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babyshower193Expectant mother Ashleigh and her friends have been taken out by her mother Wendy to celebrate her pregnancy. The bar is deserted though so Wendy decides to spice things up by offering the bartender some money to do a striptease for them. He is reluctant about it but Wendy talks him into it. The girls gather round as he strips off and when his cock comes into view the alcohol seems to have taken effect and they all dive in for a feel. Watch the trailer here to see what happens when Wendy mentions that the bartender seemed to be chatting Lucy up earlier. He denies it and Lucy is offended and decides to show him what he is missing out on. She sinks to her knees and takes his penis in her mouth! The other girls are shocked and when she comes up for air Wendy carries on wanking his dick until he explodes, covering Lucy’s shirt and hair with his spunk!
Beautiful fully-clothed girls stripping, wanking and sucking naked guys – what could be more sexy than that? PureCFNM have been providing the best in CFNM action for years and are number one in the niche because they provide exactly that – the best in Clothed Female Naked Male action. Visit their site here.

As an added bonus, here’s another set of pictures from a recent Pure CFNM scenario titled “The Nightclub Owner”. A lucky and well-hung nightclub owner gets worked up while auditioning a new girl – who then is playfully teased and pleased by three other female employees!

clubowner044 clubowner144 clubowner175
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  1. 1 sam

    can u post some of the stripper vids on or i think everyone will like them, there are alot of african american strip shows that are not posted yet.

  2. 2 sam

    i made a mistake the second website is

  3. 3 Joe

    Please post more of that Mr Franklin vid that was the best!!!

  4. 4 allthingscfnm

    Yeah Sam… I’ve got quite a few of those left actually to post! It’s really hard getting around to posting EVERYTHING that people will want to watch in conjunction with how much of each type of Cfnm material I’ve got to share. For example, I’ve got TONS of Cfnm blowjob videos taken from mainstream porn movies and amateurs as well TONS of Japanese Cfnm videos of all sorts. And I should probably add that I’ve got TONS of varying types of Cfnm that I’ve gotten from You tube and Daily motion as well. Like there’s more of those three types of Cfnm then everything else put together, except for stuff from various paysites. So, getting around to all the different genres is pretty tough! I don’t want people getting burnt out on the same shit over and over again, but also want to make sure every kind of Cfnm gets published here! It’s pretty tough some days, just trying to decide on what the Hell to post. But yeah, since you’ve requested it, I’ll be sure to put up what you requested for the next stripshow Cfnm post I do, ok?

  5. 5 Big Bird

    Pure CFNM is the best! Any chance of them offering some of their material scene by scene vs. a monthly fee?

  6. 6 allthingscfnm

    To Big Bird: I just emailed Mr. Pure (what I like to call the guy whom runs Pure Cfnm) about this, as he’s been thinking about doing some different video delivery services for all of the fans of the site. We’ll see what happens, and I’ll possibly keep you all posted here. It’s very funny that you should ask as we JUST talked about it the other day.

  7. 7 Big Bird

    Great. Thanks!

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