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I’m fairly certain that I could easily name about a hundred reasons why I dig Marc Dorcel‘s movies so much, but I’ll keep it short. Hot women, incredible costumes, and great camera work all reflect Marc Dorcel‘s movie catalog. I especially enjoy his focus on voyeurism, creative set ups, and spontaneously appearing threesomes and moresomes as it’s from these foci where the Cfnm themes emerge in his films. Even though he probably doesn’t realize it, Marc Dorcel knows how to create incredibly good Cfnm scenarios. I find them highly erotic and can tell his influence upon the Fully Clothed Sex site, Cfnm Secret, and especially on Only Cfnm. But truthfully, I don’t think they can hold a candle to the stuff he releases on DVD. Now, you can find Marc Dorcel movies via via HotMovies, and through various sites in the Deluxe Pass Network, both of which I highly recommend for those who like this sort of stuff. I’ve presented four Cfnm scenes from the 12 movie “Russian Institute” series and from “The Story Of Laly”. I’ve got many more to share, so let me know if you dig these in comments and I’ll post more in the future.
vlcsnap-42221 vlcsnap-43219 vlcsnap-46398
vlcsnap-50799 Marc Dorcel Cfnm scenes on YFH:
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Marc Dorcel Cfnm scenes on PH:
Scene 1 | Scene 2 | Scene 3 | Scene 4
RS links: Scn 1 | Scn 2 | Scn 3 | Scn 4

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18 Responses to “High Quality Cfnm Scenes From Marc Dorcel”  

  1. 1 HelenLoveBoy

    These scenes are definitely hot; although not intended as straight cfnm, they are quite erotic. It seems that “typical” cfnm is more about the women’s reactions and the man’s embarassment or reluctance: where she has the upped hand, so to speak. In these it seems that the women are still in a subservient, pleasing role. More submissive than in control. It’s a nice twist to see a different scenario, and I thank you for broadening the scope of your blog. Man, european women are smoking!

  2. 2 allthingscfnm

    To HLB: yeah, they really aren’t intended to be straightforward Cfnm scenes as they obviously come from mainstream porn movies that he directs. That’s really the beauty of it, to me. Because if he strictly did do Cfnm exclusively, I think that although it would be fucking great at first, it might get repetitive and stale after a short while. That’s kind of my gut feeling anyway. And really, it would never happen, as Cfnm is just a bit too narrow for a huge budget like what Marc Dorcel uses in his movies. I do disagree a little with one of your comments, regarding the subservience of the women. In the entire Russian Institute series, the girls are the people running the show in well over 80% of the scenes. But I do take your point, because it is nice to see a different approach to Cfnm, isn’t it? And yes, the European models he casts are VERY attractive!

    To Rod: that’s amazing that you’d never heard of him before! The dude has been making tons of movies for a very very long time. If you’ve ever seen anything done by Private productions, chances are you’ve seen something he directed, as that’s where he started from. As far as which sites on the Deluxe Pass that have his movies, I’d be hard pressed to tell you exactly. I maybe shouldn’t haven’t mentioned it since I’m not completely sure. But all I know is that I got quite a few of his movies from there back when I had a membership around a year and a half ago. Their network is so huge and sort of hard to navigate, in my opinion, so I’m not exactly sure.

    To Sam: thanks for pointing that website out, because they are seriously just ripping off everything I’ve already posted here! Lol! They advertise “over three hours” of footage, right? I’ve posted probably about 5 hours worth, the same videos that they have up there. So, SAVE YOUR MONEY AND DON’T JOIN IT AND DO SOME SEARCHING HERE ON THE BLOG. Plus I think that these Sex Key sites are the biggest scams ever, because they all are like this one: they take other site’s content and then present it as their own to make a profit off of it. Not only that, they rarely have much content to them and even though there’s likethousands of siteswithin the network, none of them have much. And what’s there is usually old or stuff you can already see for free elsewhere.

  3. 3 Rod

    I’ve never heard of Marc Dorcel, thanks for enlightening me! Great stuff, I hope you show more in the future. Could you tell me which deluxepass sites have his stuff? I don’t recall ever coming across it.

