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When I pointed out the lack of comments in my last post, I figured that I would get a few more than usual. But Jumpin Jeebus on a Pogo stick, you all went bat shit crazy! Although I’m still responding to some comments, I LOVE that now we can establish a good back-and-forth dialogue between you all and myself to make this site a shining beacon of Cfnm goodness. I thank you for taking the time and hope you keep it up! Now, with that taken care of, onto the sweet batch of the long neglected genre of retro Cfnm. I’m starting off first with two super hot Cfnm massage parlor scenarios, the second of which has the best mix of was great about classic porn. Not only is the cinematography well executed, it’s got the funniest dialogue you’ll hear this year. Then there’s a fun (and long) Danish retro Cfnm high school sexual education scenario, where the students end up acting out what they are supposed to be learning. Then I’ve presented 3 MUST SEE Cfnm scenes from the French version of “Night Of The Perverted Bride”.
vlcsnap-441702 vlcsnap-443277 Retro Cfnm scene on YFH:
PT. 1 | PT. 2
Retro Cfnm scene on PH:
Full scene on RS: HERE

vlcsnap-445277 vlcsnap-449612 Retro Cfnm scene on YFH:
PT. 1 | PT. 2
Retro Cfnm scene on PH:
Full scene on RS: HERE

vlcsnap-451290 vlcsnap-451709 Retro Cfnm scene on YFH:
PT. 1 | PT. 2 | PT. 3 | PT. 4
Retro Cfnm scene on PH:
PT. 1 | PT. 2
Full scene on RS: HERE

vlcsnap-452625 vlcsnap-453137 vlcsnap-454065
Retro Cfnm on YFH: ONE | TWO | THREE-1 | THREE-2
Retro Cfnm on PH: ONE | TWO | THREE
Download all 3 files from RS HERE

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24 Responses to “Six Long Awaited Retro Cfnm Scenes”  

  1. 1 sammy

    great stuff dude!!!but i wanna ask you,do you have some hardcore videos or photos of amateurs in male strip shows,like ladies giving blowjobs or sex acts,but most of all i like cumshots!but not party hardcore and dancingbear,i mean real amateurs!i would really appreciate

  2. 2 Merlin

    Love all the great Retro! Cracked up at the first clip from “Night of the Perverted Bride.” I’ve seen that dude a million times and to hear him dubbed into French was crazy funny. I agree with Sammy, but I’ll bet really true amateur multiple girl stuff is impossible to find with cumshots; it is the holy grail after all is it not? Anyway, thanks again for this one, they knew how to make it hot back then.

  3. 3 allthingscfnm

    To Merlin: Glad you liked these! And yeah, that’s Paul Thomas that you were referring to. He’s in tons of stuff from the mid-80s and is actually one of the better actors that would appear in movies, in my opinion anyway. I really wish that there was more of movies that I could get access to in digital format. It’s really tough to find!

  4. 4 Sad

    Good stuff! This is the kind of CFNM stuff I live for. 🙂


  5. 5 allthingscfnm

    To Sad: I’m happy you dug the videos, but is this your favorite genre or something? Or is it just that they were good clips? Just curious.

  6. 6 Rod

    I recently said that I don’t want to influence your choices too much with comments, but I have to say I’ve always liked the retro stuff. Brings back lots of memories of early porn I watched. Even way back in the early 70’s I had a thing for cfnm scenes in porn and mainstream movies. I also have to say that while I don’t comment often, yours is one of only 2 or 3 sites I visit every day. Have been for several years.

  7. 7 allthingscfnm

    To Rod: well, you’re not influencing me too much, to be honest. Because this genre is always in competition with Japanese Cfnm and Cfnm that occurs at strip shows for which is my favorite. They often shift here and there, depending upon what I’m looking at most often at that time!

    I’m most flattered by the second part of your comment on how often you visit the site. Seriously, thank you so much for saying that! There’s always some part of my head that tells me that there’s many people out there like you, but it’s nice to have it validated so concretely. So again, thanks a bunch and I hope that you continue to like the site as much as you always have as I continue the project.

  8. 8 Trasher

    Love the retro stuff, do you have any more of the lesson scenes ?

  9. 9 allthingscfnm

    To Trasher: if you’ve noticed on all the posts I make with videos or picture sets hosted on Rapid share (I usually label them RS in the post), those links will always take you to the full file… often it’s got the off topic portions of the video included. So that lesson video in full form is available using the Rapid share link in the post. Hope that helps!

  10. 10 Taurus

    Good stuff, Supe. I like the retro clips, and I love massage clips almost as much as stripper clips. For me, it’s very easy to start thinking “Hey, I could go get a massage. That could happen to ME!” The likelihood of it happening has got to be around a 1% chance or even less, but still, I know it’s a situation where I could be naked in front of a woman, have her massage me, and maybe, just maybe, something could happen. So massage clips are always cool in my book.

