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backstage_cfnm_loverboys_stripper So here we go again with a nice selection of Cfnm involving amateur women enjoying the bodies and cocks of male strippers. First off is a free video gallery of drunk ladies’ night as well as a clip of intense handjob and blowjob interaction by multiple women all on one lucky stripper named Jeff, both from the geniuses that started it all – Loverboys USA. There was discussion about who the hottest girls who had given head at a Loverboys show were in the VSFW forum and my choice is in this video, for sure. Next up is a snippet from a small group male stripper party from Dancing Bear they titled “College Girls Rock”. And since everyone seems to enjoy the footage of wives and girlfriends self recorded video like in my other posts of YouTube finds and my Cfnm on YouTube blog, I’ve provided 5 super good ones. What puzzles me quite a bit is that the videos from bachelorette , birthday, and other parties that involve male strippers showing off their large dicks to the all female group get yanked for TOS violation quicker than ones that involve female nudity. Case in point, all but one of the amateur Cfnm clips from YouTube have been removed. So lucky for you, you get the chance to watch the real deal – amateur women viewing, grabbing, sucking, and in one case getting a foot job from the stripper’s cock! Enjoy, and feel free to comment about which is your favorite. I personally like them all!
loverboys_stripper_jeff_sucked_by_many_01 loverboys_stripper_jeff_sucked_by_many_02 Loverboys Cfnm on YFH:
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Loverboys Cfnm on PH:
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More at Loverboys USA

dancing_bear_college_dorm_stripper_ass_slap dancing_bear_college_dorm_stripper_suck Dancing Bear clip on YFH:
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Dancing Bear clip on PH:
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More at Dancing Bear

youtube_cfnm_cuz_haveing_fun_with_a_stripper youtube_cfnm_danielle_s_hen_night youtube_cfnm_russian_girl_goes_behind_the_towel
youtube_cfnm_russian_strippers_with_topless_girl youtube_cfnm_shango_mr_big_show_and_behind_the_scenes YouTube Cfnm on YFH:
1a | 1b | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5
YouTube Cfnm on PH:
1a | 1b | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

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10 Responses to “Real Cfnm Parties Involving Amateur Wives and Girlfriends”  

  1. 1 bernard

    the very last video with the black stripper shopwing his cock to the white girls was pretty good, that’s the type of stuff we could use more of.

  2. 2 allthingscfnm

    Didn’t you see the second one? Check out all the shocked faces! The first one has some cock dangling by the stripper right into the girl’s face and all of her friends are running up to take video and photos of it. He then moves down toher feet, shoves his dick between her feet and starts humping away – again with all her friends taking video and pictures.

    Not to belabor the point I often try to make, but everybody needs to WATCH ALL OF EVERY VIDEO! Hahaha… 😛

  3. 3 bernard

    right ok thank you for pointing that out i just watched that one, horrible quality, all red and dark.

  4. 4 howdeall

    well found as ever keep up the good work
    just a quick question does any1 know if either extreme cfnm or loverboys have ay new footage on their sites yet?

  5. 5 koarl

    Thanks very much for these vids, i like them so much! This is the stuff why i visit this wbsite.

  6. 6 cfnmstudent

    I have to say that the stripper stuff is probably my least favourite type of cfnm… seems to be one of your favourites though. Love the blog though.

  7. 7 cfnmdave

    stripper stuff is good.. still love the old Party hardcore

  8. 8 CrazyJim

    I have to agree with you about that girl from the Loverboys vid; for me, she and the red-heart-blonde are tied for hottest girl from that series. This is the first time I’ve seen actual video of her though, and not just pics! Thanks.

  9. 9 darren

    btw, what footage was the #2 video where a couple of the women ran away after he put whipped cream and went towards the women? what site was it from.

  10. 10 allthingscfnm

    Darren: actually the video came directly from YouTube, like I said in the post. It didn’t come from a paysite.

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