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amateur-model-nikki-price Even though I know I’m at risk of overwhelming you all with the introduction of another new CFNM resource in an already saturated landscape of pay sites, I’m too compelled to do it. It looks like the company behind Dancing Bear has an accompanying amateur girl site named after it’s starlet Nikki Price. At first I didn’t think much of Nikki’s site, that was, until I took a closer look. I noticed that not only did it appear to go along the lines of what Brandi Belle does on her site, but that there’s quite a few CFNM scenarios available. Nikki Price is 20, so she’s younger than Brandi and doesn’t come across as wooden in the scenes that I had the opportunity to watch either! There’s experimentation themes to Nikki’s CFNM scenes, but she seems to not to “go through the motions” for the audience’s sake like some one-girl sites do, genuinely enjoying the guys she is jerking, sucking or fucking. Now this is just my opinion, so I’d like to get yours – so I’ve juxtaposed a clip from Nikki Price‘s “True Or False” shoot with a clip of “Nevernude Intervention” from Brandi Belle for you to compare. Check out these clips and their sites and let me know your opinion!
nikki-price-cfnm-true-or-false-1 nikki-price-cfnm-true-or-false-2 “True Or False” scene on P.H.:
“True Or False” scene on YFH:
See this and more HERE

brandi-belle-cfnm-intervention-1 brandi-belle-cfnm-intervention-2 “Intervention” scene on P.H.:
“Intervention” scene on YFH:
See this and more HERE

Nikki Price | Brandi Belle

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5 Responses to “Battle Of The Cfnm Internet Web Girls”  

  1. 1 bob

    I just wanted to leave a general comment . Your blog is defintly the best one about cfnm on the internet.I love the candid ones where the girls are dressed normally in jeans or shorts.I also love the bachelorette party ones where the women are smirking or laughing and enjoying themselves. It’s wonderful to see the women being in charge and them loving every minute of it.

    I have always been interested in the concept of female supremacy with women being in charge.But i have never liked most femdom photos because they always show angry ,snarling women whipping pathetic looking men.No one seems to be enjoying themselves.

    It would be great to see photos of cfnm female supremacy from a women’s point of veiw.Most women that i know don’t want to whip somebody, or dress up in leather. But they probably would like to relax on a deck dressed in khaki shorts and a tank top with their barefeet propped up .And be waited on hand and foot by a naked athletic stud.

    I would love to see some photos of naked studs feeding grapes to fully clothed women.Or naked men kneeling in front of their wives and massaging their feet while the women smirk or smile contently . Or a dinner party hosted by naked male servants.It would be great to see photos showing women giggling as they tease their husbands penis and/or testicles with their fingers or barefoot. Photos of men doing the housework naked while their wives relax, fully clothed, would be fantastic.

    Most cfnm seems to just end up with a hand job.I am not saying that there is anything wrong with that.But it would be great to show the man pleasing the woman for once.For instance it would be great to show a naked man kneel down in front of his wife and lift her skirt up slightly and orally please her.

    pictures of naked waiters and naked butlers would be great too.Or a “slave auction” where sorority girls strip and sell fraternity boys.

    It is always wonderful to see a woman slowly strip her reluctant husband in front of her girlfriends ,while they laugh and enjoy themselves at his expense . No pain, or whips. Just girlish fun.It’s especially great when the women are “real” and dressed normally in shorts or a simple cotton skirt.I have nothing against dominatrixes or slutty looking women ,to each their own.But it is nice to see normal ,cute, girl next door types.Maybe it’s just me ,but i love to see fully dressed women that are barefoot order around their husbands.

    These are just some humble suggestions and ideas.Your blog is fantastic already.Thank you for all your hard work and time that you spend on it.

  2. 2 Jefff

    I see the above poster gave some suggestions. Reminds me. I sent this to a website that supposedly does requests…. If any cfnm type sites read or might get feedback here ya go– (I should say I’d pay for a clip like this ;-))

    Female walks into a room–could be milf or average middle age or young–like a motel room or small room–and look at the camera.
    You say, “So, you just want to have me sit here?”, *slightly*
    surprised like you were expecting to do at least oral.
    “You dont want anything?” “Do you want me to talk off anything?”
    “Ok I’ll take off my top”. You dont immediately.
    And you basically sit there on a couch or chair and look at the camera
    like your looking right at a guy.
    You do NOT talk during the session.
    Your crack a smile and seem interested.
    Like you’re not used to this situation but you like it.
    You enjoy what you see. Which is a man masturbating in front of you in
    the room. You watch it.
    You look down just below the camera as if you looking at his penis.
    You see the hand moving up and down on it.
    You then move your head in a rocking motion in sync with the jacking
    motion of his hand. Like your getting a little into it.
    You then look up directly at the camera as if looking directly at the
    guy’s flustered face. He is so exposed and turned on by touching
    himself in front of you and seeing your female body.
    A little surprisingly to yourself even, you all of a sudden do a
    “jack off” hand motion with your hands.
    You finally take the top off. And you do the “jack off” gesture.
    You watch him, staring below that camera, looking up again.
    Towards the end you start giving a frown and squinted eye “oooo that
    is hot look” with lips pulled together like your gonna whistle or
    something –if you know the look Im talkin about. Just give that ‘Oooo
    Baby! Look’ like women give when they see somethan hot. Like when they
    see a beautiful man reaching orgasm before them. Cum spurting or
    exploding out. And you just fascinated and turned on.
    And you say, “I just love that.”

  3. 3 rob

    Dont know if you are aware of it but YFH is got major problems virus or something .They flooded my broser with all kinds of pages . just thought you would like to know.

  4. 4 Murtney

    Hi Super,

    I think Brandi and Nikki both have something unique to offer the CFNM community. Brandi does tend to be a bit too staid in her appearances, but you can’t damn the girl for providing us with some of the kinkiest CFNM scenes ever: “Penis Experimentation,” Brandipiece Theatre,” etc. Nikki has some catching up to do but I predict that she’ll only get better as she goes along. Nice to have such options huh?

  5. 5 Bob

    Nikki doesn’t say a word and looks bored out of her mind. Give her a D .

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