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01-image0057 The fascination with Extreme CFNM (the sister site to Loverboys USA) continues to swirl. You see, there’s a fairly spirited discussion concerning Extreme CFNM that’s going on in the birthplace of Cfnm, at the S4W Forum. The question of who of all the hot amateur girls that have attended Extreme CFNM shows and have given head to one of the strippers, which is the hottest? Well, it’s a fantastic question for those whom have watched all of their footage repeatedly, as I sincerely have. I’d be hard pressed to answer, mostly because there has been way too many! It’s like asking me what my favorite music artist is… kind of a preposterous thing as my tastes change all the time. Anyway, Extreme CFNM is still putting up fuller versions of their nine-plus years of shows every week. I’ve provided a couple of examples of what has just been updated at Extreme CFNM within the last couple weeks below, accompanied by three large batches of amateur Cfnm pictures grabbed from bachelorette parties and the like. Be sure to notice that the two strippers in one set also perform for Party Hardcore! And since I’ve learned from previous Cfnm picture only posts that video is wanted too, I’ve included three of them. The first two were supplied by Sabine (a female follower of the blog) and the last is one that I grabbed off of YouTube before it was yanked because of TOS violation.
02-b-image0031 03-101_0903 04-img_8120
05-_095873 Extreme Cfnm picture set:
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5
6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10
11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15
Full Gallery Links: Two | Three | Four
Stripper Cfnm picsets on RS: 2 | 3 | 4

vlcsnap-370217 vlcsnap-403899 vlcsnap-425945
Stripper Cfnm videos on YFH: Scene 1 | Scene 2 | Scene 3
Stripper Cfnm videos on PH: Scene 1 | Scene 2 | Scene 3
To get all three from Rapidshare: Click HERE

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10 Responses to “Amateur Girls Enjoying Naked Guys In Clubs And At Home”  

  1. 1 sam

    everyone loves these type of cfnm post

  2. 2 Mike

    This is so hooooootttttt!

    I haven’t been able to get here for ages – and to be greeted by this stuff is brilliant. And more at S4W too – I must sign up there.

    Thanks for all your tireless work Super – it is appreciated. Have a great Christmas and plenty of CFNM in 2010.

  3. 3 joey

    Not me. Dont like stripper cfnm, I prefer straight cfnm 😉

  4. 4 Nobusmindingi

    Great pic set from ExtremeCFNM, Super. Awesome work as always.

    Best to you and yours for peace and joy at the holidays,


  5. 5 Paul

    Just thought i’d say well done on the website, it’s definately one of the best blogs out there. I got sent an interesting link the other day regarding a contestant on the xfactor – not strictly cfnm but it’s quite bizarre what some people will do for a bit of exposure on tv, check it out

  6. 6 allthingscfnm

    To Paul: thanks for the compliments! I hope that I get the response from you, even though it’s been so long since you posted this, but it’s worth a shot. I cannot view that video that you linked us to, because I’m in the U.S. and all their footage is for UK audiences only. Basically they have their website set up for UK residents only. Is there a way anyone can download that streaming video? If you have the Mozilla Firefox browser, you can use the Download Helper add-on to download it. I use it to get everything off of YouTube and similar sites and it works quickly and easily. So Paul, if you could do that, it would be fantastic and much appreciated!

  7. 7 perry

    I much prefer the loverboys stuff compared to party hardcore, the loverboys still has the amateur feel about it compared to the party hardcore with their paid hoes

    Merry christmas to all

    Hopefully we can all find a hoe hoe hoe under our ball sack for chrissy

  8. 8 david

    does LB still update? when did they stop updating? extremecfnm is scripted now like PH? Old School LB was the best. Are videos available to DL or only stream?

  9. 9 allthingscfnm

    Wow David, you’re all over the place! Loverboys AND Extreme Cfnm still update every week with a unscripted, uncensored 15 to 20 minute show video. And there’s nothing scripted about either site, although Extreme Cfnm has added separate stripshow footage from the Czech Republic that uses professional and amateur girls together. That’s the only thing they have on their site that’s close to Party Hardcore.

    I do agree with you, that loverboys stuff is the best, but so is Extreme Cfnm’s stuff. You know why? Because they are the same people. Yes, they are the same, but just packaged differently. Loverboys doesn’t have the added stripshows from the Czech Republic that include sex and cumshots, and has longer cuts of the strip shows that we all know and love – with footage you haven’t seen before.

    As for the videos, both sites do not have downloadable videos anymore. They only stream video. Unfortunate as it is, I think this is the direction that online porn sites are moving into. Mostly because of the pirating issue. There are so many people that will hack a membership, download everything there on the site, then turn around and upload all of it onto torrent sites and forums. Then the sites lose potential memberships, because people know they can get it for free. To then justify the cost of making the porn, the sites have to charge more or go to streaming the video so that nobody can download it. So yeah, it’s a vicious cycle.

    Anyway, I hope this lengthy explanation cleared some things up for you and others!

  10. 10 david

    i had a LB membership in 2004. then again later in 2006 and after they changed the site format, a lot of the great videos disappeared. i wonder if they are back now. there was some great stuff that i have not seen anywhere online ever.

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