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The last time I made a post consisting of traditional Cfnm moments captured from mainstream TV, see here, it got quite a bit of attention. So today I’m providing a similar batch of Cfnm and mixed nudity video clips, however slightly different. The first five scenes come from the slightly groundbreaking reality show called “7 Lives Exposed” that aired on the Playboy Channel from 2001 to 2006 for six seasons. Basically, “7 Lives Exposed” was a softcore porn take on the reality shows that were so huge a few years ago. The reason I say it was groundbreaking was not for it’s obviously scripted plot lines and (mostly) awful acting, but for it’s bravery in showing full frontal views of naked men, graphic simulated sex, and explicit masturbation. Even for cable it really pushed the envelope as you’ll see in the 5 below. There’s a simulated oral sex Cfnm scene, a casual Cfnm party conversation clip, a Cfnm/mixed nudity ‘forced to masturbate for two women’ scene, a clip where a couple fucks right in front of their fully clothed housemates, ending with a scene where Devinn Lane gives a proper blowjob lesson to another girl. To follow the reality TV show theme, I’ve included 5 great Cfnm and mixed nudity moments taken directly from various Big Brother shows from around the world. All in all, there’s quite a bit of traditional Cfnm that the purists out there will definitely enjoy.
7_lives_xposed_s1_e1_cfnm_scene 7_lives_xposed_s1_e2_cfnm_scene 7_lives_xposed_s1_e3_cfnm_scene
7_lives_xposed_s2_e1_cfnm_scene 7_lives_xposed_s5_e1_cfnm_scene TV Cfnm on VE:
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TV Cfnm on PH:
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All 5 on RS: HERE

bb_3_africa_ricco_coed_shower bb_9_us_james-naked_sun_bathing bb_celebrity_alex_reid_spray_tan_cfnm
bb_czech_filip_lena_shower dwa_swiaty_nowakowska_zuzanna_coed_bath TV Cfnm on VE:
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TV Cfnm on PH:
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All 5 on RS: HERE

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9 Responses to “Ten Cfnm Scenes Grabbed From ‘Reality’ Television Broadcasts”  

  1. 1 Z. GRATE

    didn’t care for this~~~ it was too hokey too campy too played up for the camera, it lacked geniune realness, it was not my cup of tea, but i’m just saying my 2 cents, since i know this forum is good for discussion and opinions of all sorts.

  2. 2 scooter

    Thanks, Super. I really like the big brother stuff, especially when it’s full frontal and the harder, the better.

  3. 3 gv

    maybe u can get clips regarding sperm donation and show the whole process because no one really know what goes inside a sperm bank or how man donate sperm…curious…be glad if u could help this myth

  4. 4 allthingscfnm

    I knew that these probably wouldn’t be everyone’s cup of tea, especially the 7 Lives Exposed footage. The acting in that reality show was just fucking atrocious, at best. But like I said in the post, it was pretty groundbreaking for it’s time. I mean, how many other TV shows do you recall (at that time especially) that had consistent and obvious male nudity in them? None. The softcore porn movies on Cinemax had/have less male nudity than this show did. So for that fact alone I deemed it something worth posting. That also is partially because I went through all the trouble to find, download, skim through, and edit out all the Cfnm-ish scenes from all six seasons of this frigging show! You’ll be seeing more clips in the future whether you like it or not, by the way. 🙂

    And I’ve still got a shitload of Big Brother stuff to share, unfortunately not much new or previously unseen footage though. Jase’s Big Brother Men Uncut blog got shut down again for a third time and I’m imagining that he’s probably not going to resume it a fourth. Can’t say as I blame him, because it took ALOT of time and energy for him to put that site together and to have it shut down that many times would make me pretty disheartened too.

    As far as the sperm donation videos go, if they exist and are on the Internet somewhere, chances are you’ll see it here at some point! It would be great to find something like you’ve described, that’s for sure!

  5. 5 Rod

    I’m a little behind the last few days in keeping up with your posts, but I had to say I really like the 7 Lives Exposed material. There’s something about Devinn Lane’s attitude and devilish look that makes her the perfect female cfnm participant. Acting or not, she looks like she’s enjoying the cfnm, and for me, that makes it good. I’ve never cared much for Big Brother cfnm, because most of the women almost never have any reaction to male nudity. I may in the minority here, but I vote for more 7 Lives exposed in future posts.

  6. 6 Mr. Furley

    I for one really liked the 7 Lives Xposed material. I had not seen it before and especially appreciate you picking out the good parts so I don’t have to try and go through all the seasons myself. Thanks.

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  8. 8 Shaun Borrolli

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  9. 9 dave

    wow that clip where the guy has to wank in front of those two hot chicks who strip off to encourage his efforts is a fantasy i would love to try

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