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mike_maramda_cam_one_001 You’ve probably noticed my interest level in the processes behind exhibitionism from the frequency of blog posts regarding guys who love to show off their naked bodies and hard cocks to an appreciative clothed female audience. I’d like to discuss three exhibitionists that are fully engaged in this kind of Cfnm on 3 levels: they live out Cfnm in their day-to-day lifestyles, they write about it, and they share it with the world through personal websites. The first example is THD, my acronym for his hilariously creative moniker “The Human Dildo” whom shares his incredible Cfnm experiences on a blog by the same name. You see, THD was blessed with a large cock and has utilized it in exemplary ways – working as a male stripper, doing porn videos and photo shoots, being part of the sex club and swinger scene, and everything in between. His blog is one of my all time favorite Cfnm reads and he’s contributed to this blog in many ways, so check out The Human Dildo.
Another fixture in the lineup is Mike of My Dick Flash, whom I’ve talked about before in these posts. Mike lives a Cfnm exhibitionist’s dream, enjoying his life as an at-home-nudist with the friendship of Kay, a female friend and total Cfnm aficionado. Kay includes Mike in her video studies of the female sexual perspective while having him stand naked as a reference model and Mike also captures alot of fantastic traditional Cfnm footage with the use of hidden cameras within his apartment. Between the two of them, they make up the brilliantly hot Cfnm content of My Dick Flash.
Then last but certainly not least is another anonymous Cfnm exhibitionist blogger whom refers to himself as the “Cfnm King”. Much like Mike and THD, he lives out his Cfnm lifestyle in private, but shares it publicly on his blog. Not only does he provide great Cfnm stories, free samples from Hey Little Dick and Club Tug and tips on how you can live out your Cfnm proclivities, but he records and shares his Cfnm webcam experiences! I’ve provided a couple of the Cfnm King‘s video recorded Cfnm webcam sessions. Be sure to check out these three Cfnm exhibitionists’ work and leave a comment on what you think of them.

vlcsnap-191267 vlcsnap-306895 My Dick Flash vids on PH:
Clip 1 | Clip 2
My Dick Flash vids on RS:
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More at My Dick Flash

vlcsnap-310113 vlcsnap-310800 Cfnm King videos on PH:
Clip 1 | Clip 2
Cfnm King videos on RS:
Click HERE
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6 Responses to “Three Amateur Cfnm Exhibitionists and Their Exploits”  

  1. 1 Geovani


  2. 2 Rod

    The Human Dildo stories are very good, whether or not any or all of them are true. If only he could have pics and vids along with each story! I guess I like his stuff because I’m an exhibitionist too (No flashing women though, that’s not right, unless they want me to). I’ve done the webcam thing, jerking off with several female cam viewer watching and directing me to do various things. So it’s easy for me to relate to and like the CFNM King. And My Dick Flash has had some great vids and pics, but I’ve only seen the short samples. I always wonder how many scenarios are with women who don’t already know Mike is going to be naked or with cock showing. Many look genuine, but a few look fake. My own cfnm is usually limited to massage places. It’s a great way to safely experience cfnm, without offending anyone. Even legit masseuses offering no extras usually don’t have a problem with a hardon during the massage. Try it sometime!

  3. 3 THD

    Hey rod, thanks! The stories are all in fact true and I have plenty more to share. The reason I don’t include pictures or videos is because I want to remain anonymous, and it’s fair that if I’m anonymous the women involved in the stories should be too. In the past, however I’ve published some videos and many pictures of my CFNM acts and MANY of them have been posted on this blog so you’ve probably seen them. In fact, four ears ago or so, the header of this blog had a picture of my dick and the face of an asian girl next to the title…

  4. 4 Rod

    Hey, I didn’t expect a response from THD himself! I believe you when you say the stories are true. Good writing style, erotic enough, without being spoiled by a big ego. I’ll be checking it out more for sure.

  5. 5 chranderson2002

    Unfortunately, I think most of Mike’s stuff is setup. Maybe not all, but most. You can tell by the way the lines are spoken and how the females “react”. Not condemning him because I think it a brilliant idea, but not convinced he does not already know and have agreed to being recorded and displayed on the internet.

    Love the work…hope to see more unstaged scenarios.


  6. 6 jurgi vaslov

    i would love to be a volunteer at a cfnm party i am jurgivaslov at yahoo dot com

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