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bb-double-milking-01 I first off want to address the incredible interaction we’ve got going in the comments sections of this post, this post and this one. Your input, suggestions, and kudos are a major part of this site’s existence and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it! So thank you everyone and let’s keep this up so that you all can help me make this the best Cfnm blog that’s ever existed. With all that said, I’ve had plenty of Cfnm handjob posts with a variety of techniques but none as inventive (in my opinion anyway) as milking. For the uninitiated, milking handjobs are either done like how you would milk a cow, or in a steady rhythm of stroking in any position. You’ll see exactly how it’s done in the instructional video called “Milking The Penis”. The second video from Handjob Helpers and the third video from Milked Males show the other potential variations on the Cfnm milking handjob.
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Milking Cfnm scenes on YFH: Scene 1 | Scene 2 | Scene 3
Milking Cfnm scenes on PH: Scene 1 | Scene 2 | Scene 3

FULL milking Cfnm videos: Brandi Belle | Handjob Helpers | Milked Males
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5 Responses to “Three Different Takes On Cfnm Milking”  

  1. 1 perry

    You can tell Brandi has milked plenty of cock in her young years

  2. 2 Mohave

    Awesome! Thanks a lot 😉

  3. 3 allthingscfnm

    To Perry: Yeah, Brandi Belle REALLY shows her skills in the various techniques of delivering a hand job on a guy in that video, doesn’t she? I don’t honestly understand why people are so apparently bored or disenfranchised with Brandi Belle. Seriously, I’m able to track how many views of the videos and pictures from the posts I’ve made of her material, and you wouldn’t believe how few there are compared to how many there would be even just a couple months ago. Interest seems to have dropped significantly even though all she does is CFNM scenarios these days. It doesn’t make any sense!!

    To Mohave: I’m glad you dug the videos and free pictures! Like I said in my remarks to Perry, I don’t get why there’s not as much interest in this stuff anymore when all it’s done is gotten better over the past months and years. I can remember when about two or three years ago when all we had was three solid CFNM sites. Now there’s tons and people complain about what’s there or just don’t even make an effort to check them out. Again, it doesn’t make any sense to me.

  4. 4 babosh

    I think part of the problem with Brandi Belle is she’s really boring. She really seems like a woman who’s just getting paid to go in, do her job, and can’t wait to get out. The same scenarios done by other CFNM sites would seem a lot more alive somehow, regardless of their bad acting. She just comes off very cold somehow, which I think takes a lot of the fun out of her videos, which is a shame, because she has a lot of them!

  5. 5 Joe

    Always wanted this done to me…great vid..I know I made this request before but do u have anymore of that hot Mr. Franklin vid. Also with Brandi…idk I think shes hot and all but she has lost some of that amateur touch that she used to have

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