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Although I recently posted some naughty amateur girls’ stripper night pictures and made a Amateur Girls With Black Male Strippers Megapost prior to that, I couldn’t wait to post today’s stuff. Why? Because I’ve discovered a site that offers nothing but amateur male stripper Cfnm footage! Strippers In The Hood is the name of the site, and it’s definitely worth checking out if you’re into this kind of Cfnm. There’s currently 69 (no, I didn’t make that up) decent-sized videos on Strippers In The Hood, all clocking in at around 10-12 minutes on average apiece. It’s not polished footage that’s been edited for only the best action, but instead is nothing but the gritty, real deal where the girls get a little crazy once the guys start showing off the cock. You’ll see what I’m talking about in the Strippers In The Hood clip below. I wanted to also add some great amateur girl reactions from one of the more recent Dancing Bear events, as people continually argue that there aren’t any in their shoots. Of course the truth is in the eye of the beholder, so be sure to weigh in on the impending debate. I decided to go a bit overboard and provide six galleries of more Cfnm activities between amateur women and male strippers, because I’ve gotten a TON of them recently. One comes from DatzWhatzUp, along with two sets of real male stripper home parties taken by the girls themselves, followed by three super hard core movie galleries from Dancing Bear. I think this all should make you VERY busy this weekend!
vlcsnap-911170 vlcsnap-913257 S.I.T.H. Cfnm scene on YFH:
Part 1 | Part 2
S.I.T.H. Cfnm scene on PH:
See more at S.I.T.H.!

vlcsnap-902121a vlcsnap-902121b Dancing Bear scene on YFH:
Dancing Bear scene on PH:
See more at Dancing Bear

db-a-03 db-b-02 db-c-01
Set 1: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15
Set 2: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 | 20 | 21 | 22

Full Galleries Links: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

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13 Responses to “Amateur Girls Playing With The Bodies Of Naked Men”  

  1. 1 bob N.

    Great photos MR Superfuous. Especially the ones that you posted on imagefap.I like it when the women’s faces are flushed with excitement.

  2. 2 sam

    great post. please post as many of the stripper in the hood videos as possible.

  3. 3 Kase

    Thank ya much…I like this stripper in the hood site……

  4. 4 Nobusmindingi

    Awesome post, Super. Thanks!

  5. 5 Joe


    I like your posting. Was wondering if you have some members club or something like that where one can meet and make friends with women.


  6. 6 allthingscfnm

    I’m super glad you guys enjoyed the clips from the newer site that I discovered, because seriously, we should support sites like that. Because otherwise without any sort of chance for them to get a following, they’ll quit updating or shut down completely. And we all love this stuff anyway, right? So why not help them stick around as long as possible? I mean, we’re not going out and filming our own strip shows that have this kind of great action in them. So yeah, that’s my rant!

    And to Joe: yeah, I’ve thought about doing something like that through this site, but really, it’s alot more work than I have time for I think. At least at this point. I’ve contemplated starting a forum but am worried about moderating it and keeping out all the potential Spam and off topic material that could potentially infiltrate such a thing. So anyway, that idea is still in the works. I think with a forum there could actually be an area for people to exchange information and such to get together or organize Cfnm events. That would be easily done in a forum. But honestly, you can definitely check out the “Facebook Of Sex” site that I have a banner/link to over on the right hand side of the blog. It’s a dating site, but there’s plenty of people with fetish interests on it from what I saw with a short membership. The problem was that I live in a area where it’s extremely conservative. So yeah, it wasn’t something that worked out at the time. If you do join it, definitely let us know what you thought here, ok?

  7. 7 Joe

    Thanks for your reply.

    I will surely let you know my views when I join. Do you have women visiting this site? If yes, do you know them.

    Sorry for asking a similar question again.

    Just frustrated.

  8. 8 rj

    Thanks for all the great stuff, Super. Wonderful, as always.

    As for Dancing Bear, something about it just doesn’t ring right. The production values are high and the girls are gorgeous, and it’s still fun to watch, but it seems fake to me. I have seen at least a half dozen eposides start to finish, and that view remains. I love stripper CFNM. It’s my favorite form of the genre, but DB mostly falls flat for me.

    This how I see the different stripper shows:

    1. Raised Skirts/It’s On Productions — 100% amature participation. No plants here. No paid girls. Lighting is often less than ideal, and the video quality can be sub par, but this is the real deal. Raw and raucus.

    2. 4CFNM and Loverboys — 99.5% amature participation. I can’t be 100% sure there are no paid girls here, but if there are, they give a good performance. Except for the backstage stuff which might be “pre-arranged” and the Wanking Wenches which is obviously staged, this is mostly the real deal. Even though there can be stretches of tame stuff, Jeff and the boys give their all to encourage the crowd and keep it interesting.

    3. Party Hardcore — just the opposite of Loverboys – 99% of the girls who participate sexualy are paid to be there and do so. It’s that rare occasion when they get an actual amature to stroke and suck that makes it worth watching. That, and the fact the the paid girls to a great job of acting, starting with stroking, and working their way up gradually to sucking and fucking, as if they were being turned on and could not help themselves. Eventually it becomes obvious, but it’s easy enough to suspend disbelief in the meantime, and thoroughly enjoy the show.

    4. Dancing Bear — 100% paid participation. After having watched several shows, I get the feeling that even the girls who turn away from the dangling dicks area acting. I watched one episode that appeared to be in a public place, a bar of some sort. There was a circle of girls taking part in a birthday or bachelorette night and the bear was dancing in the middle. In the background where several hangers on with drinks in their hands. Mostly men, but a couple of women milling about. Occasionaly they would glance over at the show, but mostly ignored it. After the bear got naked, the hangers on still paid little attention to the show. When the sucking and fucking started, they still paid little to no attention to the show. Keep in mind that these hangers on were not all couples. There were guys there unattached with no reason to not stroll over and get a closer look at the dancing bear act when it got interesting, but still – no one did. The entire room was one big stage show, as far as I was concerned. I haven’t seen a dancing bear yet that has made me think otherwise. That doesn’t mean that it’s not worth watching, but I can’t imagine I’m the only one getting this impression. Your thoughts?