  4. 4 sam

    i think you should post some videos from buckwildblackgirls.com

  5. 5 MICK

    Good scenes but a bummer that the 4th one didn’t include the happy ending(s).

  6. 6 Rod

    I’ve seen a lot of Private vids, they’re usually very well done. Didn’t know Dorcel was connected to Private. And I know what you mean about Deluxe Pass. I stumbled across something good there once, forgot to bookmark it, and could never find it again later when I wanted to download portions.

  7. 7 Ben

    Great post, obviously not pure cfnm but please don’t let that stop you!

  8. 8 Bernard Z. Grate

    this stuff sucks, it sets back cfnm 10 years. over produced crap.
    get with the program and show what’s going on in this world, with reality cfnm, and not some ok betsy you get over there suck his cock in clothing 2 1 and action ,this is pure garbage.

    p.s. i’m in a shiity mood, but i still think it sucks.

  9. 9 allthingscfnm

    Hey Bernie: I originally left a pretty long response to this comment last night but it appears that somehow it got lost. Which sucks because I’d typed so much. Oh well.
    Anyway, I know that you’re extremely passionate about what you consider to be reality Cfnm. That’s pretty obvious! 🙂 But I’m not sure that I’m going to completely go into the direction of only posting stuff like that for a reason – a few, actually:

    1. There’s not much of it out there… I’d run out of stuff to post as well as what to say about what’s posted
    2. Posting the same theme of cfnm, paying no attention to anything that is directed or staged, would make the blog completely one dimensional… completely ruining the whole spirit of this site
    3. Alot of what I’ve seen out there as what you consider “reality cfnm” is borderline flashing… which I really don’t condone on a multitude of levels. That is especially true when it involves people whom are underage or even possibly underage. It just isn’t right in my opinion.

    But yes, I do see why Package Check is great stuff and why so many people like it. I dig the whole approach as it’s about as raw as it can get without going too far over the line. There’s plenty of things that I agree with you on, Bernie, but some I just don’t. To each their own, I guess… but I completely love Marc Dorcel movies – even beyond the Cfnm themes he incorporates into alot of them.

  10. 10 Jones

    Bernie, shut the fuck up already. the rest of the loyal readers are tired of seeing your tripe on this website.

    Also, I think your own website sucks and you’re just an egotistical perv, so shut the fuck up already because no one gives a goddamn what you think.

    sorry for being harsh, but this is simply what’s called for.

  11. 11 allthingscfnm

    Well Jones, I can obviously see that you’re really frustrated with Bernie’s rants about what he is into these days. Of course we all (the long term fans and “veterans” of Cfnm) know that Bernie is extremely passionate about Cfnm. Actually that’s pretty much a huge understatement, as he pretty much lives it, literally. I happen to understand where he’s coming from and although I don’t appreciate the form of Cfnm “bulge flashing” on the same level Bernie does, he’s out there doing it. So obviously he’s feeling the excitement on a different level than any of the rest of us suckers sitting around watching videos on the Internet are capable of. That is, until we go out and dare to do something similar.

    With that said, let me address how you have handled your frustration. I encourage everybody to have a voice in the comment sections and am completely thrilled that people are even leaving comments here… FINALLY. But I really don’t want things to get out of hand as far as “flaming” and name calling goes. I know you feel pretty strongly about what Bernie has been saying here and what he does with his website and current “projects”, Jones, but can we keep it civil?? I’d appreciate it alot.

    Now let the wild rumpus begin!

  12. 12 Chris

    first video is unreal! great post,…

  13. 13 d1000

    Very hot. Classy.

  14. 14 allthingscfnm

    To d 1000: yeah, if anything is ever said about Marc Dorcel’s movies, the word “classy” should come up. I completely agree.

  15. 15 Rod

    I have to agree with Jones about Bernie. I wish I could put him and his incoherent babbling on ignore. I didn’t mind him so much at first, but his recent comments about under-age girls “asking for it” (by the way they dress, etc.) go way over the line. I won’t flame him here anymore, but if Jones hadn’t said something, I would have had to. Now I hope we can go back to discussing your great cfnm content rather than the people who come here.

