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art-school-model-img_3004 I know I said I neglected Japanese CFNM in my last post, but it’s been even longer since I’ve posted anything about Cfnm Zone! Now there’s been some untrue rumors going around about Cfnm Zone, mostly in a couple of forums, that there isn’t any new scenes being shot. Well, thankfully that isn’t true whatsoever, because I’d be an unhappy camper if another independently managed Cfnm site like Cfnm Zone went that sad route! So I present to you what I believe is Cfnm Zone‘s most outrageous scene yet: “Stud Farm”. This starts off with the gorgeous Kendra whom explains to two well hung nud men what her new female clients will be expecting from them. Just wait until she “preps” them and the first female client starts enjoying them as well! If you like Cfnm scenes with a “men at the whim of the women” feel to them, you’ll love this!
cfnm-studfarm-1 cfnm-studfarm-2 “Stud Farm” scene on YFH:
“Stud Farm” scene on PH:
Full Hi-Def video HERE

Here is a picture set from a fan favorite Cfnm Zone scene called “The Gift”, which has similar themes to the video above. Plus the inclusion of hot Latinas should give you added incentive to take a look!

img_6792 img_6951 img_7196
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34 Responses to “Naked Men At The Whim Of Clothed Women”  

  1. 1 oldshoe

    Another site that I’ve been a member of pretty much since it started. The truth seems to be a little bit both ways. They have slowed down on updating but there is some new stuff coming. They have for some reason been updating with some really old material as well (instead of new stuff not as a bonus). I guess that annoys some of us.

    It is all getting a lot more hardcore as well with sucking and fucking more than it ever was before, I like that but I guess not everyone will. I’ll stick around as a member for a while longer but I’m afraid there is better stuff out there for your money if you wanted my advice.

    For those not familiar with their updates, they post either video or stills nearly every day and it is all downloadable, but like they are all taken from one scene. So you get frequent updates, but still slow if you’re hungry for the next setting. On average one scene is made up of about 20-25 video clips and 15-20 photo updates and they will often have 2 scenes updating on alternate days. So if you’re lucky you will see a new scene once every couple of months. Sorry if that doesn’t compare well with purecfnm or some of the big players.

  2. 2 perry

    would love to see if there is any footage from the gift series, the pics look great, when i click on their website, nothing happens

    have wanted to see footage of the st patricks day one for ages also

  3. 3 windcruzer

    True older 1 or 2 classic CFNM scenes are being redone. I edit pics better now plus when these scenes ran the first time there were no boobs or blow jobs in CFNM so the BJ’s were left out. It was a true fetish back then. My rebill rate has stayed the same because members prefer 1200×800 or larger to 500x.
    Mega sites have co-opted CFNM and turned it into run of the mill porn. There are hundreds of XXX porn sites. A few CFNM pics at the beginning of a scene doesn’t make it a real CFNM scene. Most XXX scenes start with some CFNM pics. My old Yahoo groups were full of CFNM pics from the beginning of XXX scenes.
    As for the rumors on the forums those of course are plants from the competition or haters. They always attack the best folks so being under constant attack tells me I’m still doing CFNM right.
    The mega sites haven’t a clue what CFNM is so they copy CFNM ZONE scenes.
    All links work on the Home and Tour pages so comment two is phony also.
    I have never added any fucking yet so comment one though it appears to be true is also full of untruths.
    There is no fucking in CFNM has been one promo that I’ve used for months. You have to take these so called comments with a grain of salt folks and wonder what’s their motivation? $$$
    Real CFNM fans know where the real CFNM is and it’s not on mega sites! Look how many mega site CFNM sites fail or get sold.

  4. 4 Rod

    I’ve always thought CFNMZone has the best material, but I let my membership expire when there were no updates for several months. I’d love to rejoin when updates are frequent again. As for Perry’s comments regarding the Gift and St. Patrick’s Day series, I know at one time they were both available, because I downloaded both vids in their entirety quite a few months ago. If they’re not there now, that would be a shame, because they’re among the best stuff CFNMZone has done.

