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db5202091 As incredible as it may seem, yet another new CFNM site has launched this week – Dancing Yes, you read right, it’s a CFNM site and it’s titled Dancing Bear. The site with the odd name just might become one of your favorites however, as someone has FINALLY taken the idea of setting up male stripper CFNM events here in the U.S. and videotaping them! I actually was able to chat with the main representative “TH” from Dancing Bear that gave me a little insight on things as well as a test drive of the site. Not only did TH say that “(Dancing Bear) …is going to do to CFNM what Playboy did to nude women”, but that there will be regular updates added to the 13 existing events available. TH is predicting it to be “huge” and with the concept, action, high quality video streams, and the copious amount of pictures, Dancing Bear could easily become exactly what TH predicts. I should mention that the video streamed shows are 30+ minutes to over an hour each, at various small home locations and club venues. From what I can tell, there’s definitely amateur girls involved, with an element of “created” reality mixed in with the shows. That element is something I like, as it has that “gonzo” edge, where the blur between reality and fantasy exists. You also get an opportunity to join up with both Bang Bros. and Reality Kings for a reduced rate with your membership as well as access to live amateur web cam shows. But check out these two picture sets I procured from Dancing Bear and form your own opinion:

db4756149 db4756193 db5202186
Set 1: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12
Set 2: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12

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  1. 1 Bernie

    i think it’s alright. i went back and forht from loving it to hating it to thinking alright not bad. but i must say, in the future they should invite old women in there and more american looking MILF’s and all sorts of regular women, cause most of the women are one type and that makes it look too fixed.

  2. 2 houdini

    Hi Super.

    I joined the site as it looked interesting and reasonably priced, what i didn’t realise was that it was a Bang Bros site which in it self would have stopped me joining as i have had nothing but trouble with any of their sites.

    Firstly you only get short snippetts of the movies 7-10 mins approx ( all the soft stuff ) and then if you want to see the whole movie you have to upgrade which is a cost on top of your memenbership which i think is a ripp off. You only get the 30 minutes you mention if you upgrade and it is all video streaming so you can not save or download the video.

    By the way when i tried to select the upgrade option to see how much it would cost, it would not work.

    I would not reccomend this site at all untill it comes clean on all costs associated with it which is a pity as the content looks good but being a Bang Bros site it does not surprise me.

    Please let me know if i am incorrect or i have made a mistake on this site as i am happy to be proven wrong.

  3. 3 eaurouge

    This dancingbear website appears to be a complete disaster. The streaming stinks. Constant pauses every ten seconds on a 3mbs connection. Video fotage wich is undownloadable, and a cancelation is a nightmare as I did not receive an e-mail response immediately.

    “” looks and feel higly suspect and not koshar.

    A real disappointment.

  4. 4 allthingscfnm

    Ok guys… first off, I want to thank you for actually taking the time to report what your opinion of the site is. And most importantly whatever problems you are having with the site. Because honestly, I get the impression that they aren’ t out to screw people over. They really want to make this a big site. They want to get it right. So they want everybody’s input! Like, they are practically begging me to get as much feedback from people as possible.

    Now to the performance issues you guys are experiencing. They’re fixing the problems you’ve reported here and the ones I’ve gotten in emails as well as the ones people have talked about in forums. “TH” told me that all you need to do is make sure to email them right away about cancellation problems, because they’ll take care of you. Just don’t wait until like three minutes before your trial is about to expire or something like that. Because it’ll look suspect to them, like you’re trying to rip them.

    Now about the rumors of it being a Bang Bros. site: it’s NOT a bang Bros. site. “TH” said himself, after laughing and asking me if I was serious that people were asking that question, that he wishes they were backed by Bang Bros.. Mostly because they’ve got shit-loads of money to throw around, and the company putting out Dancing Bear and Nikki Price is new and pretty small. I totally thought the same thing, just because the custodian of records is the same Gustavo Princinotti (or so it looks) as what appears on all the Bang Bros. video clips. Well, to this, “TH”, honestly doesn’t know exactly how that arrangement happened… possibly something with advertising and cross-promotion between their company, Bang Bros., and Reality Kings. I don’t know if you guys have noticed this, but the major network sites Muffia, Brazzers, Reality Kings, and Bang Bros. all cross-promote one another’s sites. They offer discounts to those other sites to their members as a way to get sales commissions or something along those lines.

    At any rate, “TH” is looking into this and I’ll definitely keep you posted on what I find out here and probably in Sensations 4 Women as well, ok? Thanks again for all the interaction guys!

  5. 5 Joe

    I thought it was pretty cool. If it is real amature thats great, esspiacly the girls taking the cumshots god dammn! Hope u show more!

  6. 6 chris

    Not loving it. Seems staged for the most part. Maybe a mix of amateur girls and pros. Sort of like that college party site. Amateur girls are NOT taking cum shots at strip shows. Plus, the lighting is too good and pics too clear for it to be real amateur stuff. I’ll pass.

  7. 7 Johnny

    I joined this site last week and have enjoyed it immensely. There are some issues that need to be worked out but overall I like the content very much and hope that they will update regularly and allow users to download their videos, which they do not allow you to do right now. If the owners of this site are serious about fixing these issues, then I really think they are going to have a winner on their hands.

