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bride-to-be-with-the-naked-male-stripper Although I did just include a sample of the hot action available through Dancing Bear in a recent post entitled Real Cfnm Parties Involving Amateur Wives and Girlfriends, I focused on juxtaposing the action with other footage involving amateur girls. I couldn’t help but hip you to Dancing Bear‘s newest 1 hour and 44 minute “Banquet Bridal Shower”. The strippers have stepped up their game performance-wise quite a bit from the shows they first started with, building chemistry with the all female audience instead of forcing themselves on them. “Banquet Bridal Shower” has it all: whipped cream licking races, long and short handjobs, a 4 girls on one stripper blowjob circle suck in front of their female friends, and plenty of non overly sexual fun Cfnm interaction. Cruelty Party has continued to progress with its “let’s control the male stripper” style of small group Cfnm stripper scenarios as well. A recent and very hot Cruelty Party is titled “Aries Stone’s 21st Birthday Stripper” and has one of the hottest girls I’ve seen in anything on-line in a hot minute. These girls playfully hold the stripper down, take turns jerking and sucking him off, and even egg on the birthday girl to fuck him while standing up. Both of these sites have their own flavor of male stripper Cfnm, and both have trial memberships for $1 or less!
aries_sucking_stripper_cock aries_friends_suck_stripper_cock_too Birthday Cfnm on YFH:
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Birthday Cfnm on PH:
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More at Cruelty Party

bridesmaid_blowing_male_strippers girls_dare_her_to_suck_off_naked_stripper Bridal Cfnm on YFH:
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Bridal Cfnm on PH:
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More at Dancing Bear

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3 Responses to “Two Very Different Takes On The Cfnm Party Theme”  

  1. 1 darren

    i heard dancing bear had a few hired girls actually. not sure how amateur it really is compared to loverboys.

  2. 2 allthingscfnm

    Darren: yeah, Dancing Bear has a mixture of both amateur and paid actresses that don’t do alot of porn online or anywhere else, much like Party Hardcore does. The biggest difference is that Dancing Bear rarely has girls actually having sex in their shows. Hope this helps.

  3. 3 Bub

    Hey, love your site. Can you post more Hungry Duck? I really like the ones where wild strippers like Rochelle pull gyus up out of the audience and rip their underwear to shreds. THose clips seem to be harder to find than the male stripper ones.
    Actually, I’m on the look out for any clips or pics of girls cutting or ripping guys’ underwear off. I geuss its a niche.

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