  5. 5 oldshoe

    I should have mentioned, that given the huge quantity of stock on the site, if you’ve never been a member you really should add the site to your wish list. They don’t seem to delete old stuff and then reissue like Rodox and some other sites, it all seems to stay up, so as a collection of CFNM it’s hard to beat. I hate to get into the debate about what ‘true’ CFNM is, but for me at least they are true to my idea of it, as I think are most of the smaller sites listed on this blog. It does contain oral going both ways, which gets my vote, it doesn’t contain fucking, although I know the current scene did have some shot, I’m just hoping in advance it gets uploaded 🙂 (hint) some of the other serious sites contain fucking as well, personally that’s fine by me as long as it’s done right and I trust this site to get it right just as those others do.

    I think the big players like Bangbrothers and Reality Kings run super sites with some great hardcore, but I agree, it’s not CFNM in my book either.

    They do sell short and long clips for non-members, links are from the site which is worth a peek if you’re not sure. They are sometimes very slow in updating those clips and the updates list so it often doesn’t reflect what’s actually on the inside and might sometimes make it appear like they stopped (which they haven’t). Still other sites like COHF never ever update their updates page so I have no idea how they get new members as I personally like to know a site updates before I join. The almost daily dose from these people is nice, a week seems like a long time otherwise.

    As for me, I don’t get paid by anyone 🙁 but I’m always happy to take cash for kidneys, sponsorship, blood or anything else.

  6. 6 perry

    Windcruzer when I click on the link for the sample video it takes me to a blank page, hence the comment the links didnt work

    So if as for my fucking phony comments, believe what you want Derrick

  7. 7 windcruzer

    If the link doesn’t work why don’t you post it here? Yeah guys throw in all the sweetness just to get that one big dig/lie in.

    The fix is in with these guys.

    What motivates people to never stop the attack? Why don’t they improve their own content?

    Only someone hacking my emails would know certain details that oldshoe writes about! Very few, less than a handful know about shooting any fucking scenes. Any fucking scenes would have a Bonus tag been doing that for years and years. If anyone doesn’t want to see Victoria Jackson test out the new male ho that’s their choice. Or is it Eric doing some pay pack cause his brain got fried when he backed himself into a squirt 5 times brag.

    Let’s see this hot sexy MILF wants to fuck for my pay rate and I’m gonna stop her? I DON”T THINK SO! I’ve always filmed the blowjobs from the very beginning I just didn’t add them or added them as bonus clips.

    If your site doesn’t rebill that’s not my fault. It means the quality sucks!

    Connoisseurs of real CFNM know where to look.

    Thanks for the kind words Super. It’s nice to see there still are a some webmasters with Integrity.

  8. 8 dsanchez

    I posted this question on yahoo! answers a while back…;_ylt=AmwjG0VM6OAQM0Cq5BRhwRwgBgx.;_ylv=3?qid=20090523225647AAZ4xdP

    Basically I asked if it was ok if my flatmate watched me jerk off and I got many incredible answers, but the most notable was the fact that most (either male or female) would love to watch it! So my question is this, Why oh WHY aren’t there more videos of girls watching boys doing the bad thing? There are absolutely ZERO vids of this, yet it’s everyones fav fantasy! It’s proper cfnm and yet it simply doesn’t exist as a vid! Who wouldn’t love to to be watched or caught? The forums seem to prove this also, so where oh where are our fav types of cfnm???

  9. 9 windcruzer

    I did scenes like that years ago. You just don’t know where to look.
    There is no fu*king in CFNM. It’s not XXX hardcore it’s a fetish.

  10. 10 oldshoe

    Windcruzer, if I knew how to hack e-mail I would probably start with my bank managers, not yours. I know Victoria Dawson did fucking because you posted the picture to your Yahoo group!!! How long ago was that? The picture went up months and months ago, long before you started realising it on the site so I’ll forgive you if you had forgotten that detail, apology accepted.

    I don’t run a website, I don’t want to run a web site, all the smaller players seem to be struggling, if I wanted to make money I would run a blog, but I don’t have the energy or motivation for that either.

    My heartfelt advice is that you join, not for the content, but have a look at their forum. They ask for and they get feedback, and no it isn’t all good! But they listen and respond. Some of the requests are too hard, some are just plain stupid and a lot more make sense. They get a lot of loyalty in return and the site moves on despite all the competition out there.

