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1301-kobe-three-asian-jerkoff Since last month’s post of Japanese Cfnm (easily peeped here) proved to be so attention getting, I’ve done another for today. Most of the hub-bub was caused by the review of Kobe Surprise I dropped in your laps, as well as the fact as all their scenes aren’t only uncensored, they’re translated as well. I unfortunately could only get ahold of a couple clips that aren’t translated, but hey, it’s more Kobe Surprise footage than you’ll see on any other Cfnm blog. I chose two scenarios entitled “Hello Nurse!” and “Magic Wand Madness” as they embrace two classic themes of Japanese Cfnm: penis inspection by nurses and zany erotic games. To contrast the rarity of uncensored Japanese Cfnm of Kobe Surprise, I’ve also included three other videos, albeit censored, but the likes of which people have raved about in previous posts of Japanese stuff. A guy gets jerked off in front of the nurse by his girlfriend during a bed bath, a Caucasian schoolgirl jerks and sucks a Japanese guy on the bus, and a Japanese girl gets stopped on the street to play “guess what’s in the box”. Enjoy, folks!
vlcsnap-264879 vlcsnap-266301 Japanese Cfnm scenes on YFH:
Scene 1 | Scene 2
Japanese Cfnm scenes on PH:
Scene 1 | Scene 2
See more at Kobe Surprise

vlcsnap-269332 vlcsnap-360930 vlcsnap-360929
Cfnm vids on YFH: Scene 1 | Scene 2a | Scene 2b | Scene 3
Japanese Cfnm vids on PH: Scene 1 | Scene 2 | Scene 3
Japanese Cfnm vids on RS: Scene 1 | Scene 2 | Scene 3

To see fully uncensored Japanese Cfnm in themes like those above, check out Kobe Surprise!
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3 Responses to “Uncensored vs. Censored Japanese Cfnm Round Two”  

  1. 1 Rod

    As I’ve said before, I can never get enough Japanese cfnm! I like the English translations on the Kobe Surprise vids, I wonder why they didn’t do it on the 2 vids here? Also, I prefer uncensored, but I’ve gotten used to the censored variety, as long as the degree of blurring is not too severe. I’ve never understood why some blur so much you can’t hardly see anything, while others have such minimal blurring, it might as well have none. Could it be the earlier ones had more blurring, and over time, the video makers started pushing the edge with less and less blurring? I’d love to hear from anyone with knowledge on this subject. Also, it was my understanding that most of the early uncensored Japanese stuff was not actually produced in Japan, where it was still illegal to do so. Is this true, and has it changed recently? When I first discovered Japanese cfnm, it was pretty much all censored, and started me on quite a search for uncensored material. I can recall the thrill of finding an uncensored scene here and there! Usually resulted in an immediate hardon!

  2. 2 MICK

    LOVE the “what’s in the box” vids. Great stuff.

  3. 3 allthingscfnm

    Yeah Mick, I totally love that series of videos as the reactions are really fun to watch. And it’s especially awesome that it’s all taking place out on public streets with people walking and driving by the entire time. I plan on posting many more clips of these series in the future, so look forward to that!

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