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jock-trainer-cfnm-adventures If you remember, in my last post of the Adventures In Cfnm site, I did a double site review. Well, that’s not going to happen, as I think that Adventures In Cfnm‘s high quality harsh British take on Cfnm scenarios sets it far apart from others. I say this because Adventures In Cfnm (or better known as has in depth series of stories that have a higher production value than even most big mainstream porn sites. It’s amazing to me how they pull off such well-orchestrated, real looking, intricate scenarios that are all focused on the clothed female naked male aesthetic. So I’ve provided two fairly good examples of this today, first with a free gallery of “The Jocks Trainer”. In “The Jocks Trainer”, a sinister female gym instructor demeans the male students by making them strip down for their exercises, ultimately making them jerk off for the cheerleading squad. Then I’ve put together a picture set from “The Flatmate”. In this scenario, two girls have advertised for a male roommate to share their flat with and lure in a guy. The deal is that in exchange for free rent he must be naked at all times, let them wash him, serve them drinks, do dishes, vacuum, and provide them with other sorts of visual and sexual amusement while naked. These 15 pictures are actually just the beginning of what these women demand of their newly acquired naked roommate, ALL of which are great variations on the Cfnm theme.

flatmate-cfnm-04 flatmate-cfnm-11a picset: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15

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11 Responses to “Being Naked While At The Whim Of Clothed Women”  

  1. 1 MICK

    It’s really too bad that there are no movies in “The Jocks Trainer” example. That would have been GREAT!

  2. 2 Zio

    Yeah, I second that…Where’s the Jocks Trainer video???

  3. 3 thewell

    I have wanted to join for over a year, but the more I read about it and the more other people tell me about it I have not.
    It is high priced, 39.95 for the first 30 days then 34.95 ever 30 days thereafter. But is MOSTLY ALL PICTURES.. On the site its self
    it says” Over 61,000 Unique CFNM Pictures ”
    There a Video site It cost 34.95 a month for ” Unlimited Downloads ” The jock video is there
    along with most of the other storys .
    This site is all about Humiliation and Discipline. Little oral, some female hj most the guy jack them self off or getting fucked.
    If you like that then maybe you should try it.. I plan to join this site some day…

  4. 4 Oddboy

    How about a vid of the flatmate, I’ve been looking for any of the cfnm that Georgina Baillie did. This Georgina Baillie:

  5. 5 jack hammer

    thank you for the great pics from .net .jack trainer was always a favorite of mine .i think the pics are more fun for me than the clips my imagination goes crazier when i see the expressions on the womens faces.thanks again and lots of luv and best wishes for the new year my friend.

  6. 6 Splashy

    Wow – Georgina Baillie. Well spotted Oddboy. Now there’s a girl I would love to jerk off for! Has she done more CFNM?

  7. 7 WHITEY

    more blacks… not cool

  8. 8 allthingscfnm

    Wow, I don’t even know how to respond to your comment, Whitey.

  9. 9 bob N.

    THank you for showing more samples from CFNM .NET !While i thought the “jock’s trainer” was pretty good, “The Flatmate” was absolutly incredible!

    I love the sequence of photos that you showed. I like the fact that the women are shown slowly stripping him naked piece of clothing at a time!In my opinion the two best CFNM photos that i have ever seen were the two in which the naked male is serving the young women wine while they gleefully relax and oggle his body !

    I like the fact that the women are in charge and the man is an obedient servant.But i am also glad that its not “Femdom” where the women are angry or the man is being hurt..

    If you have any other photos showing husbands being made to strip naked and serve as servants for their wife ,i for one would defintly appreciate it! It would be great to see photos of husband/s doing housework naked while his/their wife and her girlfriends relax and enjoy themselves.

    THank you once again for posting “The Flatmate” !It really was one of the best CFNM photo collections that i have seen!

    Happy New Years to you MR ALLTHINGSCFNM

  10. 10 ChilledJill

    The “Jocks Trainer” is one of my all time favourites (one of the guys is a particular favourite – you can probably guess which!) The reason I like “Jocks” so much is that the guys are not really forced into it, she has them obey by using her authority and personality, no pain or physical pressure.

    One of the sexiest parts, for me, is when they’re running nude, as soon as the cheerleaders enter they guys stop and cover up. But their trainer makes them carry on running nude. That always makes me smile!

  11. 11 Lionel Digilio

    I don’t totally agree, but regardless a very well written post. Thanks!

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