    In all the years I’ve read your postings windcruzer I’ve seen nothing but defence from you, never once acknowledgement, you’re always in a rush to explain why we are all wrong in regards to anything you see as negative. We say the nice stuff because we mean it, we say the negative stuff because we want to see you improve and get stronger. I hate to quote myself but “I should have mentioned, that given the huge quantity of stock on the site, if you’ve never been a member you really should add the site to your wish list” don’t sound like the words of someone trying to see you fail?

    Perry says he would love to see more, Rod said he would love to join again if he knew there were updates again (which there are) dsanchez sounds like a willing recruit just waiting for the green light, yet for some reason you attack us all instead of saying welcome on board? Are you seriously looking for 100% thumbs up, no feedback at all?

    I know that there is a small reality of dirty tricks amongst site owners, I know that ex-members all to frequently release work onto P2P networks, but you need to make sure you don’t gun down the fans while watching you back. When was the last time you just said, “hey guys thanks for all the positive feedback”? If it’s been a while you might want to consider it, you have a base of fans out there that value your work, but it’s up to you how you treat us.

  11. 11 perry

    seems like windypoo cant handle feedback or constructive criticism, maybe he wants to read how great his site is

    good thing I’m not a paying member and giving my hard earned over to him

  12. 12 windcruzer

    I’ve had forums that got hacked.
    I don’t care how sweet you play it you guys aren’t legit.

    The site has been under attack for years and old timers know it. I’ve never had a problem with “legit” criticism.

  13. 13 allthingscfnm

    Wow, well it looks like another runaway argument has popped up and I’m not sure why exactly. Seriously, nobody posting here is paid or spreading lies as far as I can investigate. People who have said that CFNM Zone doesn’t update regularly is just not paying attention and is also confused a little. They do update every day with some form of added content. Sometimes it will be long versions of older video series, content from earlier shoots that wasn’t included in the original presentation, and then obviously it is otherwise newly added pictures and videos to current stories/scenarios.

    I try to support the small sites like these because they don’t really get the support they deserve… nor do they get the exposure. I agree with parts of all sides of all the arguments here, but can’t really divulge which ones because I REALLY don’t want to get dragged into anything. I’d just stand by what I’ve said already.

    To Perry… the problem you might be having is with your web browser. What happens when I click on the site’s preview links is that my browser automatically starts to download the video to my default download folder. But then again, I’ve got Firefox installed on my system. If you use Internet Explorer, it could be any number of things. Next time you go to the site, right click on the link area and select “save target as” and then download it to a directory of your choosing. You’ll be able to see all the preview videos that way, and actually watch them repeatedly. Hope this helps. Let me know if it works, ok?

  14. 14 perry

    Hi Super, Im a fan of your site and I love your postings on the sensations board

    Maybe that is the problem with my browser I’m not sure

    What I cant understand is why windcruiser is carrying on like a sook, because I dared to question his site

    As I said I for one am a great fan of your work, but am thankful I am not paying once cent to a person like windcruiser

    To quote the great Jack, you windcruiser my friend “you cant handle the truth”

  15. 15 windcruzer

    Perry and Old shoe can’t tell the truth. Too bad super after all these years still can’t figure out the fix is in with these comments. They don’t happen for any other site!
    Why is that?

    Czone is the highest honestly rated CFNM that’s why!

    If you want to let these phony posts stop your sales that’s you choice super.

  16. 16 perry

    windcruzer I have made comments on here previously on some great footage on here

    I am a member just like you of the sensations board and have made almost 80 posts on there, but you still call me a phony

    I personally don’t care what you think, you just live in your world where everyone who doesn’t bow to you is against you

    I hope allthings makes plenty of money from you, as if it keeps this great site going I’m all for it

    But read the very first post I said on here, that it didn’t load on my pc and you went off on a rant

    I don’t pay for any cfnm site, so if you think I am posting with an alternate motive, then you are more delusional then I first thought

    As for your threat of stopping the sales……..

