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cfnm_adventures_biology_lesson I happen to be in a position where I regularly experience Cfnm situations in the medical context, so seeing fantasy scenarios that take things to a more sexual place is always a welcome sight. The website with the highest quality storied fantasy medical Cfnm scenes,in my opinion, is Adventures In Cfnm. Also known as, this site puts naked men on display for clothed women in a variety of unique medical settings that are surprisingly well made. For example, “The Biology Lesson” tells the story of a British private school’s somewhat cruel science teacher who makes the boys of the class strip naked, be visually and physically inspected, made to masturbate, and jerked off all in front of their female classmates. In a much more intimate medical Cfnm scenario called “The Country Doctor”, a couple of guys are brought in one at a time to be examined while naked, put on display for the female doctor’s assistant, spanked, and then milked to a massive cumshot. And honestly, that’s just the beginning! I hope you’ll enjoy the contrast of these fantasy scenes from and the straightforward Cfnm medical exam bonus video from Boy Med Exams I’ve provided below as well.

cfnm_country_doctor_01 cfnm_country_doctor_02 pics: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15

bills_cfnm_medical_examination_01 bills_cfnm_medical_examination_02 Cfnm Exam video on YFH:
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Cfnm Exam video on PH:
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8 Responses to “Men Made To Strip Nude For Examination and The Pleasure Of Clothed Females”  

  1. 1 Sparky

    I hate to complain about free content so think of this as constructive criticism.

    Is there a better place to host the still photos? Maybe a place with thumbnails? Each photo must be loaded into its own window along with about 15 advertising objects. It seems to take forever to load all the ads from their respective servers… and the photo won’t appear until all the ads are loaded! All I want to do is flip through the pictures. It’s a painful process.

    Yes, I have a fast connection.

  2. 2 allthingscfnm

    Hey Sparky, I totally hear you on the hosting for photos… it’s tough to find something that will do the following:

    1. Be relatively easy to use (for me to upload and for people to navigate)
    2. Be reliable (where the site doesn’t break down or delete the images after a week)
    3. Not be too ad heavy

    Sure, there’s tons of free image hosting sites out there, but the vast majority SUCK to use. And I’m not about to upload a bunch of pictures only to have to turn around and re-upload them again. It’s already not all that fun to do the first time around.

    Anyway, with the complaining out of the way, I’ve uploaded all the pictures on Image Venue. Hopefully that will work for picture posts from here out. I honestly don’t get any pop ups whatsoever because I use Firefox and have the Ad Block and Script Blocker plug-ins installed. I NEVER see any ads more than once. So I kind of forget how a site will perform for someone else.

  3. 3 Mikey

    Nice updates – I always like medical cfnm. I’m curious to know, in the boymed exams clip – what is the bowl purple solution that she dips his cock in? Is it iodine or something? And what the hell is she doing that for?

    And I’d love it, if they did those clips without gloves. I’ve had a couple of female doctors examine my balls and penis in the past and neither wore gloves.

    But, thanks for the updates!

  4. 4 Mike Thomas

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  5. 5 Sparky

    Re: Image Venue

    Problem solved as far as I can see. I was able to flip through all the photos in less time than it took to load just one photo before.


  6. 6 bob N.

    Thank you for the sample photos from CFNM .NET! While i dont get much into mecical CFNM i always enjoy the CFNM.NET material.The stories “Anya” ,”Martene’s Revenge” and “School Slave Auction ” look interesting! One of these days when i can afford it i might check CFNM.NET out.Until then thank you for the samples.

  7. 7 bob N.

    i should add that the photos of “The Flatmate” that you posted a couple of monthes back were by far the best CFNM that ive seen.I loved the photo of the young man humbly serving the two women food and wine while he was completly naked.And the photos of him doing housework naked while the girls smugly watched were fantastic as well.

    Thanks again for posting the CFNM.NET material!

  8. 8 Nick


    I have a subscription on CFNM NET but they don’t show the older vids like the country doctor. Does someone know if I can watch the older vids elsewhere?

    Leave a Reply