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cfnm-net-faulty-jockstrap I can barely believe it myself, but yes, I’m finally coming around to review two very edgy European Cfnm sites. First up is the long-running British produced Adventures In Cfnm (a.k.a., which could be credited with being the very first Cfnm fantasy scenario website. I never before ventured into Adventures In Cfnm territory, as the content is on the harsh side. You see, their high budget, high quality Cfnm scenarios often pit unsuspecting men against mean-spirited women with a penchant for humiliation and sometimes worse. There’s scenarios where men must strip and perform sexual trials in order to keep their jobs, guys embarrassingly caught naked by groups of women, storylines constructed around naked male servitude, and the like. The fantastic thing about the stuff that Adventures In Cfnm presents is how incredibly well done the videos and picture sets are! Every one of the scenes have believable acting and ‘normal’ looking people in them, making the Cfnm scenarios a bit more palatable than from many other Cfnm sites. A drawback of Adventures In Cfnm is that updates to the site are excruciatingly slow, from what I have heard from others. However, two major positives about Adventures In Cfnm is that since they’ve been around for so long, there’s ALOT of content to look at and their forum has a ridiculous amount of Cfnm pictures and videos you may not have ever seen before. To give you a taste, I give you sample picsets from “Faulty Jockstrap” above and Adventures In Cfnm‘s “Swimtrunks Sucked Off” below, depicting Cfnm embarrassment and subsequent sexual folly that takes place in a public pool facility.

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Cfnm Europe is another European Cfnm site which caters to high quality, lengthy scenarios where clothed women are in charge in every way. Again, guys are the naked pawns for women on Cfnm Europe, enduring and sometimes enjoying spankings, verbal demeaning, anal insertions, and the like. However, much like Adventures In Cfnm, Cfnm Europe has plenty of masturbation voyeurism, hand jobs, and more casual Cfnm interactions as well. There’s tons of video and picture sets available at Cfnm Europe, as they’ve been around since 2005 and still update regularly. Just check out this casually teasing, tag-team handjob and dick slapping footage from “Fun In The Country” and see their approach to Cfnm.
cfnm182061 cfnm182085 Cfnm Europe scene on PH:
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9 Responses to “Edgy European Cfnm Scenarios From Two Sources”  

  1. 1 HelenLoveBoy

    Thanks for branching out a bit and showing this stuff. Like you, I have my issues with (I enjoy sensual, fun and erotic cfnm, not degrading, humiliating and brutal scenes; plus, and this is just a personal choice, they tend to skew queer, and that’s not my thing), but when they get it right, boy, does their stuff look high quality and professional. The other site looks a little bland, but thanks for bringing new stuff, and I always appreciate your efforts.

  2. 2 Ben

    I’ve been a member of 4 times before, which is perhaps odd as I don’t like the site at all. If you like what they do then you’re going to love it if not then you’re probably not going to enjoy it at all, I think it’s pretty black and white in that way. It’s very gay, pretty brutal and very degrading. Unless it’s changed recently the video is sold on a separate site and only the photo sets are available on the main site. I found the overall construction and navigation for the site poor but I guess you get used to that. It’s also one of those sites where they publish hundreds of shots for each set, often with very little happening between frames, which I don’t enjoy much. There are almost no hetro blowjobs on the site if you are hoping for some of that.

    There is some gay penetration if memory serves me right, there’s certainly gay oral, and male anal insertion. If “fucked and humiliated males” gets you going then you will probably love this site.

  3. 3 Murtney

    I’m pretty much in agreement with what Ben has to say about I have been a member off and on over the years but because their updates (usually twice per week) consist only of pictures (about 20 to 40 pics per update), most of which, as Ben says, having little happening between frames, it’s really not worth joining more than once or twice a year. I agree that they do indeed have a very kinky approach to CFNM, and I do enjoy quite a bit of what they produce. However, I find that the constant focus on humiliating males, as well as the gay aspect of many of their productions, turns me off. You have to pay extra for their movies, and these movies are DRM-protected, which means once your membership is over, you can’t play the videos any longer. I understand the need to protect copyrighted works, but the folks at seem to be paranoid about not giving their audience the opportunity to see sample trailers or extra photos that most other porn sites offer as part of their “guest” tour. I think they are rather parsimonious in this respect, and this is no better exemplified by their rather expensive ($39.95 for the first month; $34.94 per month thereafter) membership fee. Overall, I think that whoever is running the show there should take a lesson from some of the other porn sites and be a bit more generous with their clips and photos. does produce some excellent CFNM, but the cost of admission is high and you really don’t get a hell of a lot for your money.

