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give-the-gift-of-dick Since my last post about the Dancing Bear phenomenon that you can read here, the buzz surrounding it has been extraordinary. This is very surprising, seeing as there’s so many great CFNM venues already, not to mention the huge influx of new CFNM sites recently. I guess that reflects that Dancing Bear’s got an angle on the male stripper party atmosphere that CFNM aficionados have been waiting a long time for! Since there’s been some debate about whether or not amateur girls are included in the hijinks that go on, I present to you two clips from the “Strippers On The Blonde”and “Lena’s Last Day Of Debauchery” episodes. I think even you skeptics will be pleasantly surprised with the video proof that there’s definitely some amateur girls taking part – often giving mixed reactions.
last-day-of-debauchery-clip strippers-on-the-blonde-clip Dancing Bear scenes on PH:
Scene 1 | Scene 2
Dancing Bear scenes on YFH:
Scene 1 | Scene 2
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16 Responses to “Mixed Female Reactions At Cfnm Parties”  

  1. 1 Carl

    Alot tamer than previous vids due to the fact that these seemed to be genuinely with 95% amateurs there. I think there may be 1 girl in first video there to sort of get the gals into it, but overall real amateurs. Which is why no sex took place or cum shots.

    Looks like the vids with the British strippers that wear the sailor hats all the time at hen parties…but this didn’t even go that far. Thise guys at least get a little mouth action with real amateurs.

    Not overly impressed….

  2. 2 allthingscfnm

    Well Carl, I think you should check out the trailer by clicking the first big picture in the post. They actually go much further than what the two clips I provided show. You’ll also see that in the previous post I did about this site. It’s also in the post, but if you want a quicker way, here’s the link:

    You’ll have to look at those and the next batch of video clips I post for the harder stuff, or just try a trial. That’s what I ended up doing. It’s definitely harder than what you think.

  3. 3 Joe

    Would love to see some of the amateur cumshot stuff if u can post that, from the dancing bear site.

  4. 4 Joe

    Still can’t wait to see more though

  5. 5 Jefff

    Funny seeing the dick and balls bouncing and flapping around nonstop. I just felt like saying that. Must be hot if your a woman. Now cap it off with a big cumshot and all the women watching.

  6. 6 allthingscfnm

    I should probably clarify that the trial memberships aren’t hard, that the footage is hard core… that’s obviously not how it came across! Here I was worried that if I posted a couple of clips that had the blowjob and sex footage that people would get ticked off or turned off by the site completely. I wanted to showcase the fact that yes, they do have amateurs at their events. But they do have girls that are there to go further with the guys for the cameras. So I guess in my next post of Dancing Bear stuff, I’ll include the hard core action… or, like I said, you could always join the site. The length of the videos are totally worth it, especially worth even the trial membership. There’s just tons of stuff to see from each show.

    They aren’t actually wide open yet with the site. Meaning that they are still tweaking things here and there. There’s probably going to be more changes, and you guys can help with helping me get them to do things the way we would like. Remember, they are in business to make the public happy… especially those really into what they produce!

  7. 7 Joe

    Just love the cumshots, I have watched the trailers on the site and love the cumshot stuff. Just think its real hot!

  8. 8 Murtney

    I can’t speak for anyone but myself, but yes, I have been waiting a long time to finally see some American girls get rowdy with the stripper guys. The thing that makes Dancing Bear special for me is not so much the pretty girls (though that’s important!) but the overall attitude of the girls towards the guys. The girls (whether porn actresses or not) seem to really enjoy watching these guys jerk off and cum for them. I find that really exciting. In Party Hardcore, for example, the guys usually go off with one girl and then jerk off in her face, on her clothes, etc., while the crowd goes on dancing, smoking, and paying little attention to the guy cumming. It’s not like that with Dancing Bear. The girls (most of them in the front seats anyway) laugh, show their lovely legs, tease, taunt, and encourage the guys to cum–they are NOT distracted. These women are aggressive and kinky, and I find that a HUGE turn on. If you like rowdy crowds of pretty girls who really enjoy watching guys shooting their loads onto plates, in glasses, and everywhere else, you will enjoy this site.

  9. 9 Carl

    Yeah, the cumshots are cool…just wish they’d lay them on the real amateurs and not the “plants”. Oh well..we can continue hoping.

