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Typically I’m not a big celebrity gossip follower whatsoever, but when the celebrity gossip has something to do with Cfnm and/or is sexually hot, then of course I’m intrigued. One perfect example is the old American Idol nude and Cfnm picture “scandal” surrounding Anotella Barba that I blogged about right HERE. Less surprising but still pretty cool, is the recent entrance of Lindsay Lohan into the annals of the Cfnm world. To be brief, Lindsay Lohan did an artsy photo shoot for Muse Magazine involving herself, another girl, and a male model – engaged in subtle threesome behavior. The Huffington Post has the full story, if you want to bother. Although the pictures and video feature was shared in the Sensations For Women Forum, I felt like sharing it myself here with all of you. Be sure to click the first thumbnail to see all the pictures that were released separately from the video. Since the Lindsay Lohan stuff may lack in weight for some of you, I’ve also included a set of videos that makes up for it. They all were taken by the boyfriend of 2008 Miss Universe of Trinidad and Tobago, involving them and an unnamed (and extremely hot) Asian woman. I’ll be completely honest in saying that even though they aren’t engaged in Cfnm, I think you’ll see how hot these are given the details of the “scandal”. Especially given how freaking dirty this Miss Universe contestant is, which you can clearly witness in the fourth video. Not only does she get into videotaping her boyfriend being blown and ass fucking the Asian girl, she really loves to perform for her and the camera. I haven’t seen these videos many places, so hopefully this will be your first crack at them. Enjoy!
lindsay_lohan_944343a vlcsnap-348313 Watch Cfnm video on YFH:
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Watch Cfnm video on PH:
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Video on RS: HERE

vlcsnap-351552 vlcsnap-352893 vlcsnap-354050
vlcsnap-356605 Sex scandal videos on YFH:
Scene 1 | Scene 2 | Scene 3
Sex scandal videos on PH:
Scn 1 | Scn 2 | Scn 3 | Scn 4a | Scn 4b
Get all four videos on RS: HERE

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4 Responses to “Celebrity Cfnm and Hot “Scandal” Videos”  

  1. 1 Rod

    I’ll never pay any attention to Lindsay Lohan, or any other Hollywood liberal moron. I saw the Miss Universe contestant videos somewhere recently, and found them fairly interesting. Seeing someone like that sucking cock is a voyeuristic pleasure I think a lot of people share. Whenever a celebrity sex tape appears, I always wonder if it was intentionaly leaked by the celebrity for publicity (It sems any publicity is good to them).

  2. 2 guide_dogg

    I lost the photos after a computer crash, but maybe you could find the photos of a clothed Charlotte Rampling and a nude male model. She is in her 60’s, but they didn’t pull any punches in the photo shoot, the dude is there in all his glory.

  3. 3 allthingscfnm

    To Guide Dogg: Long time, no hear from, man! I’m glad to finally hear from you, but am pretty bummed out about the fact you lost all that great stuff! I still have them all (thanks so much, for the hundredth time) and would totally be willing to somehow send them back to you if you’d like.

    As for the pictures that you’re talking about specifically, man, I have looked and really can’t figure out which ones you’re talking about. Can you give me any sort of help on figuring out where they might be amongst all those pictures? I’d totally put them up if I knew exactly where they were or what they might be titled. Thanks, and I hope your holiday season is going fantastically!

  4. 4 Joe

    Rod lets not get started with politics in this blog….because I don’t consider Lindsey a liberal. ANyway with the Mrs Universe vids there hot.

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