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I hemmed and hawed considerably before committing to doing this post of Cfnm exhibitionist footage, concerned about potential controversy. However, I discussed the subject matter with a female friend of mine (we’ll call her C.C.), and C.C. urged me to go ahead with it. Hopefully she’ll stand by her advice! Now, why was I worried? There’s a real boundary that the three Cfnm exhibitionists represented here push, and they push it big time. They all use a small concealed pen-sized camera to capture females’ reactions to their complete nudity and open masturbation antics. Exhibitionists #1 and #3 both go to legitimate Asian massage parlors and capture the interactions they have doing this with the female masseuses, even engaging in full conversations with them as they jerk off in front of them. Exhibitionists #2 and #3 construct Cfnm situations in their homes much like Mike from the My Dick Flash site does, where they act as nudists in their own home. They have female friends over while naked and jerking off and even interview house keepers while in the nude, engaging them all in casual conversation at the same time! They also take their Cfnm exhibitionism into public places, engaging in very risky nudity and open masturbation for girls who appreciate the view in different ways. As controversial as this Cfnm exhibitionism footage is, perhaps it will spur on some interesting debate in comments. As in, where does exhibitionism stop and “flashing” in the Cfnm context begin? Depending on your reception, I may post more in the future – but check these out:
vlcsnap-91685 vlcsnap-98630 vlcsnap-101391
Exhibitionist Cfnm clips on YFH: Clip 1 | Clip 2 | Clip 3
Exhibitionist Cfnm clips on PH: Clip 1 | Clip 2 | Clip 3
Download all three videos above from RS: HERE

vlcsnap-102983 vlcsnap-105604 vlcsnap-107963
Exhibitionist Cfnm clips on YFH: Clip 1 | Clip 2 | Clip 3
Exhibitionist Cfnm clips on PH: Clip 1 | Clip 2 | Clip 3
Download all three videos above from RS: HERE

vlcsnap-124412 vlcsnap-129519 vlcsnap-132137
Exhibitionist Cfnm clips on YFH: Clip 1 | Clip 2 | Clip 3
Exhibitionist Cfnm clips on PH: Clip 1 | Clip 2 | Clip 3
Download all three videos above from RS: HERE

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50 Responses to “Incredibly Brazen Amateur Cfnm Exhibitionism Footage”  

  1. 1 Brazilian CFNM Fan

    I really loved these videos. Thanks a lot for posting!
    If you can post more videos like these, please do it!

  2. 2 Kase

    D’Loading now. Thank you….

  3. 3 Bernard Z. Grate

    your missing the target here, i appreciate the fact that you are diving into this, cause this is where cfnm is heading, but this particular type of pen flashing whatever, i do not like, however that is MY opinion.
    what i DO like is my hidden camera work and lazi’s over at dick flashes site, here we are in the middle of women in malls bus stops and we make it seem ACCIDENTAL that we are exposed!!!!!!!!!!!!!! now the women look all they want,and some take picures of our cocks! to see some examples go to exhibitionist the book and click on steven shine, then you’ll see the different side of all of this.
    p.s. everyone reading this go and buy yourself a spy camera, walk around with see thru pants and get women’s reactions, it’s the new black.

  4. 4 allthingscfnm

    Hey Bernie: I know you’ve probably already read my comments above, so I won’t restate them here. But I do want to address what you said about Lazi. I have no real affinity for even “accidental” exposure… because honestly, the act is pretty much the same as flashing. He’s got his dick out, but instead of letting the girl(s) know he has his cock out, he acts oblivious. That’s the only difference, how he behaves. The thing that REALLY gets me about what he does is that the girls he’s got footage of on that site of his are easily 90% underage. Just look at the girls. They’re young. So not only is he exposing himself completely, it’s targeting girls that look anywhere from middle school age to high school. Seriously, that’s pretty frigging sick.
    however, his videos with female doctors and with the rub-and-tug masseuses are great. Everything they’re doing is consensual and legitimate, just captured on videotape. I do believe he should not be doing what he’s doing in a greater sense, however. I just don’t see how that can be construed as anything but predatory and just plain wrong.

