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Women think men are bad when we have bachelor parties. Shiiiit…check out what this group celebrating their friend’s bachelorette party end up doing to this somewhat lucky strippers cock. After teasing the living crap out of him, slapping him around, smothering his face with some of the various girls’ tits and asses, they get the bride Natalia to fuck this dude with her long hot sexy body. Her friends are just as naughty, but not in the most sexually appealing way as they take turns making the poor guy eat their ass holes. I mean, they don’t call the video footage and picture sets from this site Cruelty Party for nothing!

2 Responses to “The Bachelorette and Her Friends Take The Stripper Any Way They Want”  

  1. 1 Z. GRATE

    it’s a shame that this site is off and askew, it’s all porno actresses on a closed set, making it quite boring and flat, too bad they can’t open it up to moms aunts, grandmothers, and regular PTA MILF’S in general, and while they are at it go find a 16″ penis.

  2. 2 Andrew

    I agree with Z Grate. Except for the 16 inch penis, lets be reasonable. I have to interest in anything that’s all paid. I’m an amateur man, that’s what turns me on. Loverboys had a great things going, but they never went all the way! Except with that one girl, the one who looked like a plant! Loverboys though was for the most part one of the only obviously amateur productions. I can’t even watch partyhardcore anymore. I want to see PH with no plants, even if that means no sex! OR, tell us who the plants are (wear a special bracelet). For me, there is nothing like the excitment of a girl having sex with a guy in public just because she’s turned on or encouraged by her friends. But where can we find such action these days?

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