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dancing-bear-under-towel-sucker In my last post of Dancing Bear‘s CFNM male stripper party video footage (which you can check out HERE) I showcased what I believe was good evidence of amateur action. I kind of was surprised by the comments that came from the post, that things were “too tame”. I was pretty stunned, as Dancing Bear goes way beyond those videos I presented as well as what Extreme Cfnm and Boozed Women get on film that often. Sure, there’s still plenty of Cfnm handjob and blowjob action with the strippers on their sites, but there’s a bunch of full on ‘backstage’ sex as well as cumshots in Dancing Bear‘s footage. Of course then I’ve got to prove it, right? So here are two clips of some definitely hot and much harder core CFNM action from two episodes: “Kendra’s Bachelorette Party” and “Stripper House Call”. Both of these shows are packed with fun goings-on: ring toss onto the boner, a sticky facial, and a ‘impromptu’ doggy style sex show!
db-kendras-bachelorette-party-clip db-stripper-house-call-clip Dancing Bear scenes on PH:
Scene 1 | Scene 2
Dancing Bear scenes on YFH:
Scene 1 | Scene 2
Scenes on FLURL: 1 | 2

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18 Responses to “And The Girls Go Wild!”  

  1. 1 psidefect

    I was surprised by the “lame” comments as well. Until I had my membership “converted” to a trial basis even though I had paid the monthly price. A quick online chat with support and it was all fixed. This was a Bangbros support site and there is a “member special” offer for a bangbros site. So previous denials of association with Bangbros SEEMS to be disingenuous. I personally don’t care, but others do, or so I’ve read.
    There are still significant performance issues with the videos on the site. Either their player, their bandwidth or something else needs fixed. But at least their navigation is improved. I’m going to continue for one more month to see if they get their issues addressed. I simply can’t deal with that video player they have. It looks like stop-motion animation! And as there is still no way to download the videos, if that is the best we can do, I will do without.
    I still give the site thumbs up for now, but it’s quickly dropping. With a lame video player, no downloads and the same basic (if not better) footage than Eromaxx, the value of the site will not be worth the price.
    Just my 2 cents.

  2. 2 Edward James

    I hate to look a gift horse in the mouth, but I haven’t found any of the Dancing Bear videos remotely sexy.

    Stripper situations, by definition, are always contrived, but the whole Dancing Bear ‘organised parties to be filmed’ makes the conceit explicit, and thus any spontaneous erotic charge is vanquished entirely. In this sense, whether the women are ameteurs or not, is largely irrelevent.

  3. 3 allthingscfnm

    Well guys, I really appreciate all the input that you give -be it positive or negative. Because seriously, the guys and girls behind the site DO care about the product and pay attention to the feedback that people like yourselves provide. That’s completely different than many porn sites out there. It’s an interesting difference with CFNM oriented sites versus “regular mainstream porn”, as we can have direct impact on the type of content that we’re provided. You just don’t get that with other types of porn sites. So really, we’re completely spoiled!

    Now with that academic and philosophical point made, I do agree with some of the points that everyone has made. But I also disagree with some. There’s been so many made by various people, it’s virtually impossible for me to address them all singularly. So, I’m going to have to respectively decline doing so. But I will say this, when it comes to pornography, especially when it’s packaged as it is on ANY website, there’s automatically the risk that at some point it’s going to be manipulated to some extent. That’s just the nature of it. Sure, there’s definitely completely unstaged and naturally occurring events that are captured on video, purely non manipulated. However, that stuff is extremely rare and we have to pick and choose which moments are genuine and REALLY REALLY APPRECIATE them. So, that’s what I do… I reserve my satisfaction level to reflect what is realistic, not setting my hopes too high. Dancing Bear, for what it does, is fun enough for me and I’m digging what they do… especially since I know that they are working at improving EVERYTHING about it on a continuous basis.

    Now, since I’ve spent about 10 minutes just writing this, that is all. Make sure you guys and girls are delving deep into the previous posts and archives of the blog too!! I can’t stress that enough! This site has so much of what you love and hate about CFNM that it’s pretty ridiculous, even from my perspective having put it all up.

  4. 4 Joe

    I like the dancing bear, but I think its hot (staged or not) that the girls are taking cumshots in the middle of a party.

