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extreme-cfnm-header After much wait and anticipation, I’ve finally been able to properly finish an interview my contact from Extreme Cfnm! There’s been plenty of reasons as to why this took so long, but with Extreme Cfnm and Loverboys USA being completely restructured and modernized, there’s been plenty of timing snags along the way. First off, a brief history of the troupe: the small group of entertainers started awhile before 1997, with Jeff (stage named “Big J”) actually doing shows as far back as 1992! The strippers themselves got the idea to videotape the shows, both for the audience members and for themselves. They quickly discovered that for about two hours or more of a show’s footage, only about 10-20 minutes of it is what they would consider “usable footage” that others would want to watch. Otherwise, we’d be bored to death, much like you have been with some of the full-length alternative male strip shows that I’ve posted here before. The guys themselves run the site, so between being on the road booking, doing, and recording these Cfnm strip shows along with keeping material reachable for 56k modems, things were antiquated for awhile but was eventually made available on the web. Since then, all the content was re-edited to include footage that was never seen before and bring back the original sound track, which was a massive undertaking. I was informed that new shows are currently in the pipe line so we can expect to see new content over the coming year! My contact at Extreme Cfnm got their information direct from “Big J” (whom is featured in the video below along with Andy), can only address doubts about the realness of the shows with his long-developed ability of how to handle the women, the fact they’re drinking and having a good time, and that crazy stuff does sometimes happen. That’s it in a nutshell, just take a look at the women in the shows, the women are from 18 to 90 years old attending – if that’s not real I don’t know what is! There is always room for debate in saying, “yes some women are real, but the ones sucking cock must be fake”, etc. They can’t add any more other than saying the shows are real and so are the women. Now with the new setup of Extreme Cfnm, there’s video streaming with fuller show content with the shows running about 20 to 30 minutes at a shot. There’s also been the addition of the Handjob Central site’s content, video footage from hard core European stripper parties staged much like Party Hardcore, as well as access to live webcam girl chat. Their videos are not downloadable, mostly because of the mass pirating that occurred when they went to full show format. The new video streaming player will soon have full screen capacity and runs at a much higher bitrate than all those annoying tube sites. They also no longer offer their compilations of the best Cfnm footage they’ve captured on DVD, but have them available for streaming ownership via this link here if you’d like to check them out. Now with the questions answered, take a look at some video footage from Extreme Cfnm and a set of photos from their hard core European strip shows. Keep in mind that this is previously unreleased and is exclusive only to All Things Cfnm, with more to follow in the weeks and months ahead too!
extreme-cfnm-sample-22-1 extreme-cfnm-sample-22-2 Extreme Cfnm clip on YFH:
Extreme Cfnm clip on PH:
More at Extreme Cfnm!

As promised, here’s a set of pictures from hardcore shows available at Extreme Cfnm plus a set from their well known UK Cfnm stripshows.

thumb-1-image0025 thumb-2-image0045 thumb-3-image0022
Hardcore Cfnm stripshow picset: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10
Extreme Cfnm full sets GALLERY 1 GALLERY 2

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10 Responses to “Exclusive Amateur Cfnm Captured At Public Venues”  

  1. 1 Bob May

    I’m curious about whatever happened to their webmaster program? I used to be an affiliate years ago and can still login with an old CCbill aff number but I don’t think those are even being tracked anymore.

  2. 2 allthingscfnm

    Hi Bob! Actually, I think what they do is just periodically offer affiliation for webmasters. That way they can control how much interaction they can keep up with. Like I’ve always said, it’s a small group of people running this thing, not like the mega sites that most porn comes from. They don’t make millions of dollars doing this, otherwise I’m sure we’d be seeing a much different product from them!

    If you want, I can maybe grease the wheels for your becoming a webmaster affiliate. Do you run a website or blog or something? They don’t use the CC Bill billing system anymore, but use VXS exclusively I believe. That’s if you were wondering. I personally like and trust it better than most others, just from personal experience. But yeah, just hit me up via using allthingscfnm before the at sign. That goes for all you who want to contact me via email!

  3. 3 dudek

    Hey, great job on getting more info on extremecfnm, I’ve been waiting for the interview for a while now. Unfortunately though Id like to raise a couple of negative points about the extremecfnm and loverboys and ask what you and other cfnm fans think. I’ve had membership to loverboys and extremecfnm since they relaunched in their new format and I recently decided to cancel due to the poor quality of updates. You’ll notice that extremecfnm’s recent updates have already been on the loverboys site, while the latest updated shows on loverboys are obviously very old footage that was already on extremecfnm when it was relaunched. I like the new format of both sites, but at least on the older versions only one membership allowed access to both sites and the archives allowed access to all the footage and photographs. I actually think that the old format gave better value and the new setup is a bit of a con – having two memberships dosent give you access to more content, its all the same stuff really, just swapped between the two sites. The older videos disappear from the archive after a while and get put on to the other site. As for the photos, all we get now is stills from the videos while the old version of the site had high quality digital pictures from backstage and after show action – the fact that these are now missing from both sites means we now dont get some of the best content on the sites. And the major problem is that some of these images are still on the main sign-up pages but aren’t cotained within the members area of the sites – again a bit of a con if you ask me. I probably should have raised these points before you did the interview but just wondered if you know what the plan is regarding the picture content, are members ever actually going to get access to those which were on the old site? Likewise, is each site going to continue with a rolling archive with content switched between the two sites? Sorry if this sounded like a bit of a rant, but I think that extremecfnm and loverboys have the potential to be excellent sites, but theyve got some problems they need to sort out if they want to give members value for money. Any insight or info would be appreciated, thanks.

