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thumb-01 If you’ve paid attention over the weekend, you’d have heard that another site has bubbled to the threshold and it’s called Cruelty Party. Ever since the huge overkill of Cfnm sites last year (i.e. Cfnm Tales, Cfnm Max, Only Cfnm etc.), things got kinda repetitive. But then came Cfnm Plus and Dancing Bear, which seems to be the main inspiration for the type of Cfnm scenes at Cruelty Party. Guys get the female dominant face sitting, verbal commands, slight to intense humiliation, as well as the painful treatment that you see on Cfnm Plus. However, it’s within the loosely story-lined fantasy Cfnm genre of male stripper performances for clothed girls, much like Dancing Bear. This is where you should understand that Cruelty Party is NOT for Cfnm purists, as these scenes all contain sex and at least a handful of fully naked girls – but damn if it isn’t still frigging hot! Their weekly updated videos (there are currently 11) are all around the standard 20-30 minute length, available in streaming flash, low and hi definition video, and mobile. I’m still into viewing pictures, and Cruelty Party‘s are big, plentiful, and in impressive super hi-definition. How do I know all this? I signed up for a free membership. Yep, free. It’s a one day trial membership, but it gets you access to Cruelty Party and 25 other websites within their network. You do need to be very careful when signing up as they have two other web sites (each costing $39.97 a month) you’ll be subscribed to if you do not un-check their “VIP Membership” on the form. So, un-check that offer and/or cancel before the end of your one day trial if you don’t plan on giving yourself access to more porn then you maybe bargained for. I’ve got a couple other memberships for other sites going right now, so I opted for the free trial and canceled easily. I’m sure I’ve piqued your interest a bit by now, so check out the goodies I’ve provided from Cruelty Party!:
thumb-02 vlcsnap-173528 Cruelty Party videos on YFH:
Scene 1 | Scene 2
Cruelty Party videos on PH:
Scene 1 | Scene 2
See more at Cruelty Party

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5 Responses to “Stripping Men Get The Tables Turned On Them”  

  1. 1 Enriquefustagueras

    Hi, Super.

    I learnt that some people dislike Cruelty Party. But as far as I seen, they got some nice CFNM scenes. They seem have understood what the concept is. In addition, the girls in the videos act more naturally that those others slut-like from Dancinbear.


  2. 2 Merlin

    I’m back after a looooong hiatus, and as usual, you’ve posted fricken amazing stuff.

    On this post, like alot of sites, it’s too overproduced (meaning not “real” enough) for me, but if anyone likes it, more power to them!

    Not a fan of the one-day trials either. Tried several, sincerely wanting to see more to decide whether to subscribe. In virtually all cases, it was a nightmare of unknown subscriptions, and horror trying to cancel them.

    But of course the one-day trial is most likely the most successful source of revenue, so I know they won’t go away.

    Thanks for all the fantastic stuff, keep it up!

  3. 3 houdini

    Hi Super. I’ve always been very partial to good CFNM ending in some hot sex so i might give the new boys a go..Thanks for the posts and yes i agree the girls do seem a bit more natural than the ones on Dancing Bear.
    I’m all for a lot more of this type of stuff as well as more Massage scenarios which i can’t seem to get enough of at the moment.

    Thanks for your continuing efforts.

  4. 4 rj

    Thanks Super. Has a very Dancing Bear feel to it. In other words, paid, mostly scripted, performances by all participants. Rrequires a huge suspension of disbelief to think there are any amatures involved. Still, the production values are high and the girls are good looking and ready for action.

  5. 5 allthingscfnm

    Hey RJ, sorry about the delay in getting to your (and everyone else’s) comments. And yes, you’re pretty much dead on with what Cruelty Party‘s aim is. Except one thing is majorly different and that’s the whole “girls then turn nasty on the guy” always is part of each video. The first two videos that are on the site are seriously heavy duty femme dom scenes. Seriously, hard core bondage and the whole nine! So yeah, big difference from all the stripper sites.

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