  5. 5 Don

    I too am becoming more and more bored with sites that use professional models/actresses. No matter what the scenario. Must be getting jaded I guess. Dancing Bear does not hold my interest beecause of this…it is so contrived and obviously set up. Many sites are doing the same thing. I know it is hard to find real amateurs…but there are always the bachelorette parties, Loverboys in UK, and a few others. I don’t know…I can’t see paying for the setup stuff. Even Dickflash appears to be set ups for the most part…maybe not all…but most. Good concept, but still seems contrived. Dancing Bear may be about the most obvious though.

  6. 6 Jason

    I love your site, but I am kind of surprised that you find dancing bear so interesting. It’s ok, and by no means bad, but I have to agree with Don. Every aspect of this is obviously staged. It does get a little dull after awhile.

  7. 7 Stephanie

    hey, guys – here’s some friendly advice that you probably already know. There isn’t a lot of “real” stuff like this available to see. Oh, sure, it’s out there but for the most part we destroy the evidence or never let the evidence get recorded. 🙂

    That being said, dancingbear isn’t an entirely unrealistic portrayal but the stripper in the bear head is pretty damn stupid.

  8. 8 Don

    That’s the problem Stephanie. Sites are trying to replicate real amateur stuff you can rarely find…the stuff that gets recorded at male strip shows for the most part. But they do such a poor job of it. With pro females in the “amateur” role, we may as well be watching a porn tape. There is nothing special, or real, about it. I guess I am too jaded to “suspend disbelief” with this type of stuff.

    I understand your sentiment…I guess I’ll have to stick with the little amateur stuff out there. From time to time it gets posted here, and when it does, it is worth the visit for sure. Package Check is not hardcore, but cool because it is real. There are a few others too…

  9. 9 allthingscfnm

    I can fully understand what some of you are pointing out – that staged environments for these strip show “events” like what Dancing Bear does, can take away from one’s enjoyment of what is then captured.Because yeah, what’s not entirely real will never compare to when it is real. That’s just common sense. Shoot, if you guys know anything about me from this blog, I am a die hard fanatic for REAL Cfnm footage… of any sort, but especially for male strip shows and bachelorette parties. There’s evidence of that throughout the site if you click around in the stripshow category or any of the tags related to this type of stuff.

    I fully have to agree with Stephanie’s sentiments, though. Having heard many a story from real women who have attended strip shows, bachelorette parties, birthday parties with strippers, etc, I can tell you that crazy shit can and does happen. But like Stephanie said, if it’s even captured on film or in a photograph, it’s either highly protected or destroyed. I have a personal female friend that went to a sorority sister’s birthday party where they’d hired a stripper and she told me that probably 15 of them, herself included, gave the stripper head for some amount of time. You can believe me or not, but these things happen. I mean, the amateur and real footage that I have found should be pretty convincing, like in this post:

    So, with Dancing Bear, yeah… the bear head is completely stupid, but at least they’re trying. That’s one major, major reason why I am so excited about it. But I would love to hear more of your insights and opinions. And Stephanie… have you any experiences you’d like to share? It sort of sounds like perhaps you do…? Feel free to drop me an email or just type away here in the comments section.

    Thanks again everybody for sharing!

  10. 10 Don

    I hope you do not think I am criticizing you or your site. I am not. I enjoy some of what you post on here content-wise, but I am thrilled that the site exoists and you offer new content on a regular basis.

    There used be a site you linked to at one time…latin strippers or something…they did behind the scenes stuff that was real with real amateur women they’d take on after the shows. Do you have an updated link for them?

  11. 11 allthingscfnm

    Oh, no I know that you’re not criticizing my site… I want to be clear about that. I was just pointing out the fact that it can’t always be real, but that there’s definitely tons of real stuff here already that I’ve posted.

    And yeah, the Latin strippers footage is all here. They only have four full length videos, which aren’t very long. But I’ve posted them all in their entirety. There’s been no updates on their site and I definitely would not recommend ANYONE joining up with their site as I was charged for about 4 months after I canceled. And really, I downloaded everything they had to offer within 20 minutes. That was probably two years ago or so I think, and they’ve never put out any new videos on their site or elsewhere. Just use the search bar on the blog here, using Latin strippers or something similar and you’ll find all the posts with the videos that I’m talking about.

