he’s got in his trousers that interests Cyprus, so she comes straight out and tells him that Mai needs to see his cock because Mai won’t marry him if he has a small penis. The poor guy is very unsure but reluctantly strips off. Unfortunately all the girls are quite disappointed and there is much laughter at his small cock. Cyprus shows the innocent Mai how to stroke his cock, as the other girls laugh at her. But their initial thoughts prove wrong as when they all take turns stroking his cock it grows quite large – much to Mai’s approval! Be sure to check out this scene’s free video and picture gallery here!

Mai also appears in a sequel to Arranged Marriage with the scene Trying A White Guy. Mai’s now seen her future husband’s penis, but never anyone else’s,  so Ashley and Cyprus decide to call their large-dicked friend Joe over for comparison. He gets talked into showing her and things go from there!:
trying-a-white-guy-part-1 trying-a-white-guy-part-3 Trying A White Guy on P.H.:
Part 1 | Part 2
Trying A White Guy on YFH:
Part 1 | Part 2
See this scene & more HERE!

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4 Responses to “One Very Hot Girl In Two Fantastic Cfnm Scenes”  

  1. 1 Sparky

    FYI – “not found” errors on both PH links. Thanks.

  2. 2 allthingscfnm

    Yeah, I know, Sparky… I completely forgot to enable those videos to be viewed until about an hour after I posted this! Sorry about that. But thank you for noticing and taking the time to notify me. I really do appreciate that, otherwise I might miss something here or there!

  3. 3 Don Juan

    I agree about that Indian actress. She’s way hotter than any other of those bimbos from the cfnm videos! There should be more like her around.

  4. 4 Jefff

    I was wondering if All Things CFNM could find an “Exposed and Humiliated” clip. It isn’t to be found anywhere. I’ve seen the pics but not the video. It is the one with the muscular dude laid back on the couch or whatever with this group of regular looking women (one black woman, a bleach blond that looks foreign, a couple of brunettes I think) behind him sitting and watching. He jacks off and one woman moves her head in rocking motion imitating his stroking motions. Right before he pops the ‘camera woman’s’ head -and it is hot seeing that it is another female filming, not a dude- pops up and she gives a hand motion to the women that it is time. He shoots a nice one and they all cheer and smile.

    Well, that’s a somewhat old video that you could find for free easily, but since the site is now defunct it haven’t been able to. I realized it is one of my favorites. I guess the ‘realism’ of it and it is more amateur.

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