    Gees give the bay his rattle

  17. 17 windcruzer

    Old shoe is a narc who found out he likes CFNM. Perry is a narc too. He’s probably Ols Shoe also. Your government tax dollars at work folks. 68% of cops join to have power over other people. They get off on it.
    They are trying to shut me down cause their boss doesn’t like PORN! Who doesn’t like PORN?
    They would rather hassle me then look for real terrorist.
    weaklings and cowards.

    Domestic Spying abuses will come to lite one day. That’s what makes America great.
    Remember KARMA never takes a vacation

  18. 18 windcruzer

    Yes folks windcruzer has had a stalker for about 4 years. A male stalker!!? and he has power in the .gov
    I callled GoDaddy yesterday because he stole my personal email address’ DNS and I couldn’t beleive it when he took the call himself.
    You know what he said? ” How’s it feel to be 100% under my control.” ? While laughing uncontrollably. Clearly he is a lunatic. Who does that? Psycho/sociopath guys in movies and we know how they always end up. Karma dude.

    Well he’s being paid by your tax dollars.
    He was happy like Xmas morning or good sex with a new partner happy.

    excuse me? Yep you heard me right there is a fed with power to do this kind of stuff and nobody will stop him or has the balls to stop him.
    Don’t worry I’ve wanted to sell the site for years so him shuting me down is not as bad a deal as you might think.
    Sorry to many of the people I called shills for paysites. It was narcs instead.
    Obama winning just gave these crazies the go ahead to abuse their power. Just turn on cable news.

    This was all either because he doesn’t like porn. See above or I was unlucky enough to get caught in his web using domestic spying. The Obama admin is too weak. Sorry folks I was happy when he won. He needs to replace Bush’s people in important positions. Until he does that they are in control.

    Even the honest feds can’t do anything while he’s at the top. They are outnumbered. Yep that 68% power hungry white male who becomes a cop.

    Nazi’s in gov? You bet your bippie!

  19. 19 windcruzer

    Well folks it appears that the Feds will destroy you based on circumstantial evidence and unlucky coincidences. They will also terrorize your neighbors. They have ruined my once great neighborhood. Out of fear my neighbors have been forced into doing all kinds of weird shit just to taunt me. Who does that? The FBI!
    Ask Richard Jewel of the Atlanta games and the Aziz family.
    They aren’t into the truth. They will keep pounding on you to break you down instead of trying to find the truth.
    what a country eh?
    No wonder the whole world hates us!
    They also have guys who get some kind of thrill destroying people.

  20. 20 windcruzer

    Obama won the election but Bushes people are hell bent on controling the culture wars. The DEA is headed by Bush appointees. They are raiding homes all over the country especially in California’s Bay Area.
    People need to let their representatives in Washington and elsewhere for that matter know that all Bush appointees need to be replaced with people who share the current administrations values.
    Every time they get the chance they inject weed into the story. The wrong way driver in New England. The Santa Barbara fire started by weed farmers. I’ve never heard such bullshit in my life.
    Obama has admitted he smoked weed. Why let these right wingers control our private lives. If enough people spread the word these people will be gone.
    It’s always 420 someplace

  21. 21 windcruzer
  22. 22 windcruzer

    I’m sure every webmaster into CFNM has had to deal with homophobia.

    Did you know you can get shut down because of it?

  23. 23 windcruzer

    Is this joke funny?
    What’s the difference between a homophobe and a gay guy? The homophobe hasn’t met the right guy yet? ba dum bum

    Stick to porn dumb ass

    Yes folks a high level government homophobe is stalking me

  24. 24 windcruzer

    Just like when you add new software programs at home gmail had to reboot when it added the domestic spying software.

    Gee didn’t I do that rink toss scene in Rich Girl Blues 2 in 07? Yes I did! CFNM Secret’s secret is they have been coping cfnmzone scenes since the beginning but ending hardcore. There is no f*cking in CFNM.