  12. 12 Yezzir

    Hey, do you happen to have more of that “Raised Skirts & Shirts” or anything from ItsOnProductions? Its by far the best shit you post on here IMO, the REAL male stripper stuff is what got me put on to this site.

    In specific, “Raised Skirts & Shirts 11” looks like it has the most action in it from all the previews, but any more would be very much appreciated…

  13. 13 allthingscfnm

    Yezzir – yeah, if you were saying that you haven’t seen any of the other previously posted “it’s on” videos here on the blog other than the link I posted above, there’s much much more here! That’s why I always tell people that they need to use the tag cloud links, the category drop down menu, the search bar, as well as the “featured” drop down menu. By using those, you can easily navigate through all the older posts that I’ve made on the site. Either that, or go through previous pages by scrolling down to the bottom of the page and clicking on “previous page”. NOTHING that I’ve previously posted in the two years of this blog’s existence is gone. It’s all still here. It’s just that things get pushed further and further back into the archives as I add more posts.

    Anyway, with that explanation going on to long, basically, just do a search using the search bar. You’ll find all the other videos of theirs that I’ve posted so far. There are many more New York City black male stripper troupe videos I’ve still got to post yet, well, at least eight or nine maybe? But it’s hard to post them so close together for two reasons: once they’re posted, there’s really no guarantee more will ever be available and secondly, I’ve got to mix in all the other types of CFNM into posts/updates here. I don’t want things to be dominated by one particular type of stuff, as it’s “all things CFNM” after all.

  14. 14 Myke is extremely disappointing. I give it an F, but it does have the potential to be a great CFNM website. Understand, I am talking about the technical issues. The videos cannot be downloaded. They are available to watch through streaming only. This is a problem because the videos are constantly pausing because they must buffer while they are streaming. I have not been able to watch one video in its entirety. Hell, I haven’t watch one-quarter of any video. It’s too tedious. The videos should be available for download, at least until this problem is resolved.

  15. 15 Yezzir

    Yeah I think I’ve seen close to all the NYC Stripper clips on here, just was asking when there was more coming. Thanx.

    But –

    the Rapidshare link is down, and its pretty much impossible to download from yourfilehost. Any chance of a re-up?

  16. 16 allthingscfnm

    First off, to Mike… sorry, Myke… I’d forwarded your reports about super slow bandwidth on the streaming videos to their main guy who handles such things there. It’s something they’re working on as it comes, because there’s been such a huge influx of membership… meaning that there’s an a bigger than perhaps expected amount of strain being put on the servers. Whenever you got a ton of people trying to download or stream something all at the same time, it makes it slower, transmission-wise as I’m sure you already understand. Anyway, they’re trying to get servers upgraded and bandwidth increased so this will get resolved. The whole reason why they do the streaming is because of the incredible amount of file sharing that happens with paid sites anymore. Shoot, there’s at least a couple of forums that I can name right now that has every single scene for the biggest CFNM sites all uploaded onto Rapidshare or Mega Upload, just waiting for people to download them. We’re talking entire sites getting completely ripped off. So guess what? Companies don’t want that to happen beyond a certain point, as they ultimately lose money. Which leads to them having to go to streaming so that the little that does get leaked doesn’t spread like freaking wildfire all over the internet. There’s just a fine line between sharing a small amount of a site’s stuff so that we can get a flavor for their stuff and to create buzz in the social circles online compared to people who blatantly and systematically work to give away every single minute footage from a site.

    And to Yezzir… I didn’t realize that particular Rapidshare link was down! You guys got to tell me these things…:-) Anyway, I’ve re uploaded it and the link should be working fine now.

  17. 17 Myke

    Super, I know why the videos are not available for download. The website must make a profit. I understand that and I accept it. However, these guys are taking money and giving nothing in return. I didn’t order my account for the pictures. The CFNM niche is not a popular porn niche. I do not believe that so many people have joined the site and siphoned that much bandwith from their servers. That, to me, is bullshit. It seems they are doing too much too soon.

  18. 18 allthingscfnm

    Well I wonder how things are going for people now that the site has had some time to evolve with the extreme initial flood of membership. Does anybody want to share their experiences with the site? I’m posting some here tonight or tomorrow, so everybody will have a chance to weigh in then also.

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