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vlcsnap-375910 Whichever you celebrated, I’m hoping that all of you thoroughly enjoyed your winter holiday as much as I did. It was a much needed and refreshing break as well as a fantastic time with loved ones. As promised, I’m continuing the three-part exhibitionist Cfnm footage series, starting with three gems of the genre from My Dick Flash. Mike uses hidden cameras, his nudism, his many connections with college girls, and home strip shows to get the great amateur Cfnm footage for My Dick Flash. First is a clip of him getting caught jerking off by his girlfriend’s sister, an “accidental” towel slip in front of a girl he’s trying to sell a couch to, and then a clip from a “private dance” for two girls. You’ll no doubt recognize them from footage in this previous post, where Mike stripped for a group of the two girls’ hot girl friends – the entirety of which can be watched at My Dick Flash. You’ll completely love the last four videos, if you dug my first installment of this series, since they are as bold as public Cfnm can get. These two guys are not only are jerking off on public beaches while being watched and interacting with clothed women only feet away, but it’s all captured with a concealable camera!
vlcsnap-376989 vlcsnap-378346 My Dick Flash vids on YFH:
Clip 1 | Clip 2 | Clip 3
My Dick Flash vids on PH:
Clip 1 | Clip 2 | Clip 3
See more at My Dick Flash!

vlcsnap-386045 vlcsnap-387786 vlcsnap-388537
vlcsnap-389128 Beach Cfnm videos on YFH:
Clip 1 | Clip 2 | Clip 3 | Clip 4
Beach Cfnm videos on PH:
Clip 1 | Clip 2 | Clip 3 | Clip 4
Get all four on RS: HERE

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14 Responses to “Creative Amateur Cfnm Camera Work – Pt. 2”  

  1. 1 Joe

    Merry Christmas and Happy Chanuka for all! Love the webcam stuff, not sure how u got it but if could put more in there that would be a great present πŸ™‚

  2. 2 allthingscfnm

    About the webcam videos, basically the guys that do the webcam chatting/jerking off for girls they meet have software which can take video grabs of whatever is on their screens. It’s pretty simple to install and use, and all kinds of people do it. However, there’s not many that are into Cfnm, and even fewer that will have the guts to upload their recorded video sessions online to share with the world. But anyhow, I do plan on sharing more… obviously, as I’ve planned out this three-part series! πŸ™‚

    Happy holidays to all you whom have commented here and on all the subsequent threads below, if you’re reading this!!

  3. 3 chranderson2002

    Love the hidden cam stuff big time! Guy jerking with risk of getting caught is awesome. However, the beach guy in the chair seems to encounter the same group of girls multiple times in the 3 separate vids…is this the case?

  4. 4 allthingscfnm

    Hey there Chr, glad you appreciate the videos! I agree, the footage is definitely much more interesting than your average Cfnm encounter as far as elevated eroticism of riskiness adds to the situation. And no, it’s not the case that the girls are the same ones in each video. If the videos were in higher resolution, you’d be able to tell much better that they aren’t the same. Apparently (from what I remember from the guy’s forum posts of the videos), the encounters he gets on video are of girls cutting through the beach area to get to a mall. The other girls he’sencountered are girls that just happen to be on the beach. That’s coming from the dude who recorded the first three videos, so I’d tend to believe him.

  5. 5 bernard

    where do you draw the line on right and wrong, or is there no right or wrong? what is worse to be walking around in see thru pants and having a 14 year old girl seeing that, or jerking off on a public beach while women walk by? i think that is downright nasty,. and for people to think that’s cool and walking around in see thru pants isn’t say’s a lot about people. also it’s the same girls that walk on by on the beach which would lead me to think it’s fake. why doesn’t he stand in the middle of times square and jerk off? you guys may find that erotic also??

    as far as my dick flash dot com, my gosh that stuff is as real as mickey mouse!

  6. 6 allthingscfnm

    To Bernard: Ok, about the beach jerking clips, which is what I should’ve included earlier than now, but – apparently the beach that this guy frequents has a section that people have come to understand as a clothing optional portion. There are beaches that have these areas, although from what I’ve heard, they are beginning to be less numerous. Anyway, I’m under the understanding that when he’s made videos, they are always in this section of the beach. So, local people that frequent that beach know that they are going into this area of their own free will. It’s not the type of environment that you’re portraying it to be, Bernie. It’s not just a regular public beach. Honestly, do you think he’d even try that if it was? Of course not! He’d get reported and arrested pretty quickly I would imagine. If I felt like this footage was what you are making it sound like it is, which is some mad man whipping out and jerking off without any restraint in front of whomever, I wouldn’t have posted it. I don’t condone flashing, and although that set of 3 videos are definitely borderline flashing, I didn’t feel they fell into that category.

