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Happy Zombie Jesus Day everyone! Although today’s post has nothing to do with Jesus, Easter bunnies, or zombies (unfortunately), it definitely has alot to do with traditional Cfnm. I’ve put together 3 sets of videos where Cfnm situations play out in the context of performance art. This means fully naked men are able to casually engage an audience (mostly consisting of women) and enjoy the interaction on a number of levels. First off is somewhat edited half hour segment of the world famous Australian Cfnm entertainment phenomenon Puppetry Of The Penis. Basically two fully naked Australian guys perform tricks with cock and balls, goofily making them look like various things much like a clown does with balloons. For more info, you can read more here. It’s fairly entertaining, but what’s great is all the women’s reactions and especially the portion where a woman is made to participate onstage with the both of them. Next up are 4 Cfnm art performance videos starring Pricasso. I have already discussed Pricasso awhile ago in a previous post, but I found some more footage of him doing his fully naked portrait painting with his cock for you to see. I then added two full on exhibitionist and fairly goofy Cfnm karaoke performance videos by some guy calling himself “Naked Ernesto”, all in front of a big audience. So let me know what you think of these, as I know that the Cfnm purists will enjoy them.
puppetry_of_the_penis_stage_show_1 puppetry_of_the_penis_stage_show_4 Penis Puppetry on YFH:
Pt. 1 | Pt. 2 | Pt. 3 | Pt. 4
Penis Puppetry on PH:
Pt. 1 | Pt. 2 | Pt. 3 | Pt. 4

pricasso_asia_adult_expo_onstage pricasso-hen-party pricasso-portraits-onstage
pricasso-portraits-onstage-washing singing_ernesto_the_naked_man_cfnm_duet singing_ernesto_the_naked_man_cfnm_solo
Onstage Cfnm videos on YFH: # 1 | # 2 | # 3 | # 4 | # 5 | # 6
Onstage Cfnm videos on PH: # 1 | # 2 | # 3 | # 4 | # 5 | # 6
Get all 6 Cfnm clips on RS HERE

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6 Responses to “Cfnm In Front Of Big Audiences – Naked Performance Art Footage”  

  1. 1 ChilledJill

    Hahaha! I love the Puppetry Of The Penis! There are so many things guys can do with them!

  2. 2 ChilledJill

    Hehe – just watched it and there’s a part where one of the guys does what I call “Balls In The Air” – i.e. upside down with his legs open. I love to see that!

  3. 3 kj

    Can you please don’t put Window media player while using your file host. very slow. great clips but could not play them. thanks.

  4. 4 Z. GRATE

    great find! very rare and different stuff, i particulary enjoyed the clip where the guy is painting in front of a party of 20 or so “normal” women, that was hot!!!!!

  5. 5 Joe

    Intersting….lol not hot but interesting….can’t wait for more of that chat roulette stuff…if there are new vids of that!

  6. 6 Adam

    i just loved those two Aussies! Where can I find more clips of their wonderful performances? I never knew we could make our dicks and balls look like so many things! I’ve now tried a few. The hamburger, perhaps better called a dickbruger, is really fun to do. Thanks! Adam

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