  5. 5 Rod

    First of all, anyone who thinks there is more than a miniscule percentage of women who actually enjoy being flashed by a strange guy is an idiot. If the participants are friends, it may be considered OK. And if Bernie thinks women aren’t wise to what he’s doing, he’s also an idiot. Any cfnm should be done only in a way that is enjoyable for all involved. A guy forcing himself on a single or group of women is just plain uncool. As for the videos presented here, I really think they are mostly staged events with willing participants, except for the asian massage parlor stuff. As fans of cfnm, we want to believe most women will react positively to seeing a naked guy jacking off. Most real cfnm videos show the women react in fear, disgust, or they try to ignore the guy. This is why we enjoy the cfnm sites with scripted scenes with actresses. They react the way we want them to. Having said all this, I have to admit I enjoyed the videos. I liked the asian massage parlor videos because I’ve done that many times myself, but only after asking the women if it was OK with them. If you are nice, not pushy, even legit (no extras like hj, bj) asian massage parlor women will let you jack off while they watch. I’ve even had my masseuse bring into the room 4 or 5 more girls to watch and cheer me on!

  6. 6 allthingscfnm

    To Rod: I don’t think I could’ve put it any better myself. Although I’m still kind of on the fence as to what Bernie does in capturing his videos and pictures of girls’ reactions to his being pretty well exposed, I am in full agreement with your stand on flashing. It’s just wrong. Plain and simple. Even if you were a good looking, perfect physical specimen that has a gigantic cock and a giant smile on your face, if you forced your nudity upon a woman or women, they are NOT going to enjoy it. Not only that, it’s altogether illegal and again, wrong. Why? Because women have been preyed upon sexually for generations, and if a naked guy jumps out at them, jerking off, what do you think their first instinct is going to be? It’s going to be fear. Fear of not the guy’s nudity, but of being sexually assaulted. I mean, are women supposed to read a flasher’s mind and expected to know what the strange naked jacking off weird guy is thinking? Absolutely not, it’s absurd! This is why flashing is considered a crime. Because there’s no consent.

    However, given the background knowledge of these videos and their context, I wouldn’t really classify them as 100% flashing. That’s why they were posted. I know that the footage taken in the massage parlors are truly legitimate and as everyone’s acting as though it’s a regular occurrence, they are great examples of Cfnm. The footage taken in the guy’s house is quite obviously consensual from the conversation and the body language. All of the others I haven’t weighed in on are no doubt very borderline. That’s why they were posted, to spur on this type of debate that we’re reading here in the comment section.

    Hopefully we’ll get more insight and feedback from other people who may feel differently about these videos. I’m still debating on whether or not to post other videos of this type, mostly because they are few and far between. I just don’t have many others that are as discernibly consensual as these are. They all really appear as aggressive flashing or fairly close to it. But perhaps others exist that I don’t know about? Feel free to email any links that you may have found on the subject. But no aggressive flashing please. I don’t condone it and I don’t want to see it. Carry on with the comments everyone! I’ll keep this post up in this top spot for a little extra time so that we really get as much input as possible without burning it out.

  7. 7 Murtney

    Excellent stuff Super! Please post more! Thanks!

  8. 8 Bernard Z. Grate

    i would like to respond. i do not like men who film themselfs jerking off for strange women, or men that are crude,rude or obnoxious, the only reason why i find cfnm amazing is when women react in kind. that is why when i do my cfnm bulge flashing i pretend i do not know my cock is visable and the reactions are for most part EXCELLENT!

    so i trying to convey that, i want women to respond with intruige intrest and lust, and when it is done in such a way that they do not know i am looking recording them, it is very well done.

    super has my pics i told hyim to put up, and i think you will agree they are hot hot hot!

  9. 9 QinMD

    I think the problem most Americans have with these clips is the fact that masterbating in public is a felony. And on top of that you get put on what’s called the sex offenders list, which basically ruins your freedom.

  10. 10 michael

    thanks you for these videos, please more! πŸ™‚

    And thanks for the tip for the website

    I found there two more massage parlor videos with a hj.

  11. 11 Bert


    This is what I’m talking about!!

  12. 12 Pedro

    I think that the video of the girl stopping in the woods and watching the guy cumming is super hot.. Thanks I really love these clips!

