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0-img_9973 I HATE when I do this, but, I snoozed on filling you all in on something I’d planned on. You see, the man behind Club Tug not only completely improved that particular Cfnm site, but the dude created another one too! Yep, there’s a new twist on Cfnm handjob and blowjob scenarios being made at See Mom Suck. It shares alot of the interesting and fun Cfnm aspects that Club Tug has: amateur-feel production, girls getting caught with a big dick in their hand, cock shock, dirty talk, cute younger girls, and plenty of MILFs too. However, See Mom Suck adds blowjobs and older woman / younger girl interaction in the Cfnm scenarios. What’s even better about See Mom Suck is that when you become a member, you also get access to Club Tug as well as 5 other sites for no extra cost. The videos are in fairly high definition and are now much more easily navigated. All in all, I’d say this stuff is definitely worth a look. Just check out the free clips and galleries that I’ve provided in this post, and you’ll see what I’m talking about.
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Cfnm Handjob scenes from YFH: Scene 1 | Scene 2 | Scene 3
Cfnm Handjob scenes from PH: Scene 1 | Scene 2 | Scene 3
See more Cfnm at Club Tug and See Mom Suck

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8 Responses to “More Young Girls Versus MILFs Cfnm”  

  1. 1 Joe

    That see mom suck is awesome! As are the club tug scenes!! Nice!!!!!

  2. 2 Joe

    The only thing that sucks is no free vide on the see mom suck website just pics 🙁 Can you provide more??? 🙂

  3. 3 Rod

    I’ve seen a few preview vids of clubtug and seemomsuck, and generally like them. Couldn’t enjoy Scene 1 here though, because of the tattoos on the girl. I hate tattoos, especially on females. And now so many women in porn have them. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve come across an otherwise great scene worthy of downloading and saving, but pass on it due to tattoos. One good thing about CFNM is that the clothes hide the tattoos (and other body flaws) most of the time. I like CFNM for many reasons, clothes hiding body flaws being somewhere in the middle of the list. Clothes allow me to imagine my own way what she might look like naked. Also, the type of clothing makes a huge difference for me in any CFNM scene. A sexy skirt and blouse or sweater, or a smart businesswoman attire gets my juices flowing quickly! Anyone else have thoughts on this? Just curious.

  4. 4 allthingscfnm

    To Joe: there’s actually two free galleries (just click on the picture thumbnails) for See Mom Suck… plus the third video link in the post. So I’m not sure what you mean that there’s no free videos.

    To Rod: I myself don’t get very particular about tattoos. Well, I should say they don’t bother me most of the time, but it really depends upon what the tattoo looks like and where it’s placed on someone. That goes especially for women when they have their skin exposed. As far as why I like the clothed female aspect of Cfnm scenarios, it’s for different reasons than the ones you listed for the most part. I mean, I do completely agree with you on leaving it up to my imagination to picture what the girl’s body is like. It creates much more of an allure, not having females completely naked. But really, I like the clothed female aspect because of what the situation is. Situations like fooling around in public, guys being exhibitionists and women liking what they see or contributing to it, casual male nudity around girls that happen to be around, getting caught jerking off, environments where male nudity is being observed by women for a purpose (i.e. male stripper performances), etc. It’s just the nature of the circumstances around the Cfnm situation that I am more stimulated by than what the girl even looks like alot of the time. But I completely dig sexy outfits that aren’t intentionally super revealing on women in Cfnm scenarios though, just like you.

    What do you other guys and girls prefer?

  5. 5 Joe

    I have nothing wrong with tats at all. I think on the right girl there pretty hot. Didnt notice the free galleries my bad….

  6. 6 Joe

    I meant on the website also….the main see mom suck website.

  7. 7 thewell

    For me its not so much what the girls look like, it what they do and how they do it.Plan Janes and Ugly Betties are just fine.if they know
    what they are doing..Big girls can also be very sexxxyyy . It is all about their state of mind..The tug sit would be a lot better if
    just a little oral was use and I have seen fake dick used on that sire as well. The Mom suck looks good,, I will give it so time to
    see where it goes..THANKS FOR THE UPDATE….

  8. 8 Spoetnik

    loved these extracts, follow all your updates but this is a really nice one, completely different site vs the more classic cfnm sites, love it when mature and younger girls mix together to suck and fondle cock…

    agree with ‘thewell’, sometimes a less attractive girl can make it all up if she sucks like a pro and makes a nice sound…

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