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mdf-1-jill-survey In my last post about My Dick Flash, I mentioned the interesting relationship between self-described nudist and Cfnm fanatic Mike and his female friend Kay. What I didn’t mention in that Real Amateur Cfnm In Casual Settings post that her Cfnm journalistic endeavors found on the site are arguably some of the best content they offer. Kay does real artistic Cfnm-themed photography and has a fantastic series of interviews with various girls. These interviews consist of questions ranging from Cfnm-related topics like flashing, exhibitionism, voyeurism, nudity all the way to more raunchy subjects like handjob technique and other sexual preferences. What makes it even more interesting is when Kay has Mike or another male model come in and stand naked beside the girls, explaining that the model is there as the girl’s “canvas”. This meaning that they are given the open invitation to use the naked male in explaining their answers. Some of the questions are about the model, sometimes not, and sometimes the girl being interviewed gets a little “hands on” with the model – like in the two examples below! It’s a brilliant Cfnm concept, made even more interesting by the fact that it’s natural, unstaged, amateur, and there’s GREAT reactions given by the women.
mdf-2-jackie-survey mdf-3-jackie-survey My Dick Flash scenes on YFH:
Scene 1 | Scene 2
My Dick Flash scenes on PH:
Scene 1 | Scene 2
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8 Responses to “Interviews With A Twist Of Great Cfnm”  

  1. 1 Mikey

    I have to say… WOW.. to that girl. She is really into that cock. I love it when the women are doing stuff with a guy because they really want to – and she clearly is enjoying herself. What a super hot girl. Many thanks for that Super.

  2. 2 Mr. Furley

    Agree w/ Mikey. Anyway you can upload a longer clip or full scene? Thanks.

  3. 3 allthingscfnm

    Yeah Mikey, there’s some real chemistry in this interview as well as a couple ofothers that they have on the site! It’s amazing that no other sites are trying to do these sorts of things. Raw Cfnm used to attempt similar things to this, as does Hot Sapien, but of course Raw isn’t around anymore due to people pirating the site and Hot Sapien doesn’t do those types of scenes very often at all. So, My Dick Flash is the only show in town when it comes to Cfnm like I showed samples of in the post.

    And to Mr. Furley, I wish I could put up longer clips, but as the footage is so unique and rare to all of us and to the site itself, I hate to ruin the possibility of people wanting to join the site. Because really, if I put up all kinds of their content, not only would they get a lawyer on my ass, I’m sure they’d start losing money in lost subscriptions. Because why pay for something you can get all of for free? I guess it’s really a thing of looking at the big picture – I would hate to be part of the downfall of such a great site. I even have a subscription myself to help support them this month. I think that’s the least I can do to help them develop their site into making even better Cfnm content available for everyone. You see what I’m saying? Trust me, there will be more clips in the future, but they’ve got to be piecemeal to stay on the safe side.

  4. 4 unsatisfied customer

    I’ve had a subscription to my dick flash before, and theres almost zero content on that site. most of the clips are literally between 20 seconds and a minute. The weekly update? 20 seconds. A lot of it is probably staged too and theres almost no action at all. Sometimes he pretends stuff happens by showing him make out with a girl then take her to his room – where theres no camera. Loverboys/partyhardcore etc are good for the money. even if you eventually run out of content on a site like loverboys and theyve recycled/run out of their material. I don’t really care because the content they do have is just spectacular for a subscription fee. If they’re a 10, this guy is a 2. Sorry but that was my honest assessment after subscribing, dissapointment. dont make the same mistake.

  5. 5 Mikey

    You have to tell us Super – does she end up making him cum in that clip?

    Also, I wondered if you could clarify how it works – I am guessing the girls have no idea they are being filmed at the time. Is it ever revealed that they have been filmed at all?

    I don’t suppose you can answer the second bit – but as far as CFNM goes, this comes a strong second to loverboys and boozed women for me.

  6. 6 Mikey

    I forgot to add, feluciablow has added another promo clip to youporn:

    Do you know anything else about her Super?

  7. 7 allthingscfnm

    First, to “unsatisfied customer”: when were you subscribed to the site? Because what you are saying about the site having almost zero content is absolutely untrue at this point. I covered the site redesign and complete overhaul awhile back here on the blog, and it was then that the site really changed how they present material. There’s tons of stuff to see now, and the clips all range from fairly short (1 or 2 minutes apiece) to longer ones (that are around 4 to 5 minutes). The biggest difference within the last few months is that they’ve got longer series of videos available. Instead of just clips of one interlude between Mike and a girl, there’s a bunch of clips that allow you to see what’s built up to the action as well as the action itself. And remember, this site isn’t all about clothed girls giving handjobs and blowjobs. CFNM doesn’t always have to be hands on, and My Dick Flash has a good amount of those kinds of interactions available.

    So really, I’m sorry that you were disappointed with what the site offered back when you subscribed. All I can say is that I’m a member now and there’s tons of stuff to look at, in comparison to how the site was stocked before. I mean, there’s a 20 part stripshow, a 15 or so part two-girls-one guy interview series, as well as a bunch of other interludes that were just added within the last month or so. And they just added a private dance video series with one of the girls of the aforementioned stripshow party. So yeah, I don’t think that your experience is what somebody would have now if they joined. That’s just my take.

    And to Mikey: no, she doesn’t make him come, they just fool around awhile. You have to remember that Kay is sitting right there with them, which is why I think that they stop.

    With how it all works… I really wish they would tell me completely everything! But I guess it’s all hidden camera, save for these interviews. I believe that they know that they are being taped, but don’t quote me on that, as I’ll have to ask Kay and see if she’ll answer some of these questions. I’ll just have to get back to you on this stuff. Even though I’m pretty curious about it myself!

  8. 8 Jed

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