  25. 25 windcruzer
  26. 26 windcruzer

    Seeing as the Feds are trying to destroy me it’s time to tell everyone that magnets can stop GPS. I’ve known this for about 3 months and seeing as things continued to get worse I don’t owe these asswipes anything.
    I would out this skinhead fag again in a heart beat:

    At least Mark Foley and Larry Craig had the decency to just fade away. This guy’s hurt little ego and weak little mind compromised the countries security. I want him to be known in government circles as the guy who faaked up GPS.
    Hardwired GPS is usually installed behind the radio. A couple of magnets in the defrost vents renders them useless. Sometimes they place round GPS discs in the tire well or truck. Maybe even under the seats. I swear I have at least 3 GPS on my truck. If you’re too lazy like me just buy more magnets. hahahaha

    BTW they own Obama

  27. 27 windcruzer

    Add CFNM to the things the Feds hate. It’s “gay” and skinheads hate gays!

    They are destroying czone because of my bad luck of popping up on their radar and their hatred of people they perceive as fags.

  28. 28 allthingscfnm

    To windcruzer, a What is all this about???

  29. 29 windcruzer

    Government skinheads are destroying me and my site because to them it’s gay content! During normal times new administrations always keep people from the previous administrations in their current jobs. Well these are not normal times. These people can not accept a black man as Presdident. Birthers is just another name for skinheads.

    Do you really think I would shut down cfnmzone on my own? They have blocked me from uploading new content etc.
    They are using the same tactics they used on MLK on me. The Feds have added sexual orientation to their list of targets.

    Fort Hood? Why did they stop monitoring him? They knew he would do something when ordered to Afghanistan!

    These people are more interested in their white supremacist BS than protecting the country. They are traitors.

  30. 30 windcruzer

    Domestic spying abuse is the reason this punk is leaving after 10 months. Believe it!,0,4065677.story

    including sexual orientation

    he’s a skinhead also

  31. 31 windcruzer

    The Obama admin was brilliant in letting the true colors of the skinheads in the Secret Service see the light of day. They were not really protecting him. They were just going through the motions. Bush started the not testifying before Congress BS. That part is a non story that the networks have been told by the skinheads to run with. Yes if the Attorney General’s office calls a network the network will do anything they say even if the person is a corrupt skinhead. David Ogden needs to be locked out of his office before Feb 5th. He’s too dangerous to the country and my personal safety.

    Even though the Obama admin said leave weed alone David Ogden decided to not do that and never put the Obama plans in place.

    That’s how stupid these skinheads are. They can’t obey a direct order and think they will get away with it.

    At least the Obama admin finally knows who and what he’s up against.

  32. 32 windcruzer

    Sorry for two posts in one day but I clicked the link about David Ogden in the Dec 5th post and it appears the revisionists are a work already.

    David Ogden was described as a hard charger whose management style ruffled the feathers of almost everyone now that he had so much power. He didn’t do tasks he was assigned to do by Holder. Ogden had his own skinhead agenda.

    As someone who knows first hand this guy is corrupt and abuses the power of his office. Every semi believable news story has sex or weed in it. That’s the skinheads plan for taking control of the country. Sex and the demon weed.

    Some of these stories including Ft Hood might not even have happened. Last week 4 cops killed by a guy who supposedly raped a child. The same day a prisoner escapes while being transferred and he’s a sexual predator too? Yeah right!

    The easiest way for now to spot a skinhead is size. They seem to feel the need to abuse steroids. I saw one skinny black solder surrounded by 5 huge army steroid skinheads on TV about 2 weeks ago. It was Ft Hood related. His body language was total fear of getting his ass kicked or worse.

    They are now producing old news about Ogden that he was a lawyer for porn producers. Well he was but that’s his gig. If the top lawyers assign you a case you have to take it. Everybody knows that. They are trying to save this scumbags reputation. He does not deserve any mercy. He didn’t show any mercy to the people he was domestically spying on like me! He still is messing with me and cfnmzone.

    Obama needs to get even stronger about the skinheads. They all need to go. You do see Obama with some black Secret service men now. You didn’t before the party crashers.

    Here’s hoping the Dems block the surge.

    There is a war between good and skinhead going on get involved!

  33. 33 windcruzer

    I have been the victim of a sexual orientation hate crime hiding behind national security for the last 4 1/2 years.
    They don’t understand CFNM.

    I fear for my safety. I fear being setup and framed.

  34. 34 windcruzer

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