  4. 4 allthingscfnm

    Well Murt and Ben, first off, thank you so much for giving your highly detailed input on It’s past experiences from people like yourselves that really give the best review of what a site is all about and I thank you for it. I had a membership once, years back, and pretty much disliked the edge that most of their scenarios had. I really did not like humiliation or even slightly subservient male roles in Cfnm scenes. I do have to say that my tastes have not changed, but have broadened, in such a way that I actually do enjoy watching stuff like this from time to time. As I joined up to that site such a long time ago, I wasn’t aware of the picture-only status of their content. I was able to download the videos that I saw there, but I don’t remember if I had to use my know-how of doing DRM work arounds or not… because it was a really long time ago. I still think that they have the highest quality in production compared to any Cfnm site out there, hands down. I mean, Cfnm Secret’s production values are super high, but as we know from their full scenes, about the last 20 minutes of each stray away from Cfnm altogether – going into clothed sex. But they have nothing on I like what Ben said, stating that you will either hate it or love it. However, I’m always a middle of the road type, so I bounce back and forth, depending upon what I see from them.

    You’ve really got some good points on how conducts it’s business though Murtney. It’s amazing how tightly they keep their content locked up, especially in light of the amount of money they charge for it. I am going to be talking directly to the contact that I’ve set up there and see if they’ll consider some changes for later down the road. I mean, it’s hard to even join the site, in my opinion! You’ve got to scroll past every single update that they have on their second page to even find the join link. It’s pretty amazing that there wouldn’t be a join link available all throughout the site, as they are trying to rope people into joining, right? Maybe they don’t want many members? These are questions that I plan on posing to them. I’ll keep you all posted.

    In the meantime I’d love to hear other people’s opinions on the site, as well as any of your opinions on Cfnm Europe as well. That’s one site that gets tons of attention from here, yet I’ve never heard one person say anything about it! Pretty odd. That’s why I put both of these sites together in one post.

  5. 5 thewell

    Thanks to all for the info on emailed them about 2 years ago and asked if they even had videos, because it looked
    like it was all pictures.I was told yes they did but if I did like the site I could email to stop the membership, but it did not
    seam right and I never joined but I have always felt like I should…One of there 30 mim video did make it to the net. The only time
    any female touch the guy was to hit him…A little humiliation, sometime even a lot, can work IF the women do a little something.
    As for the other site I have not seen enough to know for sure, but here again it looks like the ladies do not do enough…

  6. 6 Jefff

    I joined that site not knowing the videos cost extra. Like a lot more. There are a couple of scenes that are very hot, but not worth joining solely on…
    Agree with the previous comments from Ben, Murtney.

  7. 7 bob N.

    .Thank you for showing the CFNM NET samples!Some of the humiliation stuff of theirs does go overboard.But i actually like most of the humiliation aspect that they stress.It’s less hard core femdom whips and chains stuff.And more about men blushing while the women have the upperhand and get some laughs at the males expense.I love the photos showing the women oggling the mens naked bodies while the men blush.Or the photo from “Nicola’s birthday party” where the ladies use the men as footstools and rest their barefeet on the mens back.

    Unlike most femdom sites the women at CFMN NET are giggling and enjoying themselves. Most femdom sites have photos of snarling,angry women and photos of out of shape unatractive males. Both the females and the males at CFNM NET are fairly atractive but at the same time they dont look like porn stars[ which is a good thing].

    It’s very hard to find free samples of their work on the internet.Thanks for showing so many photos !

  8. 8 Twitter

    How much are the extra videos? Is it per video?? Im planning on joining.

  9. 9 admin

    @Twitter: as far as I know, their videos do not require any extra payment. I believe that there are more videos posted on their TV site, but they are streaming only and you have to pay for each video separately. But no, the videos available on are included with the membership, from what I’ve heard reported from those who have had recent memberships.

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