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watchingsleep132 Jada has fallen asleep in the conservatory in her underwear, but in their private house it shouldn’t be a problem. Not until Shaun walks past though and spots her there looking all sexy and gets a bit aroused. As he stands outside watching this stunning half naked blonde, he starts rubbing the front of his trousers and eventually drops them and starts playing with himself. Watch the trailer here to see how four girls are passing by as he does this and come over to see what on earth is going on. They are very shocked when they see he is perving on the poor sleeping girl inside, but they take a liking to his cock and start wanking it themselves! With four girls stroking his penis and a gorgeous blonde spreadeagled just inches away, Shaun doesn’t stand a chance and is soon cumming all over the glass door in front of him. As his spunk trickles down the window Jada wakes up and is horrified to see what has happened!
Beautiful girls stripping boys and taking control of their penises. That’s what you will find at PureCFNM – the leading site on the web for Clothed Female Naked Male enthusiasts!

I’m also including a couple of recent favorite PureCFNM updates that I’m sure that you guys and girls will enjoy without much delay! Here’s “Shocked By Big Cock” and “The Alien Girls Experiment” – both packed with great kitschy Cfnm setups and non-wooden British actresses.
02-bigcock061 03-aliens198 Pure Cfnm trailer videos:
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3 Responses to “Four Clothed Women Bust A Naked Backyard Jerker”  

  1. 1 sam

    is it almost time for an africian americian strip show post

  2. 2 guide_dogg

    Those “gallery” posts are really a gallery, you can’t click on the images to get a better view. 🙁

  3. 3 Edward James

    I loved the big cock clip. The guy is quite bashful so that even though the girls are playful, you know they are in control.

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