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As you’ve no doubt noticed from my previous posts of CFNM found on European television, they’re quite liberal with what is shown. That goes double when you compare North American TV with that of the Dutch! There’s a certain TV personality named Nicolette that does highly sexually oriented pieces for the BNN network for the show called Spuiten en Slikken (meaning ‘suck and swallow’). On top of the simple hot factor of there being explicit nudity and graphic sex acts shown in her “reports”, the circumstances of which are often opportunities for CFNM situations. Why? Nicolette stays completely clothed while watching what’s going on, always speaking with those engaged in whatever particular sex act she’s doing the piece on. These nine videos aren’t the entire collection of her spots with CFNM themes (as I’ve posted others here), but they’re all damn good. They’re in alphabetical order, covering analingus, gay anal sex, cum fetishes, deepthroating, full sexual penetration (balls too), making home porn, porn casting and directing, ending with a very hot piece on threesomes.
dutch-cfnm-tv-spot-analingus dutch-cfnm-tv-spot-anal-sex-gay-men dutch-cfnm-tv-spot-cum
dutch-cfnm-tv-spot-deepthroating dutch-cfnm-tv-spot-fetishes dutch-cfnm-tv-spot-full-penetration-sex
dutch-cfnm-tv-spot-home-porn-tips dutch-cfnm-tv-spot-porn-casting dutch-cfnm-tv-spot-threesomes
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  1. 1 Jay

    Please be careful about posting links to YourFileHost.com media. That website and its content contain malicious code and can infect users hard drives with spywear and viruses. I strongly suggest your not use them for content hosting — BAD COMPANY.

  2. 2 allthingscfnm

    shoot, has it really gotten that bad? I mean, I will definitely switch to a different hosting site if this is the case. The only reason that I haven’t experienced or seen what you are talking about is because I use a script blocker. So I never see ANY popups or malicious scripts… my browser completely blocks them all out before they have the chance to do anything.

    Do any of you have suggestions of where else would work well? Mostly because I’ve looked around and can’t seem to find a good site that will do multiple uploads and that does video streaming. I looked at Media Fire the other day and it seems like some videos will stream, but when I uploaded something to see how it would work, it didn’t stream. So yeah. I’m completely open to suggestions as I don’t want people to not look at the videos because of where they’re hosted!

  3. 3 Joe

    No prob here, I’m using a mac so I’m all good. To bad none of this in English, that would be cool.

  4. 4 Jay

    Sorry, I don’t have any specific suggestions. I can tell you that sometimes (not every time), when I try to close a yfh window, the site starts opening up new windows at an alarming rate, and the only way for me to stop these “popups” is to do a hard reboot of my computer. I use a popup blocker, but I think technically they’re not “popups” — they’re new browser windows. Could be an issue with Internet Explorer — I haven’t tried with Firefox. And I’m not an IT professional or an HTML programmer, so I can’t say exactly what’s happening. But it is an alarming thing to have happen, as you can imagine. PH always works, though with one popup when you play the video. That said, I do enjoy your blog.

  5. 5 Sparky

    Quote Jay: “I use a popup blocker, but I think technically they’re not “popups” — they’re new browser windows.”

    Technically, pop-ups are ALWAYS new browser windows.

    There are new methods of bypassing the pop-up blockers. Browser is tricked into thinking you really wanted this new pop-up window.

    However in your case, it sounds like you have deeper computer (Windows) problems. Try Firefox.

  6. 6 Drew

    It’s not just Jay seeing these issues. I’m using Google Chrome as my browser and about every other time, it will warn me that YFH has been found (as recent as May 31) to contain malicious scripting that “could damage your computer.” You can click through, basically ignoring the warning, but it’s certainly present.

  7. 7 Vega

    Wow, great vids!
    Nicolette and the ‘Spuiten & Slikken’ show really show free-minded Dutch tv from its best side!! (Unlike ‘GOuden Kooi’ IMO)
    Many christian politicians in this country have tried to prevent this show from airing on the public (!) channel, but have thusfar failed.
    I like that 🙂

    Sex and drugs are as much apart of our society as anything else so it’s great to see a few people trying to break the ‘taboo’.

    By the way; this show airs on the same channel that recently got the original ‘Deep Throat’ movie to air on a Sunday night on one of our national public channels.
    Just because of the historical significance of it; how’s that for progressive thinking?! 🙂

    Good to see an entire post dedicated to these pioneers, thanks!

  8. 8 remy

    I really like the dutch girl scenes, especially the gay sex scene where’s shes watching the tow men have sex. Have you ever thought of doing bi cfnm scenes. They have a ton of them on bimaxx where the women stays clothed till about half-way through the scene. anyways, thank you for posting

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