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01-newsreader5 Cfnm afficionados (myself included) always complain about English speaking Cfnm sites never utilizing the highly creative Cfnm scenario ideas of the Japanese. Sure, there’s great Japanese Cfnm on Zenra Movie Annex and Kobe Surprise, but what keeps American and British sites from doing similar? Well, Pure CFNM has used the influence of the Japanese Cfnm anchorwoman bukkake scenario (of which I have posted previously here, here, and here). Yes, “Newsreader Facial” takes this incredibly odd, yet fun idea and puts its own spin on it! While Tammie Lee reads the news for Channel 5, four female stagehands are offscreen jerking off three naked guys so they can cum on her face during the newscast. After taking three sizable loads, a fourth guy decides to step up, catching Tammie Lee and the production assistant by surprise. I’ve also included two other Pure CFNM scenarios that borrow the “penis inspection” (tekoki) and the playful stripping of embarrassed guys by clothed women aspects of Japanese Cfnm“Seduced By MILFs” and then “Dirty Washing”. Let me know what you think of these!
02-milfs176 03-washday058 Pure CFNM scenes on YFH:
Scene 1 | Scene 2
Pure CFNM scenes on PH:
Scene 1 | Scene 2
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3 Responses to “Creative Japanese Influenced British Cfnm Scenarios”  

  1. 1 Murtney

    Well, it’s about time! I have been requesting for several years now that Mr. Pure get out of that that same old mold with the bunch of girls jerking off a guy and try something more adventurous and kinky along the lines of Japanese CFNM as produced by SOD and Moodyz. Now, Mr. Pure is a great guy and has done some of the best CFNM around, and I give him a great deal of credit for what he has accomplished. But a change was sorely need. It is so refreshing to see British and American producers starting to finally move in this direction and I really hope it is a sign of things to cum! (spelling intended!). This “Newsreader Facial” is great and I hope Mr. Pure continues to produce scenarios along these lines. There are so many wonderful ideas the Japanese have used to make their CFNM videos fun and exciting. We could emulate them and/or create novel scenarios of our own. I would love to see other CFNM producers follow suit. Congrats Mr. Pure for taking this step. And thanks Super, as usual, for all your great efforts! :0)

  2. 2 Rod

    I think the news reader scene was well done. It’s not just a blatant copy of the japanese ones. Different in a good way, with the offstage girls shown getting the guys ready. It really didn’t matter that they talked in english, I didn’t really pay any attention to what she was saying. And often in the PureCFNM scenes, I don’t have a clue what they’re saying, because of the thick brit accents, and low sound volume in many of the vids. The other 2 PureCFNM scenes were just OK to me. Nothing wrong with them, just not anywhere near as good as what I like best from PureCFNM. But thanks for posting them, it’s always good to get a peak at what they’re up to, since I believe they’ve overall changed for the better recently.

  3. 3 Trevor Manson

    This was a very unusual scene and not in the Pure mould at all – but I liked it! Having said that, I like all Pure’s stuff really as I think they have basically been the standard bearers for CFNM for a very long time now – and congrats to them for still being willing to try new things. You can see in Pure’s scenes that a lot of effort has gone into them – it’s not just the usual “two silicone-titted pornstars chucked in a room with a 10-inch porn stud” crap that you get from the other sites. Pure’s stuff is normally aimed at creating more realistic every day scenarios which is why this Newsreader Facial scene was quite unusual for them – but it’s still a goodie! Well done Pure!

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