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When I was deciding what to post next, I looked back through previous updates and noticed that it’d been over a month since I’d posted any Japanese Cfnm. It’s going to be hard to follow the last Japanese Cfnm post (you can revisit HERE) as everybody went bat shit crazy over it. However, I think these 5 Cfnm videos will be just as appreciated! These first 4 come from two Soft On Demand productions, I think. The first is truly S.O.D. concept where real fashion models are brought in for what they think is a regular shoot, but quickly learn isn’t! With a full photo shoot crew and professional porn couple, they watch, witness, and are encouraged to take part in an impromptu porn shoot. If these girls are acting, they deserve ALOT of credit, because their expressions make the scenes very realistic! The next two are pretty damn crazy in their own right, totally pushing the tekoki or “penis study” genre of Cfnm. They stage a guy standing around with a “box of mystery” which has his hard cock poking into it. The camera guy then recruits girls off of the street to stop to reach into the box’s hole in front and guess what they’re feeling, asking them questions and such. After awhile, the lid is lifted and the “package” is revealed – with some fantastic reactions AND action! The last video is sort of a add-on that I couldn’t help but share. A guy jerks off in his car while parked in a lot, calls a girl over and proceeds to get her to talk with him while beating his meat. They somehow convince her to watch him finish off, even catching the cum in a measuring cup! All around incredibly fun Cfnm from the Japanese, enjoy!
01-model-shoot-turns-into-porn-1 01-model-shoot-turns-into-porn-2 Japanese Cfnm scene on YFH:
Pt. 1 | Pt. 2 | Pt. 3 | Pt. 4
Japanese Cfnm scene on PH:
Pt. 1 | Pt. 2 | Pt. 3 | Pt. 4
Full video on RS: HERE

02-model-shoot-turns-into-porn-sc2-1 02-model-shoot-turns-into-porn-sc2-2 Japanese Cfnm scene on YFH:
Pt. 1 | Pt. 2 | Pt. 3 | Pt. 4
Japanese Cfnm scene on PH:
Pt. 1 | Pt. 2 | Pt. 3 | Pt. 4
Full video on RS: HERE

03-dick-in-the-box-tekoki-scene-9 04-dick-in-the-box-tekoki-scene-17 Japanese Cfnm scenes on YFH:
Sc 1a | Sc 1b | Sc 2a | Sc 2b
Japanese Cfnm scene on PH:
Scene 1 | Scene 2
Full video on RS: HERE

05-jav-cfnm-flashing-pickup-scene-1 05-jav-cfnm-flashing-pickup-scene-2 Japanese Cfnm scene on YFH:
Part 1 | Part 2
Japanese Cfnm scene on PH:
Full video on RS: HERE

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13 Responses to “Five Crazily Inventive Japanese Cfnm Scenes”  

  1. 1 newbi

    This was damn good, where on earth do you find these stuff?

    I surf japanes cfnm blogs on a weekly basis but i never encounter as good stuff as you.

    Thanks for the amazing share.

  2. 2 oldshoe

    Amazing stuff, you have to love the Japenese! The box and the car was just staged (but good) the stuff with the actresses was disturbing! I liked it, I liked it a lot, but a little disturbing. I work as a photographer and given their culture and the pressure on those girls I find them both very belivable, extremly hot and very unsettling.

  3. 3 Milton Brolaps

    The first two clips are extraordinary, is there any way to see the rest of the movie? Both clips end with the photographers trying to coax the women into taking their clothes off. I would love to see how far they take these outrageous scenarios.

  4. 4 Milton Brolaps

    Well, I found a bit more footage of the first video with the girl in the purple scarf. She is coaxed into stripping down to her underwear and then loses her bra, but unfortunately that’s as far as it goes. My Japanese isn’t great, but I believe the captions apologize while stating that it would be wrong/illegal to push her any further than they do on the video. So the premise is probably legit!

    Part 4.5 (includes end of Part 4 above, but she starts to disrobe):

    Part 5 (she gets down to her panties but then insists on stopping):

  5. 5 allthingscfnm

    Hey Milton! Sorry I haven’t responded until now to your comments and your inquiries, as sometimes it’s tough keeping up with both updating this and my other blogs as well as getting to all the comments. So I do apologize. But yeah, I did have the full movie from where these clips came from, as I edited these Cfnm moments from them. However, I’ve looked around and I cannot figure out where I stored them from when I edited them! I know they got moved unto one of my archive hard drives that I’ve got sitting around, but I can’t remember what the title is. And when you’ve got hundreds of gigabytes worth of full movies on numerous hard drives, you can easily misplace things.

    So, I do fully appreciate your investigatory work on this as it’s pretty incredible that you were able to find the other parts. How did you go about that anyway? Just curious. But as far as the content goes, this particular movie is awesome in that it’s disturbingly real. I mean, the language barrier really makes it hard to discern whether or not it’s legitimately getting girls that do NOT know what the producers are going to present to them. And the culture barrier adds to the troublesome manner us Americans have in trying to figure these types of movies out. It’s amazing that they would try to do this, but wow, I’m glad that they did… hopefully the girls haven’t been too overwhelmed by the situation. I wouldn’t think that they would sign legal releases for the video if they had been, you know?

  6. 6 Milton Brolaps

    I wish I could say I hunted this particular clip down, but it was just luck that I came across these clips while searching Japanese sites. I recognized the girl and counted my blessings that the scene kept going, because this is hot stuff.

    It’s hard to say with Japanese stuff how much is acting and how much is staged. These do not look or feel staged in the slightest though. The women look quite normal and their reluctance to blow strangers or disrobe on camera feels genuine. Hence = hot stuff.

  7. 7 kimo1eg

    i want make this box and i like japanese tricks
    pls send me the web site for this scence i like it

  8. 8 Metroid

    Hmm these scenes don’t seem to be from any of the Soft On Demand DVDs on JList – any other ideas? I want ’em!

  9. 9 admin

    @Metroid – Yeah, JList’s selection isn’t near what it used to be, sadly. However, you could try checking out Zenra Movie Annex or the massive inventory on Asia Movie Pass for those scenes. Between the two, I’m sure you’ll either find them or something very similar.

  10. 10 Metroid

    I am desperate to find the rest of that second Japanese scene – with the model interacting with the couple. Alas the old servers are down – I don’t suppose you still have the files, and could rock them up elsewhere?

    So much for digital being forever :p

  11. 11 admin

    @Metroid – actually all the videos are there, buddy. You guys MUST REMEMBER I UPLOAD EVERYTHING ON MULTIPLE HOSTS. Check the P.H. links. You’ll see they all still work.

  12. 12 Metroid

    Wow, it actually is! Thanks. I guess the servers were just having a hissy-fit that day. Wonderful ^_^

  13. 13 Metroid

    The winds of change. Any chance of putting my favorite on Motherless?

    Wish you had a Patreon

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