  16. 16 Matt

    Love this stuff, not quite as good as girls sucking on male strippers but little is.

  17. 17 Bernard Z. Grate

    to allthings admin. and anyone else, yes yes i understand variety is a spice of life, your blog is the best of the best, that’s why we all come here every night, because there will always be something new, different to see,and your the best when it comes to telling us what’s new, it’s great. i understand your take on what i do, that’s fine. there is no right or wrong in life, just tastes, opinions, that’s all.

    but basically i guess what i am saying and have been saying is that making your own cfnm is easy simple, and erotic. imagine this if you will, you go out to your local grocery store for some eggs,milk and gum, you are naked! that’s right NAKED! all of the female staff starts whispering to the other female staff, hey look that guy has a big set of balls, he’s on line #7!!

    true true doing this can and will get you arrested, but suppose someone with a big pair of balls does the next best thing.

    entering the grocery store in SEE THRU PANTS! now then, if the pants are 100% see thru, you WILL get arrested. and if they are 5% see thru no one will see your penis, BORING! so the best blend is the one i use. 85% see thru!!

    so the effect/result/bottom line is that you now are “feeling” cfnm rather than viewing cfnm.

    please understand i am not saying go out and rob a bank, or smoke crack, or go find a 10 year old girl and rape her against her will.

    i AM saying that people do titulate one another with their clothing. women wear low cut tops with big heavy swaying tits, and they stand in front of 10 year old boys, should these women go to jail because they were in public with children around??????????????????????????????????

    suppose a man comes into the store to buy gum and aspirin ok? now he didn’t feel like getting dressed all the way, 7 females over 18 see his cock thru his pants, and one 10 year old girl see his penis as well. is she scarred for life? should he go to prison?

    what i am saying is this~~~~~~~~~

    don’t rape, hurt or hold people against their will. don’t view animal pornography snuff porn or child porn, don’t smoke crack,don’t throw your mother down the stairs,don’t be cruel to your wife,don’t be selfish,don’t rob banks,etc. etc. etc. but~~~~~~~~~~

    DO i repeat DO get yourself see thru pants, and DO get yourself a hidden camera, and walk out of your house!

    now your in better than virtual reality cfnm!!!!!

    your in your own cfnm world! your LEGALLY alright! your not naked, and your not in child porn!

    you are you walking around going about your business buying the newspaper getting coffee and being you! damn it!

    so now~~~ instead of buying fake produced not for real cfnm, whcih grant it can be quite good, especially brandi belle my favorite fake cfnm, now your MAKING YOUR OWN CFNM!

    oh look over there, look at those attractive MILF’S ok, my camera is rolling, and they are LOOKING wait what’s that? oh my lord they are taking out their cell cameras,and laughing whilst recording my penis for further inspection when they get back to their bedrooms!!!

    alright i think people can see where this is going~~

    it’s fun, it’s legal,it’s every day is a new day and you never know who will look next.

    this is life. this is good. to each his own.

    quite frankly i envison a day say around the year 2016 when these boards will be FILLED! i say FILLED! with reality acuality real cfnm hidden camera footage.

    i love cfnm, i love this blog, and i think your work is important and the best of it’s kind out there. you are the lighthouse of hope for the cfnm world, and where we come on dark nights to investiagate new cfnm of ALL sorts hence the name all things cfnm ~~

    so i salute you and your hard work, and i respect the people on the board, if i chime in like “this sucks that sucks” it’s not personal.
    i’d like to say the best part of blogs is to be open and honest and intelligent without flaming or just vomiting out stupid thoughts.

    i hope this thread drifted people into the possibility’s of the future of cfnm,remember this, reality is as close as it gets to reality.

    everyone enjoy whatever you want but feel free to hate whatever you want as long as it’s constructive hate without blind prejiduce.

    here’s to cfnm fake / real / whatever.

  18. 18 jerry

    this stuff, especially the two blonde first
    scene is smoking hot
    please more more more

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