  10. 10 Don Juan

    The main problem here is that most women, if not all, look like professional models, they are all hot, and that makes it a lot less realistic.
    From my personal experience working in male stripper shows, we know this is not the case. There might be a few hot women like that here and there in the crowd but most of the women who go to this type of shows are everyday women, of all ages and most of them don’t have model type bodies or dress so glamorous.
    I don’t know how do they recruit the women to participate on those videos, but it looks like these are private events were women go by invitation only, not like any other woman can come by and enter thee show. And if you ask me, most of them are getting payed to be there, even the ones who refuse to touch the dancers.
    The thing is, most hot model-type women who may go to an event like this, would not get involved in any sort of action with the strippers knowing there’s a camera shooting it. And since this is in the US, and everybody is suitable for a lawsuit, all those women must have signed release forms before hand where they make explicit that this is going to be broadcast. So of course they are not gonna be sucking cock unless they get paid.
    Those things DO happen in male strippers shows in real life and I’m a witness. But not always with super hot women and specially not with cameras shooting around.

  11. 11 Nobusmindingi

    Good one, super. Those girls do seem to be having a good time playing with the boys!

  12. 12 brownie46

    Does the trial offer on Dancing Bear limited? Of do they show all?

  13. 13 olloriz


    this site seems to be so good…but impossible for me to join by credit card…it doesn’t work …. :-((( i’m in switzterland, don’t know if it’s a problem of location

  14. 14 wtf

    i spent $25 on this site. f that cause you can’t download the vids and have to watch it streaming. thats BS. they better tweak the site faster if they want to make the public happy.

  15. 15 Artashes Ashkharhakal

    Finally, America’s answer to Prague’s PartyHardcore.
    It was about time. Perhaps this will herald in the real SEX REVOLUTION where girls will initiate sex with guys, ask us out, take the first kiss, undo the first button, caress the first private part. Of course the key word here is “first”. There is one clip that is looks 100% real, save this since it might get bumped off the internet. It is an actual company in Florida that has an office party. I traced it back to the company’s website, since the company’s name is shown on the clip big and clear, and the Black woman who sort of MC’s the event is on the company website too. Why, how much more blatant could it get. This is real for sure, that’s 100% proof, check it out. Bravo, this company that is not afraid to advertise their employee’s natural born horniness and concupiscence!!

    This is great, Dancing Bear, please put out some more of this stuff that the average girl doesn’t have to booze too much and not smoke like those PartyHardcore Czechs. Although booze releases inhibitions, its not necessarily so, you don’t need cigarettes or alcohol to get horny. Its about time guys got adored so nicely like in Dancing Bears. It is soooooo erotic and induces soooo much fantasy. Now, girls wake up all over the US, take the initiative with guys, we are dying for you to do this, its high time now, and if you making more money than guys, pay for the date, pay for us to Male Strip for you, and don’t expect guys to take the initiative. This Dancing Bears thing is excellent, and shows that the average American woman can be just as horny and hot, even more so than guys and put an end to this BS that women don’t get horny…


  16. 16 Artashes Ashkharhakal

    Yeah, I looked at my post from June 6th, 2009
    I loved Don Juan’s comments. Yeah Dancing bear, do show some regular people, some older people, some out of shape male dancers etc.

    The damn video keeps freezing, one would think with a full year under their belt Dancing Bear people would straighten that problem. I don’t think its my computer. I’ve seen all their shows and think its the Best but the main thing is the psychology behind it all.

    Its giving us the message that women do indeed get horny, they lubricate and you could see the male strippers fingering their clits although recently they haven’t actually been fucking them, like the girl with the white dress is the all time hot want. She actually said “I’m getting wet” I bet most of those girls (and there are many Hispanics,probably from Cuba, since the show is from Florida) must be going to the John and jerking off, how about that fantasy.

    The Czech girls do more, but the boozing and cigarette smoking is soooo bad, although its out and out orgies. The LoverBoysUSA stuff and 4cfnm (with the Iceman) is good too but there too a lot of smoking and boozing.

    My fantasy is (er much like that FINANCIAL TRIANGLE dancing bear office party) is to do these with NO BOOZE or smoking.

    I have never smoked anything and don’t drink and do a lot of exercise to keep in tip top shape, and I teach Ashtanga Yoga. The women are in great shape but there too many fatties.

    I think any time women put on toe nail polish, mascara, eye shadow, lip gloss, high heels to accentuate their butts, boobs and calves(after all 95% of women’s shoes are designed by men and what with Chinese footbinding for 1000 years for mens sexual pleasures. So when women advertize as Prey, they should expect predatory behavior from men.

    But Dancing Bear and CFNM reverses this. SO YOU WOMEN WITHIN EARSHOT. TAKE NOTE we men are yearning, dying for you to take the initiative, and the Sexual Initiative. You’re already proved without a doubt to us, that you act worse than animals. If a man so much as touch a female stripper, a BAAAD macho slug bouncer would kick you out, head first, as he is playing the Male Gender role of the Provider/Protector.

    We guys now know for sure what goes on at your Bachelorette Parties, Sorority Parties, Office Parties, Private parties and we know you wanna fuck us as much as we wanna fuck you

    So lets get down, little sis, do me, do me, do me…..


    MAKE LOVE, NOT WAR, peace and Love

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