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riley_evans-cfnm_secret-realitykings-04 When it comes to high quality and incredibly abundant quantity Cfnm from a major porn network, you cannot find one much better than Reality Kings. I should qualify that by stating there are comparable networks, but Reality Kings‘s focus on curvy porn stars, fresh faced teens, and their guys with huge cocks sets them apart. It is very true that the Cfnm scenarios in this huge 28 site network always has sex involved, even Cfnm Secret. But the fact that the mainstream porn and Cfnm fantasy scenarios are so damn long and well acted, it’s easy for me to still appreciate them. Just to give you a taste of what I mean, I’ve put together hot examples from three sites of the network: Cfnm Secret, Money Talks, and Pure 18. In the Cfnm Secret scenario, three guys are made to strip naked, display their cocks, and made to sexually perform for three very judgmental (and hot) clothed older women. In the Money Talks scene, the Reality Kings crew and UFC fighter Kimbo Slice bribe a young attractive female bartender into giving a couple of them blowjobs in the bathroom – then goes back out to work, twice! Then in the Pure 18 scene, a young girl finds a passed out drunk naked guy in her bed from her older brother’s party – and proceeds to check out his huge cock. These are just the tip of the iceberg of great Cfnm from Reality Kings!
vlcsnap-116476 vlcsnap-116950 Cfnm Secret scene on YFH:
Part 1 | Part 2
Cfnm Secret scene on PH:
Part 1 | Part 2
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vlcsnap-118694 vlcsnap-121966 Money Talks scene on YFH:
Part 1 | Part 2
Money Talks scene on PH:
Part 1 | Part 2
All at Reality Kings

vlcsnap-127814 vlcsnap-129848 Pure 18 Cfnm vid on YFH:
Part 1 | Part 2
Pure 18 Cfnm vid on PH:
Part 1 | Part 2
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More Cfnm scenes on 28 major sites all in high-def at Reality Kings!
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10 Responses to “Young and Mature Clothed Females Versus Big Dicks”  

  1. 1 Rod

    I agree with you that Reality Kings has some good cfnm. Like you mentioned, their scenes with cfnm usually end up with the girls naked having sex. But at least you can download small enough segments of each scene to just include the cfnm part if you wish. I did that all the time when I was a member. The cfnm part was always long enough and done well enough to satisfy me. I’ve always enjoyed Money Talks. The female bartender scene you’ve provided is one of their best in my opinion (mostly because she is such a hottie), and is rated on their site as one of the fan favorites. When I first saw it some time ago, I thought maybe the girl wasn’t a pro, which would have made it all the better, but some research revealed she has done some other porno stuff. I can’t recall her name at the moment. When CFNM Secret started, I liked it a lot, but for me it has become a bit repetitive. Even the girls clothes look too much alike from scene to scene. I hope they can come up with some fresh ideas.

  2. 2 The Uninvited

    I have to watch everything under a proxy being in a country where inappropriate websites are banned. Using a proxy to watch pornohost videos is an issue since the whole video never loads , at most 1/3. Does anyone have a way to download the whole thing ? Much appreciated.

  3. 3 allthingscfnm

    Hey “uninvited”, sorry that you have a problem with Porn host because of your country’s location and views towards porn. Most of the videos that I make available on the blog are normally hosted also at Rapidshare. However, the major pay sites that keep an eye on me don’t always like having their clips shared through that service. So I have to kind of watch out, depending upon the site. Do you try the links through Your File Host? There is a way to download those videos from their service also.

  4. 4 Edward James

    I can’t seem to get these videos to play…..

  5. 5 allthingscfnm

    To Edward: unless you give me some more information regarding the type of problem you’re having, I can’t really help you. Which links are giving you trouble and what sort of problem are you having?

  6. 6 Sometimes

    Thought you might be interested in these before they’re removed (if you’ve not seen them already)

  7. 7 allthingscfnm

    Hey Sometimes! Seriously dude, FANTASTIC finds there… especially with how tough it can be finding great moments like this with actual full male nudity. It’s really tough to do most times. But with these two clips alone, I was able to go on a hour and a half search and download spree on YouTube! For some reason if they don’t catch clips that will eventually get removed because of nudity, you can find a ton of others just like it. It’s like the related terms search feature works against them until they get the “offensive” material off their servers. This means GREAT finds of CFNM action captured by regular folks. So although you pretty much kept me from having much time away from the computer last night, I have to thank you ALOT for these clips… and the 50 or so other great ones I found through them! So… THANK YOU! I hopefully will somehow figure out a way to pack them into a couple of posts without overwhelming everyone with stripper stuff. I feel like I kind of go too heavy on that stuff here as it is.

  8. 8 Joe

    I was just going to ask…is all the money talk stuff truly amateur or have they been in porn?

  9. 9 allthingscfnm

    On the questions surrounding Money Talks, it appears to me that they have quite a few amateurs mixed in with girls that have been “in the business” for awhile. One cool thing about Money Talks is that the girls they use that DO have careers involving work in the adult industry AREN’T girls that do alot of scenes. A good number of them do maybe 4 or 5 scenes on a couple websites and/or DVD and then that’s it. Like in the example of the video from Money Talks that I posted, the girl’s name is Alicia Lennin. The site itself has her screen name on the trailer page, which you can see for herself by clicking here. I know Rod said that he researched her name and found that she did other adult work, but I couldn’t find any record of her ever doing anything else other than a nude modeling photo set on Images 4 Sale. If you want to see that web page just click RIGHT HERE.

    Anyway, I don’t only like the site for the “let’s see how much we can get a girl to do with incrementally higher amounts of money” stuff. I REALLY dig the 100% real and amateur stuff that they do out on the street. Like in the most recent episode, they have a guy who they get to fight gaming roosters half and fully naked, get a guy to streak for money, and also get a dude to ride a mechanical bull while naked. This is all done in plain view of their hot female microphone holder/announcer as well as various girls that just happen to be around when they shoot this stuff. You can check out that trailer by clicking RIGHT HERE.

  10. 10 Rod

    Thanks to Sometimes for the great youtube links! I’m surprised they haven’t been removed yet! And to Joe: Almost all the Money Talks stuff appears to use porn actresses, but a few scenes may actually be with amateurs. Probably a good rule of thumb is if the scene leads to sex, it’s likely a porn actress, if it’s just tit flashing, etc., it might be an amateur.

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