  8. 8 psidefect

    I joined yesterday after seeing the post here.

    I must give it a mixed review. It definitely seems staged, ala eromaxx. If not pros, then I’m guessing arranged beforehand. Doesn’t seem spontaneous.
    There are definitely some performance issues. If you can’t watch the video (constant stalling) or download – then you aren’t really getting what they promise. I found myself looking at the screencaps and wondering what part of what video THAT was in? I never saw it.
    The pics are very high quality. But not really worth the monthly fee.

    I’ll give them my month. If things don’t look like they’re at least trying to improve – then I’ll cancel. With the proper technical expertise – it could very well be an amazing site.
    The content is good. But they’re gonna have to prove to me the girls aren’t pros.

  9. 9 allthingscfnm

    Wow everyone, I’m extremely impressed with the injection of your personal opinions and especially the reviews of those who joined! I’m actually forwarding all of this information to “TH” at Dancing Bear, as well as given him a link to my blog and this post so that he can take your suggestions directly.

    I think my opinion lies along the middle of what everyone has said above. Although I am actually leaning a little more towards the good side of things, because not only are they really making a go at doing this right, they want to do this as long as possible. They’re looking to improve the site as it continues on. I’ve seen enough sites over the years to get a sense of when somebody is blowing smoke… CFNM Gold was one such site, where they basically bought all the shoots that The CFNM Site had done and abandoned and simply repackaged it. The scenes were good, sure, some of the better ones out there for fantasy sites anyway. Definitely better than Cfnm Exposed and Idol’s stuff. But they tried telling people that they were going to update and never did. So yeah, this outfit putting out Dancing Bear and Nikki Price are the complete polar opposite of those guys! That’s all I’m saying… stay tuned for more as time goes on. I don’t want to wear out the happy button just yet!

  10. 10 Jefff

    Well cumshots may normally not be at a real strip show with true amateur women, but I like them. Agree that they should have a mix of women: older, young, attractive, average, etc. And if your going to do cumshots the guy audience attention should be more on that when it happens.

  11. 11 Kase

    Well the best thing for me from the previews was the crystal clear quality of the vids. No need to maximize, lighten, or what have you. The bear is a bit creepy for me When I think of bear I think of a heavyset, hairy guy. So I don’t get the bear I did recognize 1 of the strippers as a gay porn star. I guess bi would be the right word cuzz he does do both men and women on film.

  12. 12 houdini

    I have cancelled my subscription as this site is just a ripp off, to see the full video you have to upgrade once you have already paid a subscription and then when you select to upgrade nothing happens, i contacted customer support and they were hopless as they gave me instructions that made no sense at all.
    I’m happy to give people a fair go but to ask for money when their site isn’t up to scratch yet is just a con, telling us they are fixing things and improving just don’t cut it with me if they are asking for money to join,and they make it quite difficult to cancel.

    In my opinion avoid joining up.

  13. 13 psidefect

    I think part of their problem is their site has very poor navigation.
    I believe the request to upgrade is a bad link. While I agree, the “whole” video is not good, you can see what I believe is the entire thing by viewing the individual clips.
    However, these are very hard to find. You first have to browse the picture and then at the bottom of the page, you will see a link for browsing the clips.
    The first day, there were only a few clips, but the next day, there were 15-18 2-minute clips.
    I’m going to side with Super for now and give them a chance. These are high-quality videos with interesting subjects. It’s too early to tell if they’ll get it right or just fade away.

  14. 14 allthingscfnm

    Well, all I can say is that they’ve fixed the navigation problems that were plaguing the site. I personally checked that out. Because yeah, you couldn’t get to the shorter clips of the full videos unless you went to the photo gallery for that particular party. That’s been corrected for all of the parties, as far as I can tell. Everything seems to come up faster as well, which was something that was kind of annoying when I first was checking out the site the first few days.

    All in all, they’re improving the site almost day by day. It’s this kind of feedback that’s helping! I’m actually pretty impressed with the fact that not only are they directly taking feedback, we’re actually seeing results right away! That pretty much NEVER happens, people. NEVER. Think about how long it’s taken to see sites like Loverboys or actually communicate with the community that supports them? Keep that in mind when we’re discussing these guys. It’s a night and day difference.

  15. 15 Bernie

    i can’t blame them for trying! and lord knows they are trying so credit must be handed out to them. now, the audience MUST change!!!!!! everyone one of those women are beautiful latinas and you would think know eachother or some shit, i say fuck that!
    get a GOOD mix of females in there! get some MILF’s not fake big tited fixed up silicone bitch either no no no i’m talking june cleaver some regular innocent mommy put her in the fucking front row, and have the guy cum on someone next to her and let her be DISCUSTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    also p.s. the gallery of men on uk channel 4 as reported over at sensations forum, is the best cfnm ever!!!!!!!!

    if dancing bear wants to to it right! forget strippers, get 6 very attractive men put them on pedistals, open up a fucking gallery invite women only! from off the street, have them come in film it!!! and then have the women stripp the men and rate them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    you wanna talk cfnm????!!!!!!!!???!!!!!!!!!?????


    regular women treating men like meat, as a work of art, judging them!

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