  9. 9 Mikey

    Another great update Super – thank you.

    I like RJ’s summary – I guess that is pretty true. It’s the real reactions that are such hot stuff.

    And the idea of a ‘meeting place’ to organise CFNM events is interesting. Here in the UK, I believe the walnut walk forum sometimes arrange things – but this is for paid up male members only and they don’t report what goes on at parties (it was suggested on one forum that they ‘dominate’ the guys but I cannot confirm this). I think if there was something like this – for both sides of the atlantic – we’d have to dress it up as something very friendly to attract women to the idea of it. In the UK, we have naked butlers and guys that pose naked for hen/bachelorette night ‘art’ classes. Thats just my personal view as if you banner it as CFNM, it would probably have less female interest.

    I’m convinced there is market for women being able to enjoy the sight (and maybe touch!!) of naked men in comfortable surroundings – perhaps women that would not dream of going to a strip show – but would not mind a naked guy pouring drinks for them and being friendly.

    I know we would all love women to be craving our penises but I don’t think on a mass appeal basis it would work like that. The culture has changed definitely – 20 years ago, women were deemed not to like seeing men naked – now we have studies that show the penis is the first thing most women look at when they see a naked man.

    Crikey, I could go on and on about this……. but I’ll leave it at that for now.

  10. 10 allthingscfnm

    Wow, there’s so much to discuss and respond to here, I struggle to find the best way to start and what all to say! Upon second reading of RJ’s comments, I actually don’t have much to add in the way of difference of opinion. I pretty much agree with everything you’ve stated in your summary of each site.

    I honestly don’t think that ANY of what Boozed Women/4Cfnm and Loverboys/Extreme Cfnm presents is staged. The reason why they can get the footage they get, even backstage, is because of the large cultural differences concerning acceptance of behavior with male strippersbetween here and the UK. I’ve been looking through thousands of real bachelorette/birthday party/other party male stripper picture sets taken by the girls that attended the parties themselves. And let me tell you, there’s a complete difference between the U.S. and the UK in this regard. For one, the male strippers themselves seem to ALWAYS get naked for the girls they perform for in the UK, whereas they rarely do here. That’s just based on the differences in what actually happens at the parties discerned from the photographs they’ve taken. Secondly, girls from the UK seem to not care as much as girls from the U.S. in the number of photographs they share from their stripper nights. Thirdly, and most importantly, is that most stripper party pictures from the UK are much more explicit than ones I’ve seen from the U.S., on average. Like the girls show more skin in font of one another, they seem to get more interactive with the strippers, and they overall seem to have less worry about what they’re doing with the strippers. I’m thinking it’s probably not as taboo of behavior overseas as it is here in the U.S..

    Now with Dancing Bear, I sort of see where you’re coming from. Mostly because they tend to stick to filming the strippers with the girls that are paid to be there. They opt to have the amateur girls that aren’t being paid to jerk or suck the stripper even a little to play the role of audience member that just squeals, claps, and watches the goings-on. You just don’t see them very often in the shots because the guys running the cameras are just a little too preoccupied videotaping the action between the paid girls and the guys.

    But you’re completely right about the unpaid audience really not paying any real attention to what’s going on unless they are right in the shot. That’s pretty annoying. I mean, why have all these beautiful girls around if they aren’t even willing to look interested in what the hell they are there seeing? Again, annoying stuff, that. Some of the shows are pretty damn hot though, where all the girls involved, even the unpaid girls, are all looking like they are participating. They may not touch the guys directly or anything like that, but at least they watch what’s going on between the girls that are. If you notice, all the extended clips that I’ve posted here are examples of this. Either there are amateur girls interacting with the strippers or they are at least observing what is going on around them. There’s tons of moments like that, but they are interspersed between long stretches of the staged stuff we’ve both talked about. Overall, I’m a bit underwhelmed by the progress of the site. I’m hoping that the huge buzz of the site that still is going on will help motivate them to keep improving the site’s shoots, giving us Cfnm fans more of what we like from this genre of stuff.

  11. 11 Ultra

    I am not gay but I find the strippers cocks on the Dancing Bear site to be ridicuously small. I am sure the women are disappointed. A small cock takes away the excitement of watching a woman sucking it.

  12. 12 allthingscfnm

    Yeah Ultra, I hear what you’re saying… I don’t think the guys are small, in my opinion. But the problem is that they dance around while completely soft, like they aren’t even excited yet. Then the girls see it and have to get him up. This is my major beef with Dancing Bear, and I’ve told them about it more than a few times actually! Because the girls aren’t there to excite the strippers, the strippers are supposed to be exciting the women. And really, what woman will get aroused by seeing a guy that isn’t aroused and that she has to work at getting aroused?? It doesn’t make any sense to come out naked for a crowd of women when you don’t even have a half hard on. EVERY STRIPPER I’ve ever seen anywhere else via the Internet that strips naked is sporting some level of wood by the time they are completely naked in front of the female audience. They either take something to get hard, get themselves hard and then “tie off” with a string or rubber band to keep it semi-hard, or they genuinely are excited about what they are doing and get hard naturally. So really, it’s not a size issue, for me, it’s a “show how excited I can get because of you looking at me” idea that gets lost in Dancing Bear’s shows… at least most of them anyway.

  13. 13 sweetness

    Staged or not, sometimes its fun to look at.

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