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kobe-surprise-guessing-game Those who know my Cfnm predilections through this blog know that Japanese Cfnm is easily one of my fave genres. So when I caught wind of Kobe Surprise‘s entry into the Cfnm site universe, I became a bit giddy. Yeah, I’ll admit that sounds dorky, but that’s my thing, baby. Anyhow, like I mentioned here, I wanted to let Kobe Surprise fully launch before doing a full review. But now that they’ve got 15 updates under their belt, I can say that it’s definitely worth a Cfnm aficionado’s time. Kobe Surprise takes all the classic elements of how Japanese culture is reflected in its Cfnm porn and presents them with translated English subtitles! Yeah, no more wondering what the hell what’s being said in a scene! You get to watch girls compete in activities like penis guessing games as well as being dared to do escalating sexual activities for money. The usual suspects of other Japanese Cfnm elements are present too: nurses, cosplay, embarrassment, shocked expressions, playing with cum – all completely uncensored! As you may not know, well over 90% of Japanese Cfnm is censored, which is why I posted three videos of what you’d normally see on a Japanese Cfnm site. I’ve added them as a nice compare and contrast to the very promising content of Kobe Surprise.
kobe-tekoki-movie-gallery-1 kobe-tekoki-movie-gallery-2 “3rd Times A Charm” gallery:
“I Can Do It Better” gallery:
See more at Kobe Surprise

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CFNM vids on YFH: Scene 1a | Scene 1b | Scene 2a | Scene 2b | Scene 3
Japanese CFNM vids on PH: Scene 1 | Scene 2 | Scene 3
Download all 3 videos on RS HERE or on MU HERE

To see fully uncensored Japanese Cfnm in themes like those above, check out Kobe Surprise!
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16 Responses to “Uncensored vs. Censored Japanese Cfnm”  

  1. 1 scuffs

    AGAIN I GIVE THANKS!!!!! You can not go wrong with Japanese CFNM. If you have any site sugestions to maximize my Japanese fetish I am all ears. I really loved the 3 sisters that you posted a little while back what is the best site to subscribe to if i am going to put my money on one. Thanks for giving,

  2. 2 allthingscfnm

    Thanks to you Scuffs! And I agree, you really can’t go wrong with Japanese Cfnm, as the imagination, the girls’ reactions, and the overall esthetic of the Japanese culture upon the scenes they come up with is just fantastic to watch. And really, if you’re looking for sites that cater to Japanese Cfnm, Kobe Surprise is pretty good… but as I said in the post, there’s just the 14 or so updates so far. Zenra Movie Annex (which is what you get with a Deluxe Pass membership) is probably the best for Japanese ANYTHING, as it’s just gigantic and has full DVD length videos available on it. If you look in the links section off to the right of the page, you’ll find a link to it. It’s the Mecca of this stuff. Definitely worth the money and the time!

  3. 3 Edward James

    I love the scene with the black guy. It bristle with real sexual tension.

  4. 4 allthingscfnm

    Yeah, Edward… I think I like that scene the most out of the three non-Kobe Surprise videos that I posted, myself. I love how the girls transition from being not so comfortable whatsoever being very close to the naked male model, to being very interested in watching the action between him and the girl in the red body stocking.

  5. 5 Rod

    The Japanese really know how to do cfnm, it’s been my favorite for some time. Kobe Surprise looks very promising. I like that it’s uncensored, and the English subtitles really help you get a feel for how much the girls are into the situation. With no English, I’d always try to imagine what they are saying (which can be a powerful aid in getting off while watching!). Searching for long Japanese cfnm scenes on the web can be frustrating, since in my experience, the best free stuff is to be found on Japanese porn blogs which are extremely hard to navigate. So I always appreciate it when you post a long vid here. Thanks.

  6. 6 allthingscfnm

    Yeah Rod, the fact that their videos are not only uncensored but also translated is pretty frigging awesome. I REALLY hope that other sites will follow in their footsteps somehow. I guess the more exposure and the increasing amount of support Kobe Surprise gets, that more it will influence others to step up. At least that’s what I hope happens.

