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payinghands_0038_600 When putting together this post I had taken a mental step back into the year 1999, when I was coming around to being into Cfnm exclusively. I remember how few Cfnm oriented sites were available at that time, which has obviously completely changed as of today when you take a look at my link list on the right of the blog. What’s struck me is that some of my very favorite fantasy Cfnm comes out of Britain nowadays. It started with Loverboys and, but now has branched out splendidly into others that have each taken their own direction. They all have embraced the new standard of high definition as well! I think you’ll dig the variety of takes on Cfnm fantasies these British Cfnm scenes portray. I’ve doubled up similar themed, ‘caught jerking off by multiple girls’ Cfnm movies from (in order) Pure Cfnm and Only Cfnm. Then lightly humiliating and painful Cfnm handjob scenes from Hey Little Dick, and Tyrant Teasers. Enjoy and be sure to leave some feedback!
vlcsnap-199325 vlcsnap-201535 British Cfnm clips on YFH:
Scene 1 | Scene 2
British Cfnm clips on PH:
Scene 1 | Scene 2
More HERE and HERE

vlcsnap-202835 vlcsnap-204705 British Cfnm clips on YFH:
Scene 1 | Scene 2
British Cfnm clips on PH:
Scene 1 | Scene 2
More HERE and HERE

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4 Responses to “Five Various Takes On CFNM Scenarios By The Brits”  

  1. 1 Murtney

    Hi Super,

    British-produced CFNM as exemplified in the material from PureCFNM, Tyrant Teasers, and Hey Little Dick (which I believe are all the creations of one man) have a light-hearted, fun approach to CFNM, which I like. I find to be more kinky and harsh, but still very good. I have always loved scenarios where a guy is jerked off by multiple women, and these sites provide a lot of that type of thing. For me, it has always been about the woman’s reaction to a naked guy.

    I have issues with each of these sites, ranging from scarcity of updates and DRM-encrypted movies (as with to photos that don’t include the money shot and insistence on always having the girl jerk the guy off, which has become very predictable (as in PureCFNM). But on the whole, the content is excellent and the girls are pretty.

    I must say though, that American-produced CFNM sites like Brandibelle and Dancing Bear have really captured my imagination. Brandi should get an award for the most innovative CFNM of all. The girl has such a wickedly perverse mind and you have to love her for it. And Dancing Bear, with scenes of guys jerking themselves off into plates, cups, and just plain getting off in front of an all-female audience, is fantastic. And the best part is that most of the women in these scenes are really enjoying themselves–that alone makes it worth the price of admission.

  2. 2 bernie

    hey super those sites are alright, but i think what cfnm needs is a good good strong shot in the arm!!!!!!!!!!!

    a major new site, one that rules the internet, an updated new and improved version of monsters of cock.

    it should be from a new company, not bang brothers, someone with vision and heat.

    the star* of the site should be someone with a 16″ penis that is 9″ thick. it should be horrifying to women, and amazing to males alike.

    this cock should be boarding on elephant proportions.

    producers should stop at nothing to get their hands on this new talent.

    WANTED* one male with the biggest penis on earth. we are a brand new adult web site with visions of greatness.

    we will pay you $10,000 a shoot!

    looking for penises so big they could only be described as mistakes of god, freaks of nature.

    april 3rd. thru the 7th. auditions to be held at culver city california. from 10:00am to 4:00pm each day.

    then once they find the winner, what they should do is~~~~~

    have 3 regular women from off the street work with him.

    no actresses no porn stars**

    excuse me mam, we are asking people’s opinions on penis size, and this would take around 3 mins. on the clock, we are paying $600 cash just for you opinions, do you mind?

    then three women come into a room.

    these are real women, i can not stress that enough, they are not plants, they are not fakes, they are not pretty cuban women like some site with the initals D.B. b as in bear.

    they are not model wanna be’s they are not contract girls, they are not someone we have seen somewhere before.


    off the street!

    ages range from 18 to 74 or there abouts.

    the women range from drop dead pretty to drop dead ugly, hey there real!!!!!

    the guy walks in with a bathrobe

    hey this is steve, steve, these are our three women for today,


    ok, steve, drop the robe

    AND THERE YOU HAVE IT~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    world’s best cfnm~~~~~~~~~~~

    real reactions real women, no sex!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i can’t stress enough how important this is.

    no blow jobs no sex no nudity on the women’s part

    no nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    just comments, and possible liftage, that’s where women get real close life the penis up look under the hood (check the balls) and talk,


    this would be the greatest cfnm site ever in human history!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and each day they pick 15 different women off the street and let them in 3 at a time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    this would blow my freakin little mind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    anyhow ~~~~~~~~~~~

    pass that along to the powrs that be, because monsters of cock as of late SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. 3 bernie

    furthermore one of my points being is shit man if you were to say to the averge human female on the street here here take $600 to tell me what you think of this penis, jesus man, you could get hundreds of women every day, instead of porno sluts the same porno sluts over and over and over again.

  4. 4 allthingscfnm

    Well Bernie, you’ve definitely got a point with this major rant of yours! I think the problem is that with pay sites, all or at least most of the footage has to be put together far ahead of when the actual site goes online. That means alot of out of pocket, up front cost that somebody has to trust will give them proper return. It’s sad that it really does come around to money being the bottom line, but it kinda is. There’s the entirely rare cases of say somebody like yourself getting picked up by Cfnm USA for the Package Check site, like Cfnm Zone, and like the case of Pure Cfnm all 3 started by somebodies totally into the stuff BEFORE they ever thought about starting a pay site. These are the kinds of people that should get involved in a site like this. The problem is that it all might end up going under very quickly (and extremely sadly) like the tremendous Raw Cfnm site. Remember that? God, that was seriously one of the best examples of what a Cfnm site should be, much like My Dick Flash is now. Just plan good unstaged and casually fun Cfnm interactions. If you never caught it, check out all the posts I’ve done in the past by searching “raw cfnm” in the search box on the blog, or try this link here.

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