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under_the_thumb_cfnm It’s been well over a month since I’d looked at anything from Adventures In Cfnm (better known as, so I thought perhaps another post was due. I know that Adventures In Cfnm‘s high quality and often harsh treatment of naked men in their Cfnm scenarios is hard for some to take. However, there’s ALOT of people who do enjoy a good dose of humiliation, physical abuse, bondage, and even anal penetration of varying degrees in their Cfnm scenarios. The scenarios at Adventures In Cfnm can run the gambit, however, which is quite extraordinary in the paysite realm. Storylines often include stripping / being stripped naked, naked male servitude (nude waiting), casual posing, dick measuring, supervised masturbation, orgasm denial, handjobs… the list can go on and on. To illustrate the wider array of Cfnm aspects they offer, I’ve picked out two storied examples: “Under The Thumb” (pictured above), and “Cfnm Audition #5” below. “Under The Thumb” involves a young intern who is used as a naked male prop for an all-female corporate board meeting, used for their malicious and erotic entertainment. The audition scenario is more my speed, truthfully, as it involves lighter hearted Cfnm themes previously mentioned. You all into the act of dick measuring will especially love both of these scenes!

auditionsfive4 auditionsfive14
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  1. 1 Rod usually has good ideas for a scene’s theme, but to me, it often goes in a direction I’d rather not see (Too harsh, humiliating treatment of the guy, etc.). I still like to browse the pic sets, because I can stay away from the part of the scene (usually towards the end) I don’t like. Usually there’s plenty to enjoy up to that point. I wish they had more videos, even though I’d probably cut parts out for future viewing.

  2. 2 perry

    This is an old scene, my fav scene is all the same girls doing a medical, the girl in pic 6 gives the lucky guy a blowie, I have only seen a few pics of that series, would love to see them all or even a vid or 3

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