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busty_boss_cfnm_handjob When the Harsh Handjobs first opened up a few months ago, I wasn’t all that excited about it to be honest. I love British girls and all, but like I stated in this post, I just wasn’t up for femdom themed stuff – until I followed the site’s RSS feed. I discovered that the beauty of Harsh Handjobs is that it isn’t your typical femdom fantasy scenario site. All of Harsh Handjobs‘ current total of 33 scenes have varied story lines where the naked man behind the camera (Steve) is either caught naked or forced in some fashion to strip in front of a clothed (typically annoyed or angry) female. Considering the title, what follows should be obvious – rough handjobs which involve light CBT (cock and ball torture), shaft slapping, light scratching and biting, and a good dose of tease and denial. Although a good number of Harsh Handjobs‘ scenes don’t stay completely on topic to Cfnm as female skin is shown, the dialogue and femdom nature of the players keeps its spirit going. What’s awesome about them too is that the women aren’t “mistresses” clad in leather, beating the crap out of a snivelling naked male wimp. It’s all done more lightly and therefore fits into reality much better. On the technical side, the site is one of the best designed sites I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing, seriously. You can watch each of the high definition scenes via streaming or download the videos in four different formats, as well as having access to zipped galleries of still photos for each scene. Pretty hard to beat that, if you can excuse the pun! So check out these two sample videos where Steve (the faceless man behind the camera) gets reprimanded by his girlfriend for cheating on her and another where he’s punished by his biology teacher for staring at her huge tits.
british_girl_angrily_jerks_off_cheating_boyfriend busty_british_teacher_danika_gives_punishing_cock_slaps Harsh Handjobs on VE:
Scene 1 | Scene 2
Harsh Handjobs on PH:
Scene 1 | Scene 2
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3 Responses to “Like A Little Pain With Your Cfnm Pleasure, Perhaps?”  

  1. 1 Joe


  2. 2 Sparky

    I really like the ‘girl-next-door’ feel and appreciate the total absence of leather, whips, gimps, and ballcocks… that S/M schtick is getting really old. Disappointed these vids lacked a happy ending though.

  3. 3 allthingscfnm

    Hey Sparky, I hear what you’re saying completely about being turned off by the over the top antics of the traditional s/m theme. It’s been tired and wore out for frigging years now, like tens of years. Whenever I see it in a video, picture, movie, commercial, or anything else I automatically just take it as a joke. I honestly don’t know how people take it very seriously.

    However, there is one site that does this right… and it’s honestly very interesting to me. It’s probably not your cup of tea, as it really isn’t much of mine either, but for anyone else reading this that are curious, should check Men In Pain sometime. They have a very serious and challenging to watch but interesting to see approach to the S/M genre. There’s about 50% Cfnm content there, which actually is quite a bit as the site is fucking huge and has a archive that stretches back over 6 years. So yeah, other than Men In Pain, I’m not really into the whole old school whips and chains type of femdom material.

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