    Anyway, great post. Thanks for all of your hard work.

  11. 11 allthingscfnm

    To Taurus: thanks for the kudos, man… as far as the massage scenario goes, I’m COMPLETELY with your sentiments. I really need to get them more often when I see clips/videos like that!

  12. 12 Clalk Bingron

    Anyone know the name of the actress in the first scene? She’s amazing.

  13. 13 Rod

    Hey Taurus, I’m with you, I like the massage vids a lot. In the San Francisco Bay Area, where I live, I can get a massage with any level of extras (hj, bj, 69, fucking) anytime I want, for a very reasonable tip amount. So if you ever visit the area, be sure to check out the massage scene! I get massages mainly for the cfnm aspect. If it’s a place offering no extras, just getting hard in front of the woman is erotic enough for me! When I watch massage vids, it’s easy to imagine me in the scene, because it’s happened to me many times. My favorite experience was when the female owner had 6 of her masseusses watch me jack off! She knew I loved cfnm, and how I loved being watched.

  14. 14 allthingscfnm

    Rod: seriously? I guess I shouldn’t doubt it with the fact that you’re in San Francisco! That place sounds like a frigging Shangri-La for perverts… and I mean that in the most respectful way it could be said. 😉 I’m incredibly jealous of the access to that experience, well, even just the thought of having the access to it might be enough!

  15. 15 Chuzp

    Aren’t retro clips the best? 🙂 Like the education scenario, but the “taking advantage of the sleeping guy” even more. Cheers!

  16. 16 Merlin

    Here’s a perfect example of the coolness of your archives.

    Go to the oldest month on the board, February 2007. See the post “17 Retro CFNM vids & pics.”

    I spot-tested eight of the vids and they are all working and great.

    A tip for those of you uninitiated in the archives.

  17. 17 allthingscfnm

    To Merlin (again): Man, do I appreciate your comments these past couple days! Especially this one! Because honestly, I think that people believe that this site ends at the bottom of the first page and that there is no way to get to any other thing that’s ever been posted here. It’s actually quite easy, like you describe. And what I wish people would do more often is use the search bar that is in the upper right hand corner of the blog. All you have to do is type in the keywords that you would like to use to find what you’re looking for. Just like any other search engine, except it’s only for what has been posted here the past three years. It’s all here still, and liked you pointed out, it all still works… well, for the most part. Here’s another thing: if you find something that doesn’t work, definitely leave a comment and give me the link of the post as well as the link of the file and I’ll do my damndest to get it re uploaded for you and everybody else. I’ve done a considerably decent job of keeping track of what’s been posted through organized archiving on some major sized hard drives. So yeah, always let me know when something isn’t working!

    Thanks for pointing that all out, once again, Merlin!

  18. 18 hornyhornyhorny


    where can i find full names of these movies and other awesome classical movies? it’s the best!

  19. 19 allthingscfnm

    To Horny: (nice name by the way!) Anyway, if you look at the bottom of the blog entry (and at the bottom of every one on the site practically), there’s links to at least three sites that cater to stuff just like what’s above them. Pretty much every post is loaded with links to sites, using the keyword that describes them. Like in this post, all the red highlighted text that says “Retro Cfnm” will take you to a site that has retro stuff exclusively on it.

    Hope this helps you and everybody else reading! If you have any more questions, definitely ask!

  20. 20 Rod

    Regarding my comments about S.F. bay area massages: I’m actually about 50 miles south of San Francisco, in what is known as the Silicon Valley. I avoid the S.F. city area, too many nutjobs living there for my tastes. In my area, there are actually too many massage places to choose from! Not a bad problem to have, huh? There are many masseuses willing to play along with my cfnm and exhibitionist desires. Also, I suspect there are many guys (and gals?) who visit your site every day like I do. And I might as well list my preferences: 1. Japanese cfnm of any kind, but especially the ones where the girl watches the guy get naked, and eventually does hj/bj. 2. Massage videos with bj. 3. CFNM in mainstream movies. 4. Male stripper videos, but I tend to be very selective as to which ones I like. 5. Retro. 6. Basically any cfnm scene that has a blowjob.

  21. 21 Rod

    To hornyhornyhorny: I don’t know how appropriate it is to mention a link to another site, but you can find many retro threads with tons of retro full movies and clips at this site:

    Easiest way is to do a search on “retro” and then click on the many links to retro-related threads.

  22. 22 Sad

    They were good clips, and it’s probably my SECOND favorite genre of CFMN…the first of course being the good ol’ bachelorette/Loverboys parties (not the Party Hardcore stuff or Dancing Bear). I like to see REAL women engaging in naughty deeds candidly.

  23. 23 Dan

    Great Clips… Anyone know who the girl in the second clip is?

  24. 24 jj

    Fascinating¡­and I agree with all of it. Keep up the great work¡­I will undoubtedly be back shortly

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