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After my big Cfnm picture post the other day that included cock shock Cfnm, I felt compelled to put today’s collection together. I know that there’s been some lack of interest and perhaps excitement around the 30-plus websites that make up the BangBros Network. This is something I don’t understand, really, as they have some of the best and LONGEST scenes you can find anywhere online. Sure, a good portion of their site networks’ content isn’t Cfnm-related, but there’s plenty that is. One such site is The Penny Show, which doesn’t have many scenes, but has some AWESOME Cfnm elements to it. Like in the video below, there’s some genuine embarrassment, male performance humiliation, and measuring of 3 guys by 2 attractive women. The Penny Show is a gem of a site, for sure, and inspired alot of what Brandi Belle does on her site now. To illustrate this point, I’ve included the Brandi Belle scene called “The Confidence Challenge”, which includes Cfnm voyeurism, measuring, along with handjob and blowjob action! Last up is more great Cfnm hijinks by the hands of Preston and Shaggy from Bang Bus. I know people sort of gloss over alot of Bang Bus‘s stuff anymore, but they create some great Cfnm scenarios like the one I’ve shared below.
01-pennyshow-penis-inventory 02-pennyshow-penis-inventory Penny Show scenes on YFH:
PT. 1 | PT. 2 | PT. 3
Penny Show scenes on PH:
PT. 1 | PT. 2
See much more at Penny Show!

03-bb-confidence-challenge 04-bb-confidence-challenge Brandi Belle scenes on YFH:
PT. 1 | PT. 2
Brandi Belle scenes on PH:
See much more at Brandi Belle

05-bb-shaggy-the-virgin-cfnm 06-bb-shaggy-the-virgin-cfnm Bang Bus scenes on YFH:
PT. 1 | PT. 2 | PT. 3
Bang Bus scenes on PH:
PT. 1 | PT. 2
See much more at Bang Bus

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5 Responses to “Female and Male Embarrassment In 3 Cfnm Scenarios”  

  1. 1 Joe

    Nice Brandi Belle, anymore of that Mr Franklin video you can give us 🙂

  2. 2 Nobusmindingi

    Wow, Super. Since you recommended it, I should have known the Penny Show would be great. But I wasn’t ready for it to be that much fun! Those girls are CUTE! Awesome stuff.

    Thanks and peace,


  3. 3 Random

    Two good posts in a row. Well Done.

  4. 4 Enriquefustagueras

    Hey, Super. Those vids from Penny are amazing. I wonder if those girls are paid or not. If they are actresses, they deserve an Oscar. The only that makes me doubt is their outfit…


  5. 5 allthingscfnm

    First off, I’m super glad you guys enjoyed these clips as they are pretty damn good in my opinion too. I mean, why else did I post them? Anyway, the Penny Show footage is fun, isn’t it? It’s refreshing to see even girls that are being paid to do porn-related stuff and actually have fun and enjoy what they are doing. They are relaxed, taking their time, and not being directed to do things every single second. They basically just have guys to do with as they please for a good chunk of time it seems. The same type of stuff gets captured on their other sites, like Brandi Belle, Fuck Team 5, and Bang Bus, because they use semi-amateur to completely amateur girls and guys mixed with the paid help. The interaction can vary from being boring and predictable to fun and relaxed, depending upon the people involved. It just so happens that the mixture of people they got together for the Penny Show shoots were special I guess! Because pretty much every one of those episodes are great. And they are going to be releasing “lost footage” that wasn’t put on that site before here soon, so when that happens I’ll be sure to let you all know.

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