    Now,about the girls. They are NOT all the same girls in each video. Seriously, count them. There’s four girls in the first video, five in the second (including a guy I think, given the sound of a deep voice), and three girls in both parts of the third video. Plus just look at the girls closely in each video, as they aren’t the same people. It’s along that old adage, “just because they are black doesn’t mean that they all look the same.” LOL

    Now with your comparison of what you and he are doing is a bit hypocritical, to be honest. I mean, I don’t fully understand how it’s ok to practically expose your cock to a girl that’s way under the legal age of consent, period. I don’t know how compare that to anything, when it’s just not something I find very acceptable. It’s one thing to practice exhibitionism with extreme constraint and caution… meaning in a place where people understand that it may happen, like a clothing optional beach or massage parlor or environment which nudity naturally occurs. And it’s also one thing to practice exhibitionism with extreme constraint and caution with people that are of legal age, or at least appear to be. But to go beyond those just doesn’t make much ethical sense to me.

    I really do like the whole approach that you used with Package Check and wish that it along with a couple of your ideas of interviewing women on nude/clothing-optional beaches. Seriously, that stuff is great! I do wish that I could jump out of my chair and start working on doing something like that. However, there’s a million reasons as to why that’s not an option for me. But all those ideas were aimed at women over the age of consent, which is to me, at least 17 or 18. Anything else is pretty much out of the question for me.

  7. 7 Geovani

    Great post! but please, MORE webcam vids!

  8. 8 thewell

    o my god, it not April 1st is it??? Bernard is RIGHT !!! NO public stuff where, ANY under aged person can see it !!!!

  9. 9 Sparky

    Bernie’s a hypocrite and accuses others of being the same.

    Walking around in pink see-through pants where children can see is just as sick and creepy as jerking off on the beach.

  10. 10 chranderson2002

    I agree Sparky. Bernard seems to think there is something “ok” about exposing yourself through see through pants to teenage girls. It’s just as “wrong” as jerking off in public. I may find something exciting about what is considered taboo, but that doesn’t mean I’d do it. I am not condoning any act of exposure…whether completely nude or thinly disguised. I think it is interesting to watch the reactions of people, and I am sure all participants on the vids are over 18. If not, they should be removed immediately.

    Exhibitionism is different things to different people. I don’t find what Bernard does as exciting or titillating. Some do. That’s ok. It’s not my thing. The problem I have is he seems to think it should be everyone’s thing. I am sure he has his own audience and members (pardon the pun). That’s the way it should be…something for everyone.

  11. 11 bernard

    to me it’s like pizza. some people love plain thin new york style crust like toast warm pizza.

    other’s prefer a good heaping of sauce, while still yet other enjoy lot’s of cheese and hot! they need their pizza piping hot.

    and then there is the chicago crowd that demands a thick hearty cut a big slice filled with deep dish hearty pizza.

    and then we have california, pizza with chicken and salad and all sorts of things.

    all of it is pizza, but let’s face it, one man’s nice is another man’s ridiculous.

    so what am i saying? it’s ALL CFNM, and to each his own, and let everyone be happy and discover what makes them happy.

    there is no right or wrong. true taking your cock out in frotn of a 5 year old, is WRONG! i don’t do that.

    but what i am saying is little diffrences in the same world feels like BIG diffrences, and it’s all ok it’s all alright.

    for instance people flipped out when the videos of the guy in the massage parlour were shown! to me that was HORRIBLE! i mean here he was enclosed in an area known for jerking off and one person saw this? a female chinese women and THIS is what wa so erotic? PLEASE! give me a break!

    one more question if a boy of 13 years old was walking around in a wal mart and coming towards him was a women wearing TIGHT beige leggings without underwear and her camel toe was visable to the blind, would this be a bad thing? would this be “wrong” would this kid be scarred for life??

    let us be reasonable here.

    free speech for all

    if i don’t like republicans and i am listening to bill o’riely what can i do? my answer shut him off or turn the station.

    same with my pants, you don’t wanna see penis, don’t look!

    it’s all pizza it’s all pizza, just leave the anchovies off of mine please.

  12. 12 Sparky

    Bernard wrote: “there is no right or wrong. true taking your cock out in frotn of a 5 year old, is WRONG! i don’t do that.”

    But you do something just like that! I’ve seen your video where you’re in see through pants at a grocery store. You’re right in front of a couple of 5 year old kids in shopping cart putting them at perfect eye level with your junk. Really nice, you creep.

  13. 13 CFNMLuver

    I understand Bernard is trying to promote his own website and there is nothing wrong in it. But what I don’t understand is why does he have to critcize other amateur videos for that ?

    He keeps saying “to each his own”, but never fails to show that what others are doing is crap and what he is doing is the best. This is only going to work against him.I am sure there are many here who have absolutely no interest in what he does. But that doesn’t mean we keep saying bad things about it.

    We all are here to enjoy. If you don’t like something, you don’t have to watch it. PERIOD.


  14. 14 CFNMfan1

    I like the cfnm theme. Does someone know if the videos at mydickflash are downloadable and what format they are in. Thanks and love the blog.

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