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I’d been dying to do another large audience attracting post of exhibitionist Cfnm ever since I made my last post of this genre. That one post alone got 47 total comments and I still get hounded by more than a couple of you readers to post similar stuff to what I’d shared. So I’m doing a three-part series presenting more amateurs engaging in Cfnm that they’ve recorded themselves. This type (and quality) of Cfnm video footage is very rare, indeed, yet more and more of it is cropping up on to the Internets. Is it because of easy-to-use video technology readily available these days that is making us all a bit more relaxed with being exhibitionistic? Whatever it is, it’s results are present in the videos below. The first three are webcam captures made by male exhibitionists who get off on jerking off for an appreciative and shocked audience. Then I’ve picked out three above par homemade amateur couple Cfnm videos that always seem popular. It’s exhibitionism and Cfnm, folks, so watch, enjoy, be sure to comment, and have safe holiday travel!

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Exhibitionist Cfnm clips on YFH: #1 | #2 | #3 | #4 | #5 | #6
Exhibitionist Cfnm clips on PH: #1 | #2 | #3 | #4 | #5 | #6
Get the 1st 3 videos on RS HERE and the 2nd 3 HERE.

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17 Responses to “Creative Amateur Cfnm Camera Work – Pt. 1”  

  1. 1 cfnmfan

    Amazing post ! I especially liked the webcam videos with the reactions, it would be awesome if you had more of those.

  2. 2 Rod

    I always like massage parlor and webcam vids. I’ve personally done both many times, and viewing these vids recall some good experiences. It can be quite a thrill to expose yourself on webcam for an enthusiastic female audience. I stick to adult sites, where the chance of someone underage viewing me is small. I’ve thought about bringing a video camera into a massage place, but hesitate to actually record anything, because I know the women wouldn’t want me to. But if I ever find a massuese willing to be on video, I’ll share it here with all of you. I think the guy in the massage vids here must have had the women’s consent, because I don’t see how he could have moved the camera around without their knowing. Or perhaps these are fakes, not really a massage place? What do you think?

  3. 3 allthingscfnm

    To everyone: I’m so stoked that everybody is so pleased with the videos I’ve put up so far. Remember, there’s a part two and three of this mini-series of stuff… all which have variations on the same exact theme. So there’s more of these on the way in the next couple days, and I’m sure that the more I find in the future will definitely be posted as well.

    To Rod, specifically: I love the fact that you’ve got so much experience with doing this stuff on your own time, for real! I know that there’s plenty of people that would enjoy hearing more of your insight on the whole massage parlor angle of Cfnm. And I should hope that when you do record a video that you’ll hit me up with it! As far as the posted videos go, that guy who recorded them and subsequently posted them on the Sensations 4 Women forum fully explained how he got the footage. I can’t remember what country he said he was from, but the place that he went to was a place he frequented often. He probably had gone there for massages numerous times, because he did ask the girls if he could record what went on. That’s why the conversations are so comfortable and also why the girls kept turning their heads whenever he raised the camera towards their faces. I’m still really puzzled as to why he posted them all and really made a big stir with them, then subsequently took them all down after awhile. If I remember right, he even canceled his handle on the forum. So yeah, in my mind the guy is a total history making mystery.

  4. 4 Rod

    Forgot to mention how clever it was in the 1st amateur vid for the guy to use the mirror to get more than one viewing angle and to be able to zoom in and out. Most amateur vids have the camera fixed in one position, and makes it a little boring to watch the whole thing.

  5. 5 Kenny

    Duuuude ! where the hell do you find vids like the last 3 amateur videos? 😀

  6. 6 James

    Fucking Awesome!!! Yeah man, thats great!!!Please MORE!!!!!!!!!

  7. 7 Diego

    the webcam videos are great!!!!!!!!thank you!

  8. 8 scuffs

    more more more!!!!!!Love this stuff I wish you could post everyday i am hooked on this site THANK YOU!!!!

  9. 9 Joe

    Love the reactions……cool as hell

  10. 10 Joe

    Not sure how the guys who did the webcam vids got the reactions…but I like them 🙂

  11. 11 Geovani

    I loved the webcam’s videos! That’s great! MOOOREEEE!!!!!!PLEASEE!!!!

  12. 12 seba


  13. 13 allthingscfnm

    To explain the removal of the videos further, I was contacted by the incredibly lucky guy who filmed the awesome footage by email. He was very desperate to have them removed from here as he divulged the reason why he removed the videos from the Cfnm forum previously. Apparently the second girl that had joined the large breasted masseuse had reluctant feelings about doing what she did and pleaded with him to remove the videos from the Internet. I was not aware of the situation whatsoever until I read his email today, explaining that he would be in great personal discomfort if the videos were still being shared online. So, that’s why they’ve been removed. I do hope that no ill feelings are taken from this, as I did not post these with a malicious intent.

  14. 14 kmx

    thanks for posting my vid (the second webcam clip) I was surprised to see it here. just wondering where you found it?

  15. 15 AndyWithCandy

    Re kmx: I have seen the vid on a few sites before it was posted here.. I think he got it from egocfnm!! But not sure… it have been posted on pornhost by others also..

  16. 16 allthingscfnm

    Actually Andy, I stumbled onto this little gem through a forum of amateur porn. It’s all homemade stuff and tons of webcam captures that people have made and hunt for.

  17. 17 kmx

    ~~Cool thx 4 the info Andy, And great work allthingscfnm, hope to see more, peace

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