  13. 13 Bernard Z. Grate

    persoanlly men hiding in woods jerking off waiting for their “victim” men being creeps, men scaring women, men making women feel uncomfortable etc. etc. etc. i feel strongly against.

    this is a different world, where men do that, it’s not the world I approve of, of course of couirse the expression to each their own applys here, for sure, but what i dig, is women enjoying looking at a males penis ON THEIR OWN TERMS.

    that’s why my hidden camera bulge flashing is harmless, erotic, and fun for both parties, because i act oblivious and there for the women can look all THEY want to because i pretend i’m pre-occupied on the phone! so i make everyone feel comfortable and it’s a win-win situation.

    Bulge flashing and carrying around a hidden camera to capture womens reactions is great! but waiting for a women to come along and jerking off for her, well i think that’s approaching sick behaviour. to each his own.

  14. 14 Rod

    I’d like to apologize to Bernie for suggesting he’s an idiot. I misjugded his viewpoint in his first comment, but his other comments made it clear to me that he feels much the same as I do about this subject.

  15. 15 jay

    thanks for these great videos. i hope you post more. if not where can i find more vids like these?

  16. 16 Joe

    I like the vids…and thats pretty cool that you sat in front of 4 girls and jerked in front of them. I didn’t think they would let u do that. Shit how do u even approach something like do you ask ” can I jerk off?’

  17. 17 Mike

    CFNM in its purest form. Excellent!

  18. 18 Bernard Z. Grate

    if anyone is interested i have pictures of women staring at my cock in public! hot pictures! once i went into a mall and there were no less than 7 teenagers and i went up to the pretzel place they were waiting for their pretzels, and i was wearing see thru pants, they noticed and i proceeded to pretend i was engaged on the cell phone!! meanwhile they all took out their cameras and text cameras taking my cock! it was the most erotic thing ever! i was trembling with excitment, and in a trance from so much attention by these curious teen slut hounds!
    the pictures are priceless, i am thinking of putting a site up and making money from this, so anyone wanna take this and run with it? you must know computers, and have a “get up and go” attitude.

  19. 19 seba

    tihs videos is cool….. pleas more more pleas……

  20. 20 fake-set-ups

    FAKE as got love it DUDE! LMFAO..

  21. 21 dominic

    For all you guys taking this so seriously these so called “hidden camera” videos are most likely posed,scripted and well acted out
    just like “sharking” videos from Japan where some random dude
    rips a unsuspecting ladies skirt off or any “reality” show on the
    idiot box today.

  22. 22 allthingscfnm

    To Dominic and “fake-set-ups”: Are you two completely blind or just that jaded into thinking that EVERYTHING is fake unless you make it yourself? Seriously, you think these are scripted? Wow, I REALLY don’t know what to say to somebody who has watched these all the way through and believes what you’re saying you believe. Why would these guys and girls set these up? They’re not getting paid to make the videos, as they don’t come from a paysite… I originally got them through lots of keyword searching at Xtube’s amateur area and through XHamster’s personal upload section. I can see where you might be skeptical on the one video where the guy is jerking off in front of his maid, but seriously, the dude used to have all kinds of other strictly flashing videos – he’s NOT in this for money. Especially as the flashing he’s done is probably stuff that could land the guy in jail. Enough said on that.

  23. 23 Bernard Z. Grate

    ok, i read your response and i have time to digest it, either way this is perhaps the best reply comments posting ever on any cfnm board in history! all in all this is great!

    but let me move on now and address my feelings towards all this.

    i believe 100% any aggresive flashing jerking off scaring frieghting women making them feel uncomfortable is wrong wrong wrong wrong! and furtrhermore it’s ugly, it’s put of ish, it’s gross it’s not a turn on it’s a turn off, agreed?

    so now moving on to lazi, i think his stuff is great! i say that because yes his cock is out true enough, but what does he do with his cock? what are his movements? his intentions? does he walk up to women and say listen don’t move or i’ll fucking kill you you cunt, i want you to stare at my cock until i jerk off and cum on your face.
    NO NO NO he does NOTHING creepy, he say’s notnhing creepy, he acts like a perfect gentleman, he talks to people on the train whilst his dick is out, he might talk about the weather or sports, so this guy lazi is really and truely getting off on women looking at his cock in a very non threatining way WHAT SO EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    there is not one slim shred of discust,on purpouse feelings here, he is not a creep that is saying or acting like a pervert, that is our genius, we play it for “OH FUCKING SHIT IS MY PENIS HANGING OUT? DAMN IT DAMN IT! I HATE THESE SHORTS”

    i mean his ultimate aura his entire being is I AM 1 MILLION % UNAWARE my penis is out!

