Guys Caught Jerking Off By Unsuspecting Girls - 3 Scenes, 3.7 out of 5 based on 3 ratings
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caughtwanking1 Jess and Theo are chatting in the lounge when Theo says that she thinks Jess’s new flatmate is really fit. Jess says he is very young and she hears him at night playing with himself in his room. The two girls decide to sneak in and see if they can catch him at it. Watch the trailer here to see what happens when they open his door – there he is playing with his cock and they watch for a while, giggling quietly before bursting in. He is very embarrassed but the girls sit on the bed with him and ask him to carry on so they can watch. After a while they decide they want to touch it themselves and soon the young boy has these two hot girls taking turns to stroke his penis. It’s pretty hot how this one ends, just another example of PureCFNM’s consistent every day CFNM situations where gorgeous girls strip guys naked and play with their dicks! PureCFNM is the internet specialist in this area – click here to see more of their scenarios today.
As the theme of this post is that of naked guys getting caught by clothed women while completely exposed and jerking off, I’ve got a couple more scenes that trip my trigger. Pure CFNM really has quite a few of these scenarios, and these two others are fantastic examples.
wrong-room062 cfnm-fantasy045 “Wrong Room” free gallery:
“Caught with CFNM” gallery:
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6 Responses to “Guys Caught Jerking Off By Unsuspecting Girls – 3 Scenes”  

  1. 1 Merlin

    Hey there. Great posts lately, sorry haven’t been around to comment much!

    Just a heads up that the trailer link above for me is dead.

    Thanks for all the great stuff!

  2. 2 allthingscfnm

    Well thanks Merlin! Well, try right clicking and doing a “save target link as” for the trailer and I’m sure it will work for you… after it’s downloaded of course.

  3. 3 Murtney

    Hi Super,

    I’ve mentioned this before (and to the nice folks at PureCFNM on more than one occassion) but I’m going to say it again because although I like PureCFNM’s clips overall, they have become quite predictable over the past year or so. In the beginning there was more variation in their storylines, but now we can expect to see, typically, four or five girls jerking off one guy, ad nauseam, and while the girls are pretty and enjoy what they’re doing (which is very nice indeed!), there is no breaking out of that same mold. A site like Brandibelle, on the other hand, is very inventive with their stories, and I think PureCFNM could learn something from them. Brandi is very imaginative and she appears to enjoy trying different things. There’s no good reason why PureCFNM can’t do the same. Why does a girl almost always have to jerk a guy off in PureCFNM’s videos? Why can’t the guy do it himself once in a while? And why can’t the pictures include the cum shot? I reall enjoy photos sometimes more than the videos, and I would like to see the money shot included–and I’m not talking about the fake money shots they do. There is so much they could do if they would be willing to give it a try. Thanks to you for all your great work! Take care!

  4. 4 Joe

    Nice vids as always! I like the videos way more then photos,

  5. 5 Knight-Streaker

    For me, I do enjoy the videos more than the pictures. Don’t get me wrong, the photos are nice, but, I also like downloading the videos and going one by one on the photos takes too long. It would be good if they made a zipfile for the entire set of the photos.

    Those videos were pretty cool and here are some others that are along the same line of women finding men stroking themselves.

    Watching her sleep, Girls changing room, Spying in the cupboard and Spying on the housekeeper.

    Spying on the housekeeper is pretty cool since a female sees the housekeeper giving her boyfriend a BJ and then the female calls her half-brother over to see and the half-brother then starts stroking his cock and the half-sister takes over for him and both men cum.

  6. 6 MrCumPassion

    Love getting caught wanking vids or being watched jerking vids. I think the Pure CFNM ones are too predictable, unbelievable and have some lame acting, (like most porn).
    I would guess the people producing the site don’t actually share our fetish or one would think they could be a lot more imaginative.

    I second Murtney, Brandi Belle is much more inventive and imaginative. I also like Dick Flash cause they don’t seem to be scripted, real hidden camera CFNM experiences.

    (Most of my real life situations have been with just one girl, getting caught by or invited to masturbate by just one lady).

    Thanks again for hosting and gathering all the CFNM content that you share with us!

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