  4. 4 geoff

    all of the extremecfnm stuff is about 3 or 4 years old now. it’s just all old footage. and the “new” video player on that site is absolutely horrible. it’s a waste of money to sign up for that site.

  5. 5 oldshoe

    They used to have some of the best stuff on the Net, but that was years ago, then updates just went, then they just started releasing old stuff as mentioned, now this disaster! I’m sorry they have a lot of stuff pirated, who doesn’t? Shops have shoplifters but they still let me keep what I buy! I used to be a paid up memember, was for years, but now there’s no point. I never minded that they didn’t produce as much as the mega sites as I liked the unique quality, but streaming only? No thanks and so goodbye to them. Thanks indeed that we still have PureCFNM and the rest, shame that the happy days of 4 CFNM and Loverboys seems to be over, time to move on I guess.

  6. 6 Not Impressed

    I joined the new version of Extremecfnm a few months ago after the promise of new unedited videos and more behind the scenes footage. 1 hour later i cancelled my membership! The problem was not being able to download any of the videos mainly. how can any site expect to be successful without being able to download the content? Add to that the video player being rubbish and the general layout being a mess also. I thought ultimately, the revamp was a total failure when it could have been so fantastic. I left the site feeling that iv’e been totally riped off.

    RIP Loverboysusa!

    I would change my opinion of the site instantly if they let you download the videos again though.

  7. 7 Andy

    RE. Not Impressed:

    Why don’t you just download Real Player One.. 11 or higher!

    Then yau can save all the videos you want!

  8. 8 allthingscfnm

    Although I hate to say this, I don’t think that the current status of major sites allowing downloads will continue much longer. We’re going to be seeing more and more “specialized” or “niched” websites like our favorite CFNM variety start doing this video streaming delivery system for their content. Otherwise they just can’t compete with the larger sites that make huge amounts of money through allowing their content to be downloaded as well as streamed.

    I think you guys are a bit harsh towards sites like Extreme CFNM/loverboys USA as they really don’t make as much money as you think. They’re run by small groups of people that do it mostly just because they love doing it, much like CFNM ZONE, Pure CFNM, and CFNM USA. They have much smaller reach when it comes to membership, meaning they just don’t have that many people signing up in comparison to any semi-popular mainstream porn site. You’ve also got to remember that websites ARE NOT CHEAP TO RUN. It’s doubly expensive when you’re a freaking pay site that hosts all the content. They have to not only make sure they have a solid server with all kinds of storage and bandwidth, they’ve got to keep it secure. And trust me, it isn’t cheap. Allowing people to download actually costs more for a site than streaming the video, as far as I’m aware.

    Now before you start thinking “ok, superfluous is in the pocket of these guys and will say anything to make them look good” or that I’m giving them a free pass for whatever reason, I definitely agree with the fact that streaming sucks. It totally does. However, Andy’s suggestion is the correct one! Plus there’s other ways as well, just do some research. Just try not to go completely ape shit with the knowledge, because the last thing we want is to run these guys out of business. Because then what happens? Oh, no more good CFNM sites anymore. All gone. Then everybody will cry “why doesn’t anybody make a good CFNM site?? There were so many great ones along the way!” And we’ll have our answer: they just couldn’t compete enough to keep going. Look what happened to Raw CFNM, I mean, that shit was awesome but he couldn’t keep it going because he couldn’t afford it anymore. Same thing with Pink’s Handjobs, Cony’s Girls,, etc. People shared all their videos and nobody would sign up to make up for the leakage. Now they are no more. It’s sad. And I’d hate to see it happen again to any of the sites that we like!

  9. 9 Mike

    Great info on loverboys Super – and a really, really hot clip to go with it. Thank you so much!!!!!

    With regards to the guys themselves – I always thought the other guy (with the ‘fuller’ figure) was actually ‘Iceman’ from 4cfnm/boozed women….. and there was some sort of history where he broke off from loverboys. Ah well, you learn something new every day.

    Their footage, at its best, is my absolutel fave cfnm stuff as it is like the ultimate in reality ‘tv’. It shows what a few drinks, a party atmostphere and naked men do to women. And I love it when you see a gal with a wedding ring or engagement ring getting dirty….. and who can guess how many of them just have boyfriends. Brilliant.

    There are so many ways in which male strip shows are so much naughtier than strip shows guys get to see. I am sure it is worthy of academic exploration. There is already evidence that argues that women look straight at a guys cock whenever they see a guy naked – whereas guys look at the face first. Interesting I think.

    It would be amazing for someone to do a documentary or interviews with some of the women – and ask them about their feelings before, during and after the show. And how they felt about what they did, if they thought their partners would mind….. etc.

    Anyway, thanks again for the update. Love to see more clips of loverboys (although not so keen on the staged euro stuff, but its a means to an end…. if they can boost their funding via that route, we will surely have more footage in the future.

  10. 10 Vincent K

    Thanks for making compilations from the same bits footage that I’ve managed to dig up from the internet. Now I can delete those and just watch yours instead. Many thanks!

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