    so with that in mind it’s all good fun, regardless of what anyone might think or say, it’s just good old fun.

    now the video of the guy jerking off while the women walks by to me is very very very very very offensive! i think that is discusting, here is an innocent women and here is a sick deranged male jekring off in public! this is scary and impeads on her being and is a turn off to me!

    you can not i repeat you can NOT compare that, to someone INNOCENTLY sitting on a train just trying to get to his destination with his penis out by pure accident!

    and now~~~~~ for the real controversy here, here is my take on underaged children.

    i belive that any human being between the ages of just born to 12 years old are children infants innocent, pure.they should be left that way and have a happy healthy childhood, and god bless them.

    now let me continue here please~~~~~~~ when the human being turns 13 regardless of male and female they become sexually curious, what does this mean? it means they want to see what the opposite sex looks like, be it in a magazine or in person.

    now, we come to the topic/point of under age, let me say this,~~~~~ when someone is between 13 and 21 i belive they are underage to be raped,hassled,scared fucked with in any form or style come to think of it no one in their lifetime should be raped or fucked with in any shape or form agreed??

    what am i saying~~~~~ girls these days at 13 are becoming pregnant and they are fucking and sucking everything in site, is this right? in my old fashioned opinion NO! i think people should be reposnible grow up, learn and when your in your mid 20’s then go for it, but why at 13 or 14 become a mom? it’s nuts and it’s crazy!

    now regarding girls who are 13 or 14, they are underage for being 100% nude and on the internet fucking and sucking, and that is 100 % correct! these girls should be studying, and behaving, and being kids, like they truely are!

    but here is my point, if there are 13 or 14 year old girls with make-up on short shorts tits hanging out of their shirts, and i am walking by with my see thru pants, and they decide to look and take pictures of my cock as they laugh and humiluate me LET THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    why is there a grey area here at all?????????????????????

    there is none 0 nada let them look all they want! let them take pictures of my cock, and also let ME take pictures of them looking at my cock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    this is a free country, i am not raping them fucking them marrying them stripping them, making them do porn i am not talking to them or acxknokleging them!~!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i am just standing around in see thru pants whilst they get their jollys from taking pictures of my cock!!!!!!!!!!!!

    this is HARMLESS FUN for both parties!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    that is why i urge you to think about this CAREFULLY!

    think about this everyone please when girls are 14, dressed and in public, and they are exicted by seeing a penis in see thru pants, who are we to stop them?????????????????????????????????????????

    what is the big fucking deal????????????????????

    i could see some nut putting his pe nis in the face of a 7 year old while she is with her mom looking at disney toys, now that is sickkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

    but 14 year olds with make up tits hanging out, and 40 blow jobs between them in their past, hey, let them look at cock and enjoy it and let us look at them on playback looking at us and enjopy that as well

    the bottom line is THEY KNOW WHAT THEY ARE LOOKING AT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    that’s the bottom line, they know and they think it’s funny!

    i remember when i was 14 i lov ed looking at tits and ass! i was a normal boy with hormones and curiosity.

    girls are the same way.

    now, don’t lets everyone all chime in at once.

  24. 24 dc

    I would say the ones in the masseuse parlors are real at least. He could at least get away with doing it there and its alot less creepy then jumpin out of a bush on random women. If those ones are real hed be reported as a sex offender so I think maybe the women are paid in those ones. More of the masseuse those are pretty hot.

  25. 25 Dynamite

    This is one of the best in real CFNM I could have ever asked for. Just keep posting more buddy !!! I think the Exhibitionist # 1 is the best. In his case, the women are neither completely offended nor are completely comfortable nor have they expected anything like this from anyone in that scenario. And the best part is that he manages to cum in their presence πŸ™‚ Just amazing ! Where are these massage parlours ? I wanna go there πŸ˜‰

  26. 26 Richie

    I’m loving the massage palour vids. The thought of being caught while jerking turns me on soooo much (The missus has caught me a few times and i didn’t last long aferwards LOL) Please post more or let me know where u got the vids from

  27. 27 Bert

    Personally, I like the ones where the guy is jerking off with the girls interviewing for a job. How many times have you been sitting with a chick, getting a boner and wishing you could stroke it? And they seem cool with it. That’s too hot.

