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vlcsnap-351594 Mike and Kay from My Dick Flash sure have come up with some great ideas for capturing Cfnm moments since the site’s inception. Between Kay bringing around college girls for her various nude interview and nude photography projects and Mike’s nudism behavior around ANYONE, there’s plenty of Cfnm to see at My Dick Flash. Lately these two have been pushing the envelope with the hidden camera approach to Cfnm that the site takes. That is pretty obvious with the footage captured when Mike agreed to be a stripper for Kay’s younger cousin Lauren and her friends (pictured to the left)! Although this isn’t the first time that Mike has had the opportunity to strip for a small group of girls (as one can see in other My Dick Flash vids), but not with girls as hot as these. Kay has a flair for setting up a Cfnm scenario, hooking Mike and his friends up with the bevy of college girls that live nearby. This is made very clear in both videos below, starting with Kay encouraging her goofy friend Shelly to get into various poses with the napping Mike’s exposed cock while taking pictures for her. The second is a snippet from a long interview Kay staged with Shelly and Samara, where Kay asks many questions regarding their sexual experiences and preference – all with two naked men standing nearby as “models”. Kay asks the girls about handjobs and since the guys are there as props, they not only explain their answers, they show them! All around very unique and fun Cfnm from My Dick Flash:
vlcsnap-356787 vlcsnap-361285 M.D.F. videos on YFH:
One | Two | Three
M.D.F. videos on PH:
One | Two | Three
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5 Responses to “Three Truly Fun Cfnm Videos Captured By Amateurs”  

  1. 1 Joe

    These I love….true amateurs

  2. 2 Rod

    I generally like the mydickflash stuff, although I’ve only seen short sample clips from the site. Always wondered what the full versions were like, but I guess I haven’t been curious enough to pay for a membership. Every so often, I will become a member at least for a while to a CFNM site, but the cost adds up fast to join more than 1 or 2 at a time. One of the reasons I like your site is that you give us samples of so many other CFNM sites. It really helps me make informed decisions as to how much time or money to spend on a particular site.

  3. 3 allthingscfnm

    Thanks alot for saying that Rod, because I do try very hard to not only share stuff people can’t find just anywhere, but I love doing site reviews. So if you guys and girls stumble across anything that has a smidgeon of Cfnm on it, please let me know ASAP! It’s funny that I’m answering this right now… because I’m going over a couple of sites to review just for this week alone.

  4. 4 Nobusmindingi

    Awesome! Those are really well done, Super. Thanks!

  5. 5 allthingscfnm

    Thanks Nobus! And although I’ll take credit in putting together the clips in order to make my point I was mulling over while looking over the site this week, it’s really all on the site creators. Mike and Kay, I have found, REALLY enjoy Cfnm on a super high level… much like myself. But they are able to go that extra mile by having access to unwitting participants that they sometimes are able to pull into the web. It’s a pretty amazing social experiment on more than one level, for sure.

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