    Thank you for the comments on this and the bunches of other Japanese blogs out there. Because yeah, it’s extremely frustrating to navigate them… especially when they have about a thousand links to shit that doesn’t have anything to do with the post. That drives me insane on English blogs, even more so on the Japanese ones!

  7. 7 Travess

    Brilliant update Supes, Thank You!!!

  8. 8 thewell

    The above have said it all THANKS

  9. 9 Vega

    Love it too that Japanese stuff.
    For some reason their group action scenes are always hotter than those with American of European girls.

    Anyone else think that even some Japanese hentai movies offer some of the best cfnm around? Stringendo Accelerando for example.
    It is pretty disturbing at some times but at the same time contains cfnm scenarios that you can only dream of seeing on sites like pure.
    And they often offer subtitles; that makes it complete and so much hotter!
    I hope I did not overstep some boundary by discussing a cartoon here, to me it is a real addition to what Japanese cfnm has to offer!

    And damn; I still really love this blog! Sorry for not dropping a line in so long Super. Your work is still greatly appreciated over here!

    see ya!! Vega

  10. 10 allthingscfnm

    To Vega, thewell, and Travess: thank you all for the positive comments about the post, I really appreciate it! I’m glad that there’s more people that share the passion for this particular genre, because man, I really do dig it.

    To Vega, specifically, on the Hentai side of Cfnm: I really haven’t ventured into this area of porn whatsoever since I was first exposed to it years ago. I guess it was because there was so much of it that was aimed towards gang rape and even more disturbing (like you said) behavior. But I hear you on only being able to see certain kinds of Cfnm scenarios that few sites will even touch – that being the “family fantasy” type of stuff. The sky is the limit with the potential scenarios they create in the Hentai world. However, I don’t know enough about it to know where to look and how to get ahold of any that us Cfnm fans would have interest in. Perhaps you could steer me towards some sources that you know of? Just hit me up with an email at allthingscfnm @ gmail.com whenever you get a chance.

  11. 11 david

    its a shame so much of it is is censored.

  12. 12 david

    is dancing bear as a bonus site if you get kobe?

  13. 13 allthingscfnm

    Hey David… I should tell you that, no, I’m fairly certain that you can’t get both Dancing Bear and Kobe Surprise together as a packaged deal. But that’s not to say that you won’t be able to in the future. I’ll get ahold of the contact I have with the site production company and see if that’s something they are considering. I would imagine that they might in the future, much like how Reality Kings and Bang Bros built themselves up into networks. And I’ll completely agree with your point that it’s really a shame that so much of Japanese porn is censored, especially the Cfnm stuff. But that’s their culture, and we’re pretty much stuck with what they give us. Enjoy what you can is what I say!

  14. 14 Bernard Z. Grate

    not here to rain on anyones parade but i don’t get it. it seems to me that the entire thing from beging to end is staged, check out the way these girls are walking into the stadium, planned out, then when they blow a couple of cocks near one another ? what do you rekon that is? most of this looks staged planned and complelty rehersed, mind you i do own the 100 girls the first one they did years ago, and it’s quite nice but i still say, silly silly silly stuff,but if you feel japanese cfnm is the best then go for it! enjoy it! i just wish,they had a guy who was 18″ stand up in front of the entire group and have them marvel in it’s size!!

  15. 15 allthingscfnm

    To Bernard:
    Well, I see your point that it would be awesome to see some truly real cock shock type of stuff with Japanese girls. But, it just ain’t happening anytime soon. And honestly, the stuff that I post isn’t anything like the 100 girls series. That was wrongly touted as what all Japanese Cfnm was like for years, in a really ignorant fashion, as the Japanese have FAR MORE imagination and blurred reality incorporated into the scenes they create. I mean, have you ever checked out the “dick in a box” videos that I’ve posted here in the past? Even if they are using girls that are professional, they really don’t seem like it!

  16. 16 james

    all RS links are dead

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