    I don’t care if they’re staged. Lie if you must, just do it well.

  28. 28 Bernard Z. Grate

    funny how everyone has their own opinions o what is hot and what is not, that’s what makes the world a colorful place to live in, so with that in mind let me just say i can’t stand any of those videos, they seem non sexual to me, and it does nothing for me.

    my favorite is bulge flashing in malls and having women females react to real sightings of cock on site or cock shock women that can’t stop talking over and over and over again on how big that cock is!

    those are my two favorite cfnm generes, and if i could get plenty of women a gaggle of females to take pics of my cock, that is the ultimate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. 29 CFNM Luver

    Well, I think we should not debate much on this guys. There is just one word for these clips – AWESOME !!!

    CFNM is just a fantasy for us most of the times. But these guys have actually done it. And they are so kind that they actually recorded it for us πŸ™‚

    The reaction of women in massage parlours is just amazing (and slightly different in all 3 cases). The one in the first clip seems to be complaining the most (but not to the extent where she is completely pissed off). The second perhaps doesn’t care much; she is casually talking to him while he does it. The third one is not too comfortable standing there (she is acting as if she has invaded his “privacy”) while he jacks off , but still makes sure that she has a look down there when he is ejaculating πŸ™‚

    Oh my God ! This is simply fantastic !!! As Dynamite rightly said here, the women were not expecting him to do this, but don’t find it offensive either.

    What massage parlours are these (May be I am too ignorant) ? I know the authentic massage parlours or then the sleazy ones where the girls actually give you a hand job. But here perhaps this has not happened ! Though the girls seem to have already seen him naked, they are not expecting him to masturbate (which means they surely didn’t get into anything sexual like handjob).

    Wow ! These clips have set very high standards for CFNM. All the sites which spend loads of money on producing fake CFNM content (which appears so boring and repetitive over a period of time should learn their lessons from these clips).


    Keep up the good work !!!!!

  30. 30 Dynamite

    I just can’t keep coming over and over to watch these clips. These are so damn addictive. We need to find this person who recorded this amazing stuff in massage parlors and felicitate him with the highest reward possible in this universe !!!

  31. 31 uk male

    The massage vids are without doubt some of the weirdest but best stuff ive seen on here.
    The clips in the woods etc you can never tell whether they are staged or not. I was once asked if I would masturbate in front of 2 other women but my wife to be refused to take them back to our place as she hadn’t tidied the place up very good. I was fit and young and will never get that chance ever again.

  32. 32 Dynamite

    It is so so fuckin hot that though the women are away for most of the time, he ensures that he always cums in when they are in the room and right in front of their eyes. I can watch these videos a zillion times !!!

  33. 33 Rod

    I didn’t want to keep alive this discussion forever, but I thought I’d mention a thing or two about massage parlors for those who asked where a guy can jack off like in the videos. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, where there are literally hundreds of massage parlors, asian and otherwise, where you can get pretty much any level of “extras” you desire. More often than not, I prefer the legit places where you don’t get a hj, etc. The masseuses at many of the legit places will let you jack off while they watch. Doing this for a woman who just gave you a legit massage is much hotter than doing anything with a woman who does handjobs all day (where it’s just another hard cock cumming). You just have to be nice, casually get hard toward the end of the massage, pull down the towel, and show her you’re hard. Then ask if she minds if you take care of yourself. Most will always let you do it, and many enjoy watching (or fake it really well). To find the best places to go, see if there’s a site such as in your area. Here you can find reviews of many massage parlors, and individual reviews of masseuses at each place. In my area, I can go down one street and have 5 or 6 places to choose from. I go almost every week, and almost always have a great time stroking it while they watch, just like in the videos.

  34. 34 Bernard Z. Grate

    i am so glad you feel the massage videos are that great, for me? i think they suck, there is no nothing to them no what am i searching for here, there is no big deal, it’s not like they had 14 asians come in and watch the guy jerk off, in fact they left! but i say isn’t it sexier to see 7 cute teenagers at a mall taking pictures of a males penis?
    i think so, but to each his own i say to each his own.

