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I know that I just updated the blog yesterday with a hot Cfnm handjob post here, I’m in the process of moving. The blog will remain here, but I’ll be living somewhere else, so don’t fret! Anyhow, because I may not be able to get online for a couple days, I put together this awesome collection of nine amateur Cfnm videos to tide ya over. The first three were made by adventurous couples that obviously like to share their exploits. The next three are some great live feed grabs from various big brother shows from around the world. Last up are real gems as they come from an amateur produced Cfnm sexual experiment of sorts. Whomever set this up has gotten three women to share a room with a guy who strips down naked in their presence, the camera fixated on the woman’s reaction. A female “host” of sorts comes out and subsequently gets their verbal reaction to the whole experience and a bit more. These are all not to be missed, especially the last three!

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vlcsnap-133660 vlcsnap-134732 vlcsnap-135489
vlcsnap-136011 vlcsnap-139597 vlcsnap-140024
Amateur Cfnm videos on YFH: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9
Amateur Cfnm videos on PH: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9
Get the 1st 3 on RS HERE, the 2nd 3 HERE & the last 3 HERE

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7 Responses to “Nine Fun Mixed Themed Amateur Cfnm Videos”  

  1. 1 Rod

    You’re right, the last 3 vids are great! I wish there was more stuff like this out there. Having a female host talking to one or more women with a naked guy present is one of the most perfect cfnm scenarios for me. These 3 are very well done. I also liked the amateur vids, usually they are OK, but not my favorite. I don’t care for the big brother stuff. Almost always, the women have virtually no reaction to the naked guys. I think most of us agree that female reactions are a big part of good cfnm. I liked 6 out of 9 vids this time. Pretty good percentage, can’t complain about that!

  2. 2 Joe

    Love it…awesome! Love the amateur stuff!

  3. 3 Spoetnik

    love the first girl…she’s HOT

  4. 4 Joe

    That 2nd girl is way hot also!

  5. 5 Edward James

    There’s one guy in the Big Brother clips who is obviously an exhibitionist – he even looks semi erect at times. It’s just a shame that the women don’t react at all.

  6. 6 bob N.

    MR Super
    Thanks for posting the videos.I have always had 4 fetishes.Female feet,CFNM ,female supremacyand white tanktops[wifebeaters].The last video combined two of those fetishes perfectly.And the fact that the women took it for granted that the man should be naked added a bit of Female supremacy aspect to it.

    I love the fact that the girl in the white tanktop was casual about the man being naked.But you could also see that her face was flush with excitement.

    I dont know how you feel about requests.But i have always found the photos of “naked butlers” very erotic.In Britian they often serve bachelorette parties wearing only an apron.But i have never found any videos online.It would be great to see one.

    Thanks again for your hard work on this blog.

  7. 7 allthingscfnm

    Hey Bob N.! Thanks for the lengthy comments and insight into what you liked about the post. It’s really interesting getting everyone’s different takes on the cfnm fetish, as we’ve all got our little sub niches we enjoy to no end. So thank you for sharing yours.

    About the request you mentioned… you know, I used to have a guy from Spain that would actually do nude waiter gigs for money that would send me pictures of what the women would take up the events. This was years ago when this blog was still on Google Blogger, before I got shut down there and restarted the blog at this address. He used to send a batch of 10 or so photos from different parties he’d do every month or so. But when I lost the Blogger address, he completely quit contacting me and I subsequently lost all the photos he’d sent in a hard drive crash a couple years ago. Although I had them up on Image FAP, they were purged from their servers because they were so old. So yeah, lost forever until he decides to contact me again!

    But anyhow, I am in touch with Vince Harrington, a Cfnm adventurer that does parties like these. I do plan on doing an interview with him in the very near future, as we’ve talked about doing one about a million times through Twitter. I don’t know if he gets pictures of these events, let alone videos. But yeah, I would LOVE to get ahold of videos of these events from someone, somehow. I think the problem is that when women organize such an event, they are much better than men at keeping the evidence to themselves. I’ve discovered that time and time again over the years in searching around for anything like this stuff.

    Again, thanks for dropping a line!

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