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It’s been a number of weeks since I’ve shared some quality traditional Cfnm from movies and from television, so I’ve put together a nice batch of ten examples of this somewhat rare phenomena. You see male nudity, especially in the Cfnm context where men are naked in full view of clothed women doesn’t occur in many American movies and especially not in our TV shows. When traditional Cfnm happens in U.S. mainstream movies, it’s fairly brief and innocuous. However, it’s far more pervasive in European and South American TV and movies. So below you’ll find five Cfnm scenes from the films “Perder Es Cuestion De Metodo”, “Pusher II”, and three scenes from “Riisuttu Mies”. These are followed by a Cfnm male servant scene from “Touch Me I’m Karen Taylor”, a couple of hot Cfnm interviews from Playboy Channel’s “7 Lives Exposed”, a penis enlargement piece from Belgium titled “100 Hetevragen Penis Ver Lenging”, two funny “guy caught in the nude” scenes from BBC’s “How Not To Live Your Life”, ending with another awesome penis enlargement piece from the UK’s Channel 4 which includes a Cfnm dick judging event. I know you’ll enjoy all ten of these, but be sure to leave a comment or two!
movies-perder_es_cuestion_de_metodo movies-pusher_ii_2004 movies-riisuttu_mies_scene_1
movies-riisuttu_mies_scene_2 movies-riisuttu_mies_scene_3 Movie Cfnm on PH:
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tv-3_hunks_in_touch_me_i_am_karen_taylor tv-7-lives-exposed-cfnm-classic tv-100_hetevragen_penis_ver_lenging
tv-dan_clark_in_how_not_to_live_your_life tv-penis_enlargement_uk_channel_4 TV Cfnm on PH:
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20 Responses to “Ten Various Cfnm Scenes From Mainstream Movies and TV”  

  1. 1 bernie

    interesting posts, very varied nice good going!
    i would like to take this moment to express my feelings for a forum that would be dedicated to the feelings, the mental aspect of cfnm.

    i think that if your into breasts, there is no need to discuss why you are, it’s because they are soft, warm fleshy globes of beauty, period end of story.

    but swith cfnm, there are so many different aspects to it, for instance.

    putting your self into a females mind.
    the humiluation of being naked in front of females laughing and pointing.

    the whole wow they are really excited over my penis aspect, and as you know and can do this better than me, there are many many many more reasons why we love it so, and so therefore i thought it would be nice to have a new forum dedicated to people into cfnm and wanting to talk about why, and all the mental great reasons.

    maybe i’ll start off why i love cfnm so much.

    #1- it makes me feel ALIVE! when i walk around in see thru pants, it’s equivilant to when people sky dive, i get a rush!
    #2- just the sheer rush of witnessing women enjoying the penis, is so darn sensual.

    ok, maybe you can set something up for this to continue.

  2. 2 allthingscfnm

    Hey Bernie, first off I wanted to let you know that I’m not ignoring your emails if it appeared that way. I just always seem to have to juggle about 10,000 emails whenever I get into that email account and I end up forgetting that I needed to reply to you and other reader’s emails! So, sorry about that. I do plan on incorporating the video you sent along with our buddy from India’s video in a post coming up… if that’s cool? Let me know.

    Now as far as this forum idea goes, I’ve been wanting to incorporate a forum into the blog for awhile. Especially now that the comment sections have started to get regular discussions going. I’m afraid that if I start up a separate forum, that the comment sections will completely dry up. I’m also concerned that if I made a forum, it wouldn’t be well integrated with the site. People might have a hard time keeping up with the blog AND a forum and be able to fully enjoy and interact with both. You know what I’m saying? I have some people say that it’s already tough to keep up with what I post here as it is, so to add something more on top of it might take away from the blog.

    Then there’s the whole issue of me only being one person and only having so much time and energy to maintain it all. I wouldn’t want to jeopardize the steady quantity and quality of material on the blog side because of the addition of a forum. Perhaps if I had a group of trustworthy people to moderate it, things might be different? I’m just not sure. It’s an idea I’ve been kicking around, and maybe it will happen sometime, but that’s a big maybe given all the issues involved.

  3. 3 Adpertuin

    Awsome post, but plz stop using PH, really sux D: Back to YFH plz

  4. 4 allthingscfnm

    To Adpertuin: Thanks for the kudos on the post, I’m glad you enjoyed the Cfnm movies. Sorry that I’ve been having to use Porn Host, Rapidshare, and other free hosts for video hosting. But Your File Host has been extremely screwy lately and it’s actually pissing me off quite a bit. For example, when I tried uploading the videos in this post on YFH only three of them uploaded correctly. So I tried uploading them again, and then only one uploaded. So I tried a third time and then none of them uploaded. I even tried two more times after that and again, none of them uploaded, so I just gave up after wasting hours trying.