  35. 35 eye see u

    Great!!! please post more and where can I find more sites like “dick flash”?

  36. 36 bert

    For me, it goes back to when I was a kid and fantasized about walking around the house naked with my stepsister and her friends acting like it was no big deal. That was a huge turn-on,and any scenario close to that would hook me like a marlin.

    Now that’s morphed to a fantasy about being nude at work and having my female co-workers accepting that and my public masturbation as an eccentricity. While I have exhibition fantasies, they don’t include offending women and scaring them.

    Anyway, Mr. Allthingscfnm, keep your eyes peeled for me. I’ve become a big fan of your blog.

  37. 37 david

    cfnm is only fun when the participants are attractive. these videos are not sexy to me. i am not turned on by the prospect of a woman watching me masturbate. for me, cfnm is about capturing honest female sexual desire.

  38. 38 Dynamite

    Thanks Rod, for the info on massage parlors. This is exactly what I was looking for πŸ™‚

  39. 39 david

    those doctor hernia videos were amazing. they so very clearly grab his dick for no reason at the end when they plan to wrap it up. they each do it once, then he calls them back and they do it again. brilliant.

  40. 40 Paul

    On one hand, it’s kind of gay, but on the other hand, it’s really sexy to have a woman walk in on you while you’re masturbating. This is one of my favorite fantasies, and it’s nice to see it played out.

    I’d like to see more of this kind of thing here.

  41. 41 allthingscfnm

    To Paul (and everyone else of course): I don’t know how “gay” this sort of thing is, especially given that practically every guy and girl on the planet masturbates. But I guess you’re speaking on the watching of a guy waiting to get busted As being the “gay” part. Really, I’d take it as being the guy, waiting for what could inevitably be a bad or perhaps a good reaction. Sort of creepy if you dwell on it too long… which is why this stuff is so borderline.

    As far as seeing more of this sort of stuff here or on any website whatsoever, don’t hold your breath too long. Because honestly, as the behavior is extremely risky, it’s even more rare for somebody to actually have the wherewithal to videotape it and post it on the Internet. Like I said in the post, I DO have others like these, but they are of the more flashing variety… and that is really going to be tough for me to post. I have a ethical dilemma with flashing and especially what they call “jerk flashing”, where guys just walk around jerking off in front of women in various environments. It’s that sort of thing that is criminal in the eyes of the law and in my own. So we’ll see what happens… hopefully there will be more footage like what I’ve already posted available soon so that we all can still enjoy those to some degree.

  42. 42 Paul

    This is one of my favorite ones that I’ve seen.

    A guy jerking off in his hotel room intentionally leaves his door unlocked so the maid can catch him in the act.

  43. 43 CFNMLuver

    You are right allthingscfnm. “Jerk flashing” seems to be an absolute pervert act. I am just keeping my fingers crossed that there are more videos of the massage parlor kind that we all can enjoy.

  44. 44 Tyjuan

    where can you find more vids like these?

  45. 45 Whipitout

    The third masseuse walking in with that drink is clearly aroused seeing someone jerking off and cumming hard in front of her.

  46. 46 thedude

    um yes. the one in the park is fucking amazing. more please!

  47. 47 jonny

    do these guys have their own web sites need more of this!

  48. 48 japanese massage addict

    Most people have already been through it: you can find yourself ridding by means of a certain section of town you may notice the sign to get a “Therapeutic massage Parlor” or “Asian Spa” in the spot that does not obligate a rub down parlor or have a solitary Asian personality living nearby, and ultizing your Russell-Crowe-like mind you got this kind of code and understand the sign since it had been designated to become read – a sexxy time. Quickly your own brain is overloaded with thinkings: “Just how much might this form of situation charges me?” “What do I get?” “Is this outlawed?” “Are usually these folks all Asian?”.But Don’t concern yourself. It is economical wonderful and relaxing. We have had several encounters and it also usually have been completely great

  49. 49 RObert

    wow. The massage parlor vids are so hot. you can clearly tell the ladies are both aroused and excited by watching the man stroke. they leave, think about it and return to watch a little more. several times it looks like they just stand and watch for thier pleasure.
    please please post more of those kinds of videos.

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