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I just cannot get over how fun this site’s setups for Cfnm strip shows can be if you suspend a bit of disbelief and allow yourself to go with the flow. If you dig the element of male strippers in your Cfnm fantasy as well and find the situation of being forced to perform naked, hard, and ready to fuck by a crew of hot clothed women arousing, then be sure to check out the video below!

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2 Responses to “Having Fun At The Naked Male Entertainment’s Expense”  

  1. 1 thewell

    If this site teams up with someone I mite get it. I do not mine the Cruelty because the guys still has a good time with the sweet ladies

  2. 2 The Human Dildo

    The situations are not necessarily unrealistic (from my personal experience as a male stripper I can tell you that), what makes it less believable is the fact that all the women look like hot porn-stars (which they are, of course) and the fact that they’d be willing to have unprotected sex with a stranger in front of a camera crew just like that (yeah right!).
    They’d benefit a lot if they included more average looking females in the crowd, throw in a few horny fatties and a couple of oldies; and if they focus more on the fooling around and oral without having to always end in intercourse and/or cumshots (which almost never happen in these type of situations).

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