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mdf-cfnm-mike-jerks-in-front-of-emily My Dick Flash is pretty much the premier amateur Cfnm site that’s available when it comes to presenting traditional and naturally occurring events of a Cfnm nature. I don’t know of another site that captures this special kind of Cfnm and can present over 300 videos and 1500 pictures of it! How is this stuff captured? First off, Mike is a self-described nudist whom really has no shame about being naked in front of women, even if he doesn’t know them. He has a female friend named Kay, who understands and enjoys Cfnm herself, and who helps in bringing girls over to meet him. They also work together on acting, photography, and journalistic endeavors – all which end up involving Mike being naked at some point. There’s inevitably some female skin that ends up being exposed as well! All of this is caught with hidden cameras in his home adding to the realism of what goes on – like Mike’s shy friend Emily trying not to watch him jerking off up above. A great example of the real kinds of casual scenarios available from the My Dick Flash involve Joyce. Joyce came into the picture after she had answered Mike’s ad for a maid who would be comfortable cleaning the house of a male nudist. Not only was she comfortable with his frequent nudity, they ended up starting a sexual relationship. She also had a college-aged daughter and cute best friend who were curious about the arrangement. Here are two clips involving them:
mdf-cfnm-joyce-first-day mdf-cfnm-joyce-needs-a-ride My Dick Flash scenes on YFH:
Scene 1 | Scene 2
My Dick Flash scenes on P.H.:
Scene 1 | Scene 2
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    Like the new setup!

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    new site layout is nice.

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    You guys really dig it? Hope so, because alot of the changes may seem really simple, but it took alot of time, energy, coding, and patience. There’s more changes on the way, which I’ll announce then!

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    great blog .Thanks for taking the time to do it.

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    I wonder if the daughter ended up having sex with Mike also.

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