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brandi-ball-inspect Here’s Brandi Belle’s synopsis of her latest Cfnm themed escapade for this week called “Big Dick vs. Little Dick”:
“Hi everyone! Brandi Belle here, back with another hot vid. We haven’t done any comparisons of dicks lately like we used to in the past. So today I figured why not have two of my girlfriends help out and jerk off some cocks until they bust. We have a little dick and a big dick. This should be exciting! Everyone has their own preference. So come and watch to see which dick you like better. Enjoy!”

To see the pictures, Click HERE
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And since I’ve sorely neglected to mention much of anything in the way of Brandi Belle’s updates lately, I’ve included samples from two other great scenarios called “Porkies” and “Mr. Personal Servant”:
02-porkies 03 Brandi Belle Picsets
Scene 1 | Scene 2
Brandi Belle Videos
Scene 1 | Scene 2
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4 Responses to “Girls Playfully Engaging Men Into Cfnm Situations”  

  1. 1 thesolitudeone

    I just love watching females playing with balls and limp penises. The females wonder how such a goofy thing (dicks and ball sacks) attached to guys can be so important to them. But then, they also know the control they have over those same guys and that those guys will allow the females to do almost anything with those goofy hanging things because, being a male, we are weak when it comes to playing with our penis and balls.
    Thanks one more time on doing the hard work and collecting your never endless supply of updates we weak ones so much enjoy viewing.

  2. 2 Joe

    Nice to see Brandi back…great as always!

  3. 3 john

    can you please please post some more big small comparison stuff

  4. 4 allthingscfnm

    Hey John, I will sure try to find small dick versus large dick comparison scenes. You’ve got to understand though that these types of scenes are really not made very often, so there’s not too many available. That’s as far as I know, though. So if any of you out there know of similar scenes and where they might be found, be sure to let me know! Thanks.

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