  5. 5 Biggy785

    100 Hetevragen Penis Ver Lenging

    is dutch 😉

  6. 6 allthingscfnm

    Hey Biggy, you’re right, it’s Dutch. I was in a big rush to get this written up and posted because I’d been pushed back so far time-wise that I didn’t research that particular clip well enough. Sorry about that. But thanks for your input on it! Did you dig all the clips then? Just curious…

  7. 7 andrian

    amazing post really

  8. 8 Biscuit

    Biggy and allthingscfnm, it’s actually Belgian, not Dutch 🙂
    You can find the video on the channels website: http://www.2be.be/100hetevragen/items/video_84.html

  9. 9 allthingscfnm

    Wow Biscuit, when you’re right, you’re right! I was under the auspices that it was Dutch because of the language… it really sounded like many of the videos I’ve seen from the Netherlands. But then again, I’m an ignorant American for the most part! 🙂

    Now with that website, do you know how to navigate it pretty well? I would LOVE to know if there’s other similar videos available through the site. Do you know much about it? If you do, please tell!

  10. 10 Mikey

    Awesome varied collection thanks. Love the playboy channel stuff where the girl asks them to drop their pants – and her just enjoying seeing the guys cocks was amazing (plus I wouldn’t mind knowing more about her too!).

    I remember watching the Karen Taylor show when it was on here in the UK and wondering if the guys were actually showing their cocks or had a pouch on.

    Like Bernie, I love the varied aspects of CFNM. For me, I think its something to do with the look on the face and knowing the woman is turned on but that she expects the guy to know……. or is it something else. I’ll have to think about this haha!!!

  11. 11 allthingscfnm

    Hey Mikey, I’m glad I’ve made you do some thinking about Cfnm, as that’s always been one of my major aims of the blog. That makes me feel pretty good!

    The Playboy TV show that you referred to is frigging awesome actually, and I JUST got done downloading all five seasons of it! It’s pretty much scripted, like in the way most “reality” TV shows are, but there’s all kinds of Cfnm that occurs in many of the episodes that it’s forgivable to a good extent. What really sucks is that if it were real, like 100% real, it would probably be one of the best TV shows that you’d ever seen… well as far as the “let’s lock a bunch of relative strangers with high sex drives together and put cameras on them 24 hours a day” genre of television goes.

    I really am not watching the whole entire series in a normal manner, though. I’m only skimming through episodes to watch how the sex unfolds and whether or not some sort of Cfnm situation may occur. But be on the lookout for much more from Seven Lives Exposed…;-)

  12. 12 kk

    can u switch backto yourfile host..Porn host cannot replay the movie and downloading time very slow

  13. 13 MICK

    One of the best posts in a long time!

  14. 14 AndyWithCandy

    God post.. and I’m gald you use PH to upload your vids.. YFH really sucks..

  15. 15 thewell

    One of your best yet..MORE MORE MORE I like PH better. but you do need a player that will play avi so download
    KMPlayer, free download works just great

  16. 16 allthingscfnm

    Well thanks guys! I honestly like how PH performs much better personally, as Your File Host is kind of annoying. Really, I only stopped using it for a couple posts because I could not upload anything to their servers. Like I previously stated, I tried repeatedly and never got any results. However, I know there’s a good number of people that do like using it, so I’ll continue to post videos on both services if they are working correctly. Otherwise I’ll always come up with some other option as there’s alot of free hosts out there. The problem is that there’s not many that are reliable when it comes to streaming video, which is why I have stuck with PH and YFH all this time.

    As far as good video players are concerned, I use the newest version of Windows Media Player and things play fine. However, VLC is a great substitute and is also free. I like using it because it plays everything (even FLV files) and you can play videos in slow motion. Here’s a link to a site where you can download the VLC player:


  17. 17 Biscuit

    The language is Dutch, but you couldn’t have known (well there is a different in Belgian and Dutch accent)

    I’ve went through the videos for cfnm videos
    http://www.2be.be/100hetevragen/items/video_75.html (this one is literally about cfnm)
    http://www.2be.be/100hetevragen/items/video_73.html (about circumcision, warning the first 45 seconds show a circumcision, so better skip right to part where two women discuss with 2 live examples to compare them)

    The one posted here was still the best cfnm video though in there.

  18. 18 ChilledJill

    Wonderful clips – I love the ones with the groups of guys nude, I like to compare!


  19. 19 Chris

    I love this type of cfnm, the none sexual type.

  20. 20 rowan bride

    i been reading this site for quite some time now and not comment so far. just to say how much i’m enjoying the various posts, and inparticular the tv themed stuff. i also enjoy the reality (real) stuff (from parties) where males are are stripped nude by ladies.

    2 programmes i’m looking for but no chance of finding as so old are

    soho stories (chris terrill uppercut films) bbc tv real life docusoap 12 parts, 1996/7. there is a clip where there is a male stripper (they follow this male stripper round, for much of the 12 parts) at a ladies night, and the guy does raunchy striptease (it might be in the last part – not sure)..the way the guy whips off his g-string and waves his willy around, is sublime…it has to been seen to be enjoyed and the look on one (mid 40’s) ladys face just stares at the man in total shock and admiration..(like the lady had never seen such a thing before and looks shocked – enjoying it though)..this programee stuck in my mind all those years, but never seen it again since. nice if someone had it on vhs somewhere.

    the other one was from a programe called stiletto ghetto from itv, around 2001. this followed round a lot of cheap ladies who perform at rude places.. there are 2 bits with male strippers. one is where there is in an nightclub and male stripper gets nude. the other is at the end programe i think, where all the ladies go out on a ladies night out, and to a male strip club.

    not much chance of finding these, but wish i had